GLORY TRAIN MARIETTA! Sept. 2-3. 7pm Saturday, 10:30 am Sunday. With hosts Rodney and Stephanie Lord, Freedom Gate Church, Marietta Ohio. 

GLORY TRAIN LOUISVILLE! 7pm Wednesday Sept. 6 with Bunny Warlen, Awakening Church Louisville.

First—Lou Engle has called for a 30 day fast for national breakthrough, beginning today and ending on Yom Kippur, which is the Day of Atonement. Some are fasting completely, others on a Daniel fast, others fasting media. All are in agreement that our nation and world are in turmoil, and we need God’s hand of redemption NOW!

It’s amazing to me we embark on our Glory Train journey across the nation just as this fast begins. Please join Jolene and me in entering into this season through September 30. Seek the Lord as to what He would have you lay aside. Lets gain more of Him. Lets seek His face and shine as burning lamps! And lets see His hand nationally in our midst bring preservation unto awakening.

Yesterday’s meetings were incredible, just full of insight and revelation. Thank you for praying for us! We are hosting a roundtable this morning focused on strategy, collaboration and continued prayer. Please make intercession for this key meeting a priority. Grateful!

I don’t usually speak publicly into policy. But yesterday I felt the Lord gave me a word on DACA, a program establishing a pathway for young illegal immigrants put forward by the Obama Administration. It has been full of controversy. Further, the policy itself has no legal justification or standing. 

But to eradicate DACA means that America’s “welcome mat” for more than 800,000 young illegal immigrants, mostly children, will now be pulled. The dream of these children is seemingly coming to an end, with the deadline for renewing DACA now at hand.

And this is not OK.

The tragedy of DACA is that the dream of citizenship for these young refugees was legally sabotaged by the very people who promised them their opportunity. They were promised protection and citizenship by the American government in response to their application for the DACA program. Yet DACA itself was not legislation, it was not even a formal executive order. And it has little genuine standing in the courts. In short, it’s inexcusably irresponsible policy that puts in detriment the very children who were promised this dream. No aspect of this policy legitimizes these children as citizens; they remain in a perpetual state of vulnerability.

While being briefed on this policy, my heart was deeply touched by the Lord Himself for these children. I realized that President Trump has been put in a very challenging situation. As with much of the policy nightmares inherited from the previous administration, the most easiest solution for the DACA program would be to repeal it. 

But the higher ground is actually to fix it. And preserve the opportunity that these young refugees have dreamed to receive. I believe that’s God’s heart. 

In fact,I actually felt the Holy Spirit quicken the phrase, “Dream Recovery Act.” It’s time to redeem this dream. To do so we must separate the original intention—a genuine pathway to citizenship—which both Republicans and Democrats embrace. How could we do otherwise, seeing that from the Pilgrims on we are all a nation of immigrants? 

And through the process of fixing this bad policy and providing the opportunity for these kids to achieve the legitimacy they deserve, I personally believe President Trump has the opportunity to be seen for who he truly is. A father to this nation—to all Americans. It is reprehensible nonsense that President Trump is prejudiced. One look at his history, including his battle with Palm Beach to open Mar-a-Lago to Jews and blacks will tell you otherwise. 

Because actions speak louder than words.

That said, especially in light of the rising tide of prejudice on both the radical right and radical left that has so divided our nation, it’s time for action. Instead of decimating the dream for these young innocents, lets establish policy that recovers the dream—legitimately. Including the checks and balances necessary to make this a win-win situation for America. 

I personally believe this pathway forward can silence the vicious and unrelenting critics, and become a tremendous catalyst for President Trump’s presidency. Cindy Jacobs has long noted that it’s time for the Trump Administration and the Republican party to become known for what America’s greatest aspirations have always produced. Hope solutions. Policies that uphold and perpetuate our ideals. This is key to the turnaround the Lord wants to bring our land. 

I want to close by sharing again the dream the Lord gave me which solidified my support for now-President Donald Trump. On January 5, 2016, I had a prophetic dream in which Donald Trump had won the contract to restore the Department of Homeland Security. He went to a dilapidated, neglected portion of the campus in order to restore it. While he was working, I watched as multitudes of black and hispanic women came through the gates, literally shouting praises to God. 

Friends it’s past time that we recover control over the gates of our land—so neglected by the previous administration. Homeland security is a mandate. And as we regain this stewardship, lets first welcome those who carry the dream which brought our own families to America’s shores. These kids have grown up here. Lets grant them the legitimacy they deserve. By recovering their dream, perhaps we are recovering our own.