CALL REPLAY—NEW WAY FORWARD! With Jon, Jolene, Jamie Jackson sharing vital revelation as we launch into 2019. Two ways to listen:

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WATCH JOLENE SHARE NEW SEASON OF REVELATION! New Way Forward for 2019! Video from Remnant Church, 12-30-18. To watch video CLICK HERE.

Welcome to 2019. Welcome to the “New Way Forward” prayer project. IT’S TIME.

From January 3-24, we are continuing our vigilant watch with 21 days of seeking the Lord and fasting as He directs each of you.

Holy Spirit has highlighted the legacy of Daniel the prophet as an example for us.  As a Jewish exile in Babylon, Daniel served as the chief of staff for many kings. Known for a spirit of excellence and a spirit of prayer, he ushered God’s Kingdom into his sphere of authority in a way that dramatically impacted his society. He was unflinchingly loyal to the God he so loved and served. As a prophet, he moved with Holy Spirit in such a powerful way that every generation that followed was impacted. He accurately interpreted dreams, saw into the heavenly realms, interacted with Heaven’s Court, interacted with angelic hosts, and prophetically framed even the unfolding drama of the end times. 

Perhaps most importantly, Daniel kept vigilant watch all his life for a “freedom movement” catalyzing the return of his people from exile to the Covenant Land.

Jolene and I were recently drawn by the Spirit to focus on Daniel 9-10. We were seeking the Lord on St. Simons Island, preparing for the new years service entering into 2019. Amazingly, we were at the home of a gentleman named Gabriel Speaks. Jolene opened her Bible to read, and received an immediate download of revelation which framed the “New Way Forward” prayer project.

For instance, Daniel launched into the third year of the reign of King Cyrus with 21 days of prayer, from the first of the month until his encounter with the angel Gabriel on the 24th day. This encounter was catalyzed by a breakthrough in the heavenly realms as the Prince of Persia was restrained.

No ruler since the days of Daniel has been so associated with King Cyrus as President Trump. He is honored in this fashion in Israel because Trump honored Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in the same way that Cyrus restored the Jerusalem temple and began the process of launching the Jewish people back to their homeland. 

Not coincidentally, we are entering into the third year of Trump’s presidency in 2019. On January 21, to be exact. A day that will be demarcated by a very rare blood moon over Washington DC. Not sure what all this means, but we’re not too dull to recognize that in the cosmic orchestrations of the Ancient of Days it is significant.

So join us as we follow the example of Daniel. Lets launch together into 2019 with 21 days of prayer. 

For your enrichment, we have provided links above to both Jolene’s video message on December 30 and also our conference call message on January 2. Please avail yourself to them! 

Finally, we suggest that you incorporate seven aspects of this 21 day consecration into your life over the next three weeks.

  1. Seek the Lord each day with diligence. Pray much in the Spirit! Pray Ephesians 1:17, asking the Lord for His Spirit to grant you wisdom and revelation. We suggest limiting media overall during this time. Refocus on Jesus to start 2019!

  2. Read the Word of God. Read regularly Daniel 7, 9, 10 as well as other chapters the Lord highlights. Keep a journal to record what the Lord is showing you.

  3. Receive communion daily. Take the time and effort to make your time at the table of the Lord a personal encounter with Jesus.

  4. Read our postings. Pray through the themes. Watch the Revolution 2018 messages. Participate in the conference calls.

  5. Pray for President Trump and the administration. Pray for our government. Pray for Israel and the Isaiah 19 highway.

  6. Devote yourself to a new way forward personally! Keep teshuvah. Repent of sins as the Lord shows you, turning to Him. Record your growth in Him!

  7. Reconsecrate your personal space to the Lord. Anoint your home for His visitation. Keep worship music playing 24-7. Welcome Father, Son and Holy Spirit into your dwelling! 

May you be enriched by Heaven’s heart and counsel during these 21 days. Covenant blessings to each of you. No King but Jesus!