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Passover greetings from Jon & Jolene! We are entering into Resurrection Day with fresh gratitude for all Jesus won for us through His cross.

On Thursday evening, we were delighted to join in a Passover Seder with Jim and Abby Abildness and friends in Hershey PA. A very poignant time. The depth of affection, depth of care, depth of love He crowned us with has won my heart once again!

Conquering Obstacles
Before Abby had even invited us personally, Jolene had read an email about it and felt by the Spirit we were to go. Which was really important, given the obstacles she had to conquer in order to make it. Not even a hefty set of stairs could hold Jolene back! I was so proud of her.

Within the excellent, unfolding presentation, several things impacted me deeply. How even the details of this meal convey to both Jew and Gentile the awesome depth of sacrifice made by our Savior. How His heart is satisfied when our obedience to be complete, even as His was complete on the cross.

Eat the Lamb at Home
It also struck me how, at the beginning of Passover, God commanded His covenant people to eat the Lamb in their own homes.

Keep in mind, this was before the most dramatic power encounter against evil ever recorded. God judged the powerbrokers of that hour, and the gods that empowered them. His deliverance was corporate–all the Jews advanced from Egyptian slavery together!

The same God who orchestrated this bigger than life, corporate exodus could have also chosen a bigger than life, corporate expression of the first Passover seder. Instead, each family was charged to prepare a lamb for their own family and friends.

Feed Yourself
Almost since I became a Christian 26 years ago, I have heard complaints from friends about how their pastors just “don’t feed them anymore.” I understand this–we all need fresh corporate revelation to advance.

But there’s something in the heart of God that is crying out, “Let Me feed you! Here is My Lamb. Eat now, in the privacy of your home. Let Me feed you from the banqueting table of Heaven. Then enter into the corporate assembly overflowing with My life!”
Tomorrow, churches and houses of prayer across America will be filled with people seeking a small taste of the goodness of God. A Lamb has been provided, for each to escape judgment and cross over into their destiny. Many will come to know Christ for the first time, beginning their journey from slavery to freedom.

Why not teach your friends and family the pattern of Exodus? From the outset of their journey, equip them to feed on Jesus for themselves!

End-Time Preparation
Beloved, we are in the midst of another exodus of extreme proportions. God is again thundering, Let My people go! Systems, structures, and seats of authority aligned against Him are already shaking on a global basis.

What can we do to prepare for this confrontation? Search the web to learn more DC conspiracy theories? Great. Cut and paste together end-time scriptures? Stock up on canned corn? Buy the currency of Babylon?

Maybe. But the greatest and most important thing you and I can do is EAT THE LAMB IN OUR HOMES. In other words, refocus your gaze on Jesus. Feed on Him for yourself. On the eve of their deliverance, this was the most important preparation for the slaves in Egypt. And it truly is ours as well!

Again, covenant blessings to each of you on the eve of Resurrection Day!