“The Lord marches forth as a warrior! He rouses His zeal like a man of war…” (Isaiah 42:13). 

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THIS TRAIN IS BOUND FOR GLORY! God’s Freedom Movement is advancing. The tracks are trembling as we move towards Passover. The whistle is blaring. GET BACK ON TRACK! 

Today I went to the fence surrounding the Capitol after the Lord spoke to me in morning prayer. The physical barriers may be coming down, but the spiritual barriers erected to keep God at a distance, and His standard of love restrained, seemingly are being reinforced at this time. Here’s some good news for you. As Isaiah 28 makes clear, they will by no means keep Him out. The covenant with death and hell has been annulled by Heaven’s Court. Redemptive exposure has been decreed. Those who have manipulated the “midnight crisis” to their own ends, pursuing personal or political gain at the expense of their suffering constituents, will face God’s justice. 


I felt in prayer this morning that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is just a first fruit of this expression of God’s redemptive justice in action. More are to come. Our job is to continue praying… fervently.  

“Judge Not Lest You Be Judged…”
Headlines today are conveying the downfall of the governor of New York, whose decision to return covid patients to nursing homes became a death sentence for thousands of vulnerable elderly in the state. The governor was also one of the most vocal critics of Donald Trump over alleged sexual indiscretions, deceit and abuse. Citing these reasons, he pushed the Democratic Party relentlessly towards impeachment both times. 

Now Gov. Cuomo is being exposed over his handling of covid, as well as sexual indiscretions, deceit and abuse—all open “secrets” for decades among his inner circle. 

Remember just before Trump’s impeachment we gave a clear warning. Judge not lest you be judged. That the admonition is now really proving true. Hypocrisy in judging others while openly engaging in the same sin is provoking God’s redemptive exposure. As mentioned, others are coming down as well. 

Let My people go.

He Brings Down Rulers from their Thrones
Our book White House Watchmen brought a warning to both Governor Cuomo and the state regarding defiance of the Lord. Remember, the Passover Lamb is also the risen King, dedicated to establishing justice in the earth. As Jesus’ mother Miriam observed, “He brings rulers down from their thrones.” 

Gov. Cuomo’s seeming lack of reverence for the Lord has been consistently communicated. “The number is down because we brought the number down,” Andrew Cuomo told reporters a year ago April, as the pandemic hit New York. “God did not do that. Faith did not do that…”

We pray the Lord encounter Governor Cuomo in the midst of the crisis now unfolding. We pray his heart will soften, and he will genuinely discover the heart of God. 

Excerpt from White House Watchmen
In a moment I’m going to share the prophetic warning mentioning Gov. Cuomo from White House Watchmen. But let me share a behind-the-scenes moment first. A year ago Jolene was on a zoom call with friends when she began to prophesy a warning about the NY governor and family with extraordinary clarity and gravitas. That very afternoon his brother announced he had come down with the virus. We wept and prayed for the family. 

And out of consideration for them, we made sure the warning never made it to a public platform. Instead a muted expression of this warning was included in our book. It is excerpted from chapter 5, Forged in the Valley:

The following prophecy is taken verbatim from our posting on April 17, 2019. “I saw during worship how God has been dealing with abortion in America in a way that’s similar to how He dealt with abortion in Exodus. He’s doing the same with the idolatry behind it. And it’s now a Passover moment to deal with the 10th plague, the spirit of death.… You have to understand we’re going into an extended season of Passover, not just a week of Passover. It means God’s work is going to be through an entire time period until He is done dealing with this spirit of death through abortion in America!…

We know Passover as God’s response to the injustice of slavery against His covenant people. But have you ever seen the correlation to abortion? Exodus 1:22 describes how Pharaoh mandated all the firstborn of the Jewish people were to be aborted. Pharaoh’s clear intention was to subjugate God’s people through the imposition of horrific trauma. 

According to Exodus 2, God responded by bringing the groanings of His people into a Courtroom hearing and rendering a verdict which would speak into each successive generation. LET MY PEOPLE GO.

Here’s a pattern you may have never seen. Roe v Wade was passed on 1-22, 1973. The date correlates to the very scripture recounting the horrific loss endured by the Jews under Pharaoh. Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence that on January 22, 2019, the 46th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the New York legislature led by Governor Cuomo legalized abortion statewide right up through birth. Infanticide. The vote occurred within a month of Christmas, when the Lord called us to the Glory Train journey through New York. 

“…We’re going into an extended season of Passover, not just a week of Passover. It means God’s work is going to be through an entire time period until He is done dealing with this spirit of death through abortion in America!”

In light of New York’s current status as the global epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, Jolene’s warning over Passover 2019 has brought us often to tears. The way through the crisis remains unclear. Our earnest prayer is that the embrace of forced death from womb to old age will be repudiated in New York and across the nation. It is time for this gate of sabotage to be governmentally shut. 

The post closed with the following admonition, which leaders would do well to heed:

The mandate stands—for New York and for our nation. A higher Court is trumping the decisions of the Empire State. The heavens over New York are shaking, and all creation is groaning for the sons of God to be revealed. It’s time to shift from abortion to awakening. Let My people go. Let My children go!