“Too often, people in positions of power preach diversity while silencing, shunning or censoring the faithful. True tolerance means respecting the right of all people to express their deeply held religious beliefs” —President Trump.


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Earlier today at the United Nations General Assembly, President Trump hosted the meeting on religious freedom ever held since its founding 74 years ago. As recounted earlier today, by this stand the 45th President of the United States took an extraordinary leap into the legacy of King Cyrus, who as prophesied in Isaiah 45, restored Jerusalem and repatriated jews in exile in accordance with a decree known as the “Magna Carta of religious freedom.” Lamplighter family, we’ve been praying Daniel 10 over President Trump since the beginning of the year. What an extraordinary breakthrough in this third year of rulership for America’s Cyrus! 

Lets continue to undergird our President and this initiative as he addresses the broader General Assembly of the United Nations today. Further, lets pray over a potential meeting between Trump and Iranian President Rouhani, as Rouhani has signaled a willingness to meet on the sidelines of the UN. 

Your intercession is like Daniel’s intercession during the third year of Cyrus’ reign. It is vital to perpetuate the breakthrough which has begun. Pray for President Trump, for Vice President Pence, and for Sec. of State Pompeo. Pray for Ambassador of Religious Freedom Sam Brownback, whom we have interceded for over the past two years as he launched the Global Ministerial for Religious Freedom at the State Department. 

As with Daniel and the Prince of Persia, lets see the forces of darkness restrained and a new way forward forged. Events today, tomorrow, and throughout this week are pivotal!

Why the Need? Religious Persecution Today
Some of you may be asking why religious freedom is so vital for America and our world. Lets take a walk down memory lane. Because it wasn’t too long ago that Christians within our own government were being openly persecuted over the tenets of our faith. The glass ceiling was in place, with only downward mobility allowed. Further, the Name of Jesus was banned from public pronouncement within our armed forces. Christians seeking refuge from ISIS-ravaged nations were allowed into America at only a trickle compared to the flow of other immigrants. And even even manger scenes were banned for public display over the Christmas season. 

I’ll never forget the dream that marked my call to pray for President Trump, on January 5, 2016. The dream began with Trump winning the contract to restore the Department of Homeland Security. Then I saw black and Hispanic women shouting and dancing through the gates of Homeland Security, celebrating their rehire after being marginalized for their faith. The dream culminated when President Trump walked past. “Sir,” I exclaimed, “you must restore Christmas!”

In context, restoring Christmas meant more than restoring the economy. It meant restoring religious freedom in both the halls of government and in the public square. That is exactly what he is accomplishing.

It’s vital to remember America’s recent experience with religious persecution pales in comparison to the horrors in other parts of the world. As President Trump noted during yesterday’s meeting, 80% of the world lives under regimes which deny religious freedom. And every day 11 Christians die simply for following the teachings of Jesus. 

The ISIS beheadings, rapes, and enslavement marked the most drastic and horrific examples of religious persecution seen in modern times. But we also have synagogue burnings here and abroad, the harsh imprisonment of Christians as well as Uyghur Muslims in China, the slaughter of Yazidis, Christians, and non-majority Muslims in the Mideast, in Africa, etc. Not to mention the recent aggression of Iran fueling an ongoing religious war between Shias and Sunnis globally. 

Then there’s the most extreme example of religious persecution in perhaps all of history—Hitler’s attempted extermination of the Jewish people. 

A New Precedent—A New Way Forward
No other president in modern history has stood up to religious persecution nationally and globally as has Donald Trump. This is not fake news but historical fact. Even Trump’s visits with persecuted people of faith has set a new precedent. And the initiatives introduced yesterday mark a new way forward.

“This initiative will encourage the private sector to protect people of all faith in the workplace, and the private sector has brilliant leadership,” Trump said this morning. “Too often, people in positions of power preach diversity while silencing, shunning or censoring the faithful. True tolerance means respecting the right of all people to express their deeply held religious beliefs.”

Understand this please. If only life is spared, or one young girl is rescued from slavery, or one family preserved through these efforts, President Trump’s rollercoaster ride of a presidency will have surpassed his detractors by light years. Further, he will have gained a seat of honor in the councils of God. 

This movement empowering religious freedom is a major aspect of God’s freedom movement globally. Which is why tomorrow’s posting by Lori Perz will also prove to be so vital. Please don’t miss. And thank you for praying!