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The Call Virginia May 26, Fredericksburg VA. More info here.

“For Jerusalem has stumbled and Judah has fallen, because their speech and their actions are against the Lord, to rebel against His glorious presence. The expression on their faces bears witness against them, and they display their sin like Sodom; THEY DO NOT EVEN CONCEAL IT” (Isaiah 3:8-9),

This week was unsettling. Right after releasing our “World War Watch” call to prayer,  our President declared his support to shift our nation from the biblical standard of marriage. This brought such grief to our hearts.

Despite the clamor of politicians, preachers and activists, few voices have clarified the true nature of this challenge. Even prayer warriors are missing the mark. Which is almost tragic, because the very meaning of intercession, paga in Hebrew, means to strike the mark!

Covenant Conflict
As Isaiah noted, rebelling against God’s presence eventually caused Jerusalem to stumble. And when the capital stumbled, the land fell! There is no doubt in my mind that this defines the enemy’s intentions for our region and nation as well.

Ultimately, we are in a covenant conflict. Heaven’s agenda is simple–to shift us from Baal to Jesus in every facet of life and governance, according to our covenantal foundations. The enemy seeks to sabotage God’s covenant, and the blessings secured by His covenant, including homeland security. Which is why redefining covenant apart from biblical morality is so key to the enemy’s agenda!

Covenant Consecration
Our covenant with God is our dedication to see His presence and government established in our midst! Tomorrow is the 405th anniversary of Virginia’s covenant consecration to Jesus Christ. Interestingly, we began the new year in Virginia with Holy Spirit proclaiming, “Light the lamps and pitch the tents, for this year I tabernacle with My people! God wants to tabernacle with us. We’ll explore this more tomorrow.

For now–in the face of the enemy’s threats, lets ask God to establish His covenant with us. Pray for mercy for our region! Remind the Lord of the divorcement from Baal and reconsecration to Jesus Christ as a Nation, granted and sealed with unmistakeable confirmations. Pray… together lets strike the mark!

And may we fear God enough not to not rebel against His glorious presence.