Join Randy Demain, Karen Austin, Jon & Jolene for a gathering over Passover to mark the beginning of a new season in Christ!

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Key prophets have articulated what we ourselves have felt–that this coming Passover is unique in divine purpose and activity for the body of Christ. As our friend Karen Austin recently shared, it’s “a new era on God’s timetable.”

We are in a culminating season. Many prayer projects are just coming to maturity, with heaven now preparing for a more full release!

Passover–Hinge of History
Moses instituted Passover to mark the day his people crossed over from slavery to freedom. Jesus later became our Passover lamb, whose redemption brought us all from slavery to freedom.

It’s important to note that in both cases, Passover marked the culmination of one season, and the beginning of another.  Again and again, God has chosen Passover as a literal hinge of history for His people.

We want to experience this new door. From now through April 12, lets keep watch together, with resolute expectancy to leave our enemies behind, and cross over by His Hand into a new season of divine activity for the body of Christ!

Daniel Watch–Today thru April 12
Now through April 12, we feel to hold a 21 day “Daniel Watch” for this release. Many of you have heard of a “Daniel fast,” generally focused on a pattern of breakthrough found in Daniel 9. I personally believe this pattern is more accurately termed a “Daniel watch.” Because this governmental prophet wasn’t as concerned about fasting 21 days as he was receiving the breakthrough.

Daniel didn’t set out to fast 21 days. He actually set out to fast–and mourn–until the government of God broke through for his own life and for his people. And that is exactly what we are after this Passover!

Governmental Prophets and the Hinge of History
As we have shared before, 2012 is a governmental year. And in a profound way, the Holy Spirit is beginning to showcase the ministry of governmental prophets. They are friends of God, who know God intimately and make His Throne their home. They are voices, who share His heart with His people.

Governmental prophets seem also to be endued by the Lord with unusual power and authority, that often impacts life on a societal level. Most often, this expression of authority culminates an intercessory assignment that literally births God’s purpose into the earth. These prophets don’t just watch the doors of history open and close. Instead, by divine assignment, they literally become a hinge of history by which these pathways open and form.

Daniel, Moses, Isaiah and Elijah are all great examples on a national level. The Apostle Paul labored for the gentiles in this manner. Charles Finney and Daniel Nash prevailed in breakthrough prayer until the primary strongman in America was broken, and awakening was birthed.

In modern times, famed intercessor Rees Howells became a hinge of history. This Welsh prayer warrior kept watch during World War II. Holy Spirit led him to contend in in the spirit against the Nazi onslaught, and eventually for the birth of Israel. His life is a witness to the power of specific breakthroughs from specific prayer assignments.

Your Invitation
As with all ministry expressions, the example of a few are an invitation for us all! It’s time for you to become a hinge of history. As you embark on this 21 day journey, make it your prayer to see this expression of God’s heart birthed or empowered in your life.

Father God, I come to you like Daniel, yearning in my spirit for breakthrough, for more of You. I consecrate these 21 days to experience Your presence, power and authority in breakthrough. Teach me to pray. Teach me to hear. Make me a hinge of history–for my family, my church, my work, even for my nation! In Jesus’ Name, amen!