CALL TONIGHT! New Years Day, 9pm est. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And welcome to Advance 2014, a 22 day prayer project launching tonight. Through the next few weeks we will watch and pray together, explore prophetic insights for the new year, and believe God together to frame this year according to the desires of His heart.

A stretching experience last night really put into context God’s desire that we advance. I had an inspiring message prepared—a prophetic summation of the year—but when I got up to share, what came out was a completely different message! Like being overtaken by an ocean wave, or hitching on to a runaway train. How God is moving in our midst as in the days of Exodus. He’s bringing our groanings before the Court of Heaven, and judging in our favor. He’s confronting Pharaoh and breaking His people free.

Advance! God’s New Move
And we received the Table of the Lord. We had planned from the beginning to enter the New Year with communion, but the track the Lord laid to get us there was profound. In the Court of Heaven we together applied the body and blood of Jesus, God’s Passover Lamb, to our hearts, our lives, our families. And then we together invited the Lord to take His Throne over the region as the Righteous Judge.

It was at this point that I realized this is what God’s advancement is all about. In Exodus 12, both the government of Egypt and the gods of Egypt were judged, and God’s uproarious people took their first steps out of Pharaoh’s oppressive influence—and into freedom. They were released by God to advance!

As a nation and especially as a region, we have come to a similar time. I was reminded of the word by Bob Jones, often shared by Mike Bickle and chronicled in our book “Crown and Throne.” Two decades ago, at the very beginning of the prayer movement that became IHOP-KC, Bob prophesied to Mike that the emerging 24/7 movement would eventually grow into a movement of awakening and deliverance for North America like unto the days of Exodus. In this movement, the Lord would combine the miracles of Acts with the miracles of Exodus. An entire generation would be impacted as God’s people moved from Pharaoh’s influence into freedom.

Swift Cloud Justice
This was nowhere on my grid when I began to minister. But it sounds so similar to the word Rick Ridings gave in Washington DC from Isaiah 19—that God is riding on a swift cloud, and the gods and thrones of Egypt are going to topple. And it sounds a lot like the work God has already begun in our midst, when He granted us a divorce from Baal and renewal of covenant nationally on July 4, 2011. Fifty days later the Washington Monument cracked in an earthquake!

All this said, I’ve got good news for you. This next phase of the Harp and Bowl movement—what we feel the Lord is calling “Crown & Throne”— is meant by God to release a powerful wave of awakening and deliverance. No coincidence the Lord asked me to prophesy this to commence 2014. Friends, now is the time to advance into freedom!

22 Days—Fast, and Feast at God’s Table 
Please consider beginning your consecration for 2014 with communion, the Table of the Lord. Throughout these 22 days, make it a priority to receive daily the body and blood of Yeshua. Lets honor together the greatest verdict we will ever receive, the sacrificial investment that forever purchased our freedom.

We also suggest you read again Isaiah 53, as well as the Passover story. I also strongly suggest reading through Crown & Throne. If you have a copy already, review chapter 2 for the prophetic promises from Bob Jones and others of God’s move. Chapter 7 shares on the Court of Heaven, and chapter 8 begins with the Table of the Lord. Finally, chapter 14 shares key insights on the Exodus story, where God literally fought a revolution for freedom. Bob Jones makes clear this message and mandate is our destiny as well!

OK. Again, Happy New Year! Covenant blessings to each of you, and we look forward to praying with many of you on the call tonight. Take your steps, because it’s now time to advance!

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