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Time is again of the essence so I’ll be brief. First off, forgive me for not posting as much as I desired! Everything was in flux earlier this week as Jolene and I participated in a private prayer journey spanning the three branches of government. It was all-consuming for four days straight. 

And we saw history unfold before our very eyes. 

We were honored to connect with a key policy maker at the White House just as the debate on the border wall reached its crescendo. In the Senate, we actually witnessed the thunderous debate Thursday between Senators Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer. We then had the honor of praying briefly with Senate Chaplain Barry Black, who expressed genuine alarm that the impasse had not yet been broken. 

One thing astounded me during this time. Republican Senators politely mentioned that the very leaders in the Democratic Party who are standing so resolutely against the border wall were the ones promoting the border wall in 2014. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi front and center among them. And when President Obama was a senator he supported a border wall. 

This fact begs one question. Who exactly is holding the US government hostage? And why? 

Apparently behind the scenes there’s widespread bipartisan acknowledgement that a significant humanitarian crisis continues on our southern border. They are grieved that the only country with more violence and bloodshed than Mexico—in the entire world—is Syria. They absolutely realize that Mexican bloodshed is directly due to cartel wars over the US drug market. And that the wars have penetrated our borders. 

Further, there is apparently widespread internal acknowledgement that barriers are effective—at least when coupled with other means of border protection. 

Why then is there no Democratic support for the wall? Why no “give” in the “give and take” of negotiations? Why is our government being held hostage by the same Democratic leaders who during the Obama administration pushed for a wall? 

Apparently it’s just a matter of politics. There can literally be no other conclusion. One party is apparently resolved to marginalize President Trump at all costs. Even the cost of 800,000 government workers now on furlough. 

Before the 2018 elections I saw an eagle soaring over the Potomac River, crossing from my view the Capitol and the White House. The Lord spoke to me then that the eagle of the United States needs a strong right wing and a strong left wing to actually soar to the height He desires. I prophesied then that a primary question over this nation is whether the wings of the eagle will either learn to soar together in this critical season, or simply cause it to crash. 

This prayer project is named according to God’s desire for a new way forward. It’s time to break the impasse. It’s time to soar. 

Please join us tomorrow evening as we seek the Lord together and pray towards this end. I have invited several friends whom I consider strong in governmental prayer, including our Gideon Group and those we were just with onsite in Washington DC. Please join us tomorrow night. Lets humbly seek the Lord. And lets see Him break the handshakes of unholy agreements paralyzing this nation. Lets see Him break the impasse. Lets together forge a new way forward!

Covenant blessings to each of you, and no King but Jesus!

Jon & Jolene