Amos 9:11—In that day I will rebuild the fallen tabernacle of David…
Isaiah 16:15—A throne will even be established in lovingkindness, and a judge will sit on it in faithfulness in the tent of David; moreover, he will seek justice and be prompt in righteousness.

9:11 am—Precisely as I write, four fighter jets are roaring in formation over Arlington Cemetery by the Pentagon. I am watching as a middle jet breaks from the pack, shoots straight up into the heavens, executes a roll, and soars beyond view. The three jets continue forward.

Called the “missing man” formation, the flyover symbolically conveys the passing of a fallen comrade to heaven. Not long after, smoke arose from the verdant grounds of the Cemetery, and a leader of great significance was laid to rest.

I keep thinking that it cannot be a coincidence that these jets were summoned at exactly 9:11 am, on the day we begin this 911 watch.

We today are a week away from 9-11. As the threats of more terror strikes loom, my heart is churning within, remembering the missing who gave their lives at the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.

Last night was powerful. More than a hundred people joined our prayer call to launch the 911 Watch, crying out together for God’s mercy and continued blessing on our land. We closed with communion, pleading Christ’s body and blood over towns and cities from Washington to Washington. Jolene and I are grateful for your vigilance:

  1. For Davids Tent. Pray for Jason & Kimberlee Hershey and team, for Jolene and me, for the 10 full-time volunteers needed to facilitate, for the $150,000 provision needed this year.
  2. For Divine Protection for America, especially around 9-11. Pray for our intelligence communities, military, police and first responders, border patrol, as well as governmental leaders. Pray for your communities!
  3. Accurate ‘real-time’ revelation. See Jeremiah 23. God wants to grant us revelatory understanding to impact our hearts with His and fuel our intercession. We must be open to all His counsel, beyond our fallen frames of reference.
  4. In conjunction with the nationwide RPN “Stop Corruption” prayer project, an exposure of injustice and corruption in our land that compels us all to repentance and righteousness. More info at http://generals.org

Three Keys to the 911 Watch
Today I want to introduce three keys for this 911 Watch. He highlighted to me Crown & Throne, the legacy of Rees Howells, and the promise given to us in Isaiah 58. The Lord has quickened these specific keys to unlock Heaven’s intended potential during this time. PLEASE make them yours, I promise you will be enriched!

1. Cry Aloud, Spare Not—the Isaiah 58 Fast
A few weeks ago, the bill from a local restaurant made me gasp. It was exactly $58.58. Not that it was unreasonable, especially for three people in Washington DC. I wasn’t suffering from sticker shock, but a different kind of shock—a Jesus shock.

Because in the midst of our feasting, I knew the Lord was confronting me with Isaiah 58… His call to fasting. It was the price He was calling us to pay.

The chapter begins with “Cry aloud, spare not. Lift up your voice like a trumpet! Tell my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sin.” Friends, you may find the postings during this watch unusually direct, especially in reference to clear sin, compromise and corruption. This is in direct obedience to the Spirit of God related to the above passage. Love and mercy are at the core… but we are going to do our best to leave behind the fiction of living and praying in denial.

Any doctor will tell you that your healing depends upon an accurate diagnosis of the problem. Then you must pray redemptively, and act redemptively to break through.

Here’s what Isaiah 58 doesn’t direct us to do. We are not fasting to validate our personal perspectives while benefitting from weight loss. This is not about ourselves, but others. We are fasting to see the yokes and cords of wickedness broken through, and the oppressed released into freedom.

Please keep in mind that God is calling you to fast as He chooses. You might find His directive confrontational, especially to your flesh. If you’re skin and bones already from fasting, but cannot stop reading your cell phone while crossing the street, my guess is that God might be calling you to fast media at this time instead of food. Hear His voice and obey!

Please commune with God daily through Isaiah 58. Let His Spirit saturate you, shape your posture before the Throne, and expand your capacities. Lets do this together!

2. Crown & Throne
As part of this fast, the Lord spoke personally to me to read two books— “Rees Howells, Intercessor” and “Crown & Throne.” My internal reply to the latter was, “Lord, I wrote this book! Why would I need to read it?” And when I began to crack open its pages, my next reply was “whoa, how did that get in there? I don’t even remember writing it. That’s actually pretty good…”

Much of Crown & Throne focuses on the Amos 9:11 restoration of the Tabernacle of David as a Throne for Christ’s glory and governance. We’re going to get into this further on down the line. But what a great reminder of why we need to give ourselves for Davids Tent this year!

Many of you know of the prophetic experience the Lord gave in 2000 related to the Crown and Throne movement. I saw a vision of three fighter jets. One fighter jet shot off from Colorado Springs, another from Kansas City, and another from the mid-Atlantic region. These jets converged over upstate New York and New England, entered into military formation, and roared across to fight for Israel in her most desperate hour.

I knew these jets represented three distinct prayer movements—spiritual warfare from Colorado Springs, 24/7 “harp & bowl” worship from Kansas City, and a movement unique to the mid-Atlantic and east coast that at that time had not come to birth. In fact, the “Crown and Throne” movement is just beginning to come forth.

Until today, I never saw this vision of the three jets in context with the “missing man” formation. Jesus our King is the ultimate “Missing Man,” the Warrior who fought and won the ultimate battle to rescue us and eternally free us from Satan’s grasp. Hallelujah! And He ascended to heaven not at the point of death, but after His resurrection!

Lamplighter Ministries also wants to honor the leaders, on earth and in heaven, who have laid down their lives in ceaseless warfare to prepare the way of the Lord in this hour. We are so grateful for your example, your mentoring, your legacy. And we have already resolved to pick up the torch you have passed, and perpetuate this sacred watch and witness in our generation. Together we will blaze for Jesus!

3. The Legacy of Rees Howells
Speaking of which, I want to introduce you to one such “missing man,” a burning and shining lamp to his generation whom the Lord specifically called us to remember during this watch. His name is Rees Howells. And history literally became defined by the intercession of his watch.

Howells started a Bible College in Wales just before the start of World War II. Trained in the ways of intercession by the Spirit Himself, Rees and his students literally prayed through World War II. He would receive directives literally from the Council of God, travailing through “headline news” that would not happen for days or weeks after he perceived and prayed.

Rees Howells’ intercession helped secure not only victory for the Allies but a literal, born-again experience for the nation of Israel.

When the Lord began to speak to us a few weeks ago about this watch, I was told to read “Crown & Throne”… and re-read “Rees Howells, Intercessor.” My friend Russ Zylstra called me a day later. As a man of action, he likes action books, and we were talking about Brad Thor’s new novel “Act of War.” Russ then made an offhand comment totally off-genre from our discussion. “Oh, by the way, have you ever read the book ‘Rees Howells, Intercessor?’”

“Yeah… as a matter of fact, Russ, I was just thinking about the book…”

Let me close with this observation. Howells led an Isaiah 58 lifestyle that compelled him to function in the grace and authority God is calling us all to in this “Crown and Throne movement.” As Howells prayed through WWII, so we are being positioned and summoned to pray through the challenges of our generation—for America, Israel and the nations in general, and for this 911 Watch specifically.

Isaiah 58, Crown & Throne, Rees Howells Intercessor. I wholeheartedly commend these keys for your enrichment and growth at this hour.