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Talk about a Conflict of Thrones. Amazing how our highest halls of power have lately been rumbling with intelligence leaks, false allegations and intense questioning designed to discredit the government we the people elected into office. Jolene and I commend you for your vigilant intercession. To the extent God is making America great again, your prayers are fueling this work. From Washington to Washington to Jerusalem!

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The 2222 Crown
I don’t often share about personal encouragement from the Lord, but I hope this brief testimony will increase your faith for His work in your life right now. 

Remember we’re in the year 5777, the year of the “crowned vav.” God desires to crown your covenant commitment with His glory and His government. “I will drive him like a peg in a firm place, and he will become a crown of glory to his Father’s house” (Isaiah 22:23). From our time in Jerusalem especially, we have been praying for each of you to receive God’s crown as part of the national and global release of His “crowned vav” movement. The substance of our faith is outstretched for His sacred work in your life.

While engaging this morning in prayer, I had a brief vision that a wreath made into a crown was being given to me. So grateful!Two scriptures were also highlighted to me. 

“…You will be tested, and you will have tribulation for ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life” (Revelation 2:10). 

“I am coming quickly; hold fast what you have, so that no one will take your crown” (Revelation 3:11).

From this I was instantly aware of two things. A definite time of testing and wrestling had finally been met with breakthrough. Interestingly, the Strongs number for “life” or “zoe” in the Greek is 2222. You could really say it’s a 2222 crown

Second, I knew that a crown of leadership and stewardship, definitely contended for in the spirit, had been preserved. “See to it that no one take your crown!” 

That’s actually a good word for Washington DC. As mentioned, it is extraordinary how the “Conflict of Thrones” continues unabated by the political spirit even as I write. 

Friends, God rewards faithfulness. He rewards honesty, loyalty, humility and discretion. Please resolve to honor those in authority. Celebrate the giftings, callings, and leadership entrusted to others. Protect them. Refuse to covet, or claim for yourself what belongs to others. Please discern, but hold your tongue from accusation. Dedicate yourself to excellence in word and deed. Embrace truth. And watch for God to vindicate you and those you are praying for!

This is all part of stewarding your covenant commitment to Jesus. It’s part of overcoming, for you to genuinely gain your crown of rulership.

Crowned Vav
Within the past two days I’ve also become aware of another amazing gift from the Lord. I’ve spoken privately about a personal sense that God has recently “crowned” many of the “vavs” we had staked, causes we had given our lives for, both in Jerusalem and Washington DC. In Israel, the “Crown & Throne Tour” in general, and our time at Shiloh specifically touched my heart in this way. In Washington DC, the opportunity to attend President Trump’s speech at the White House, on the final day of Shavuot, was absolutely a “crowned vav moment.” 

Equally important was another last-minute invitation. You might recall we moved up a few floors just before leaving for Israel, into our new “Crown House.” We are grateful to the Lord and to precious friends which have made this possible! May it be a prototype for your own release into houses, lands, properties the Lord intends for you to receive. 

The Rainbow Crown
Remember the calling the Lord defined for us is “from Washington to Washington to Jerusalem.” To my utter amazement I realized just yesterday that the Lord had “crowned the vav,” or covenant commitment, here as well. He confirmed it as only He could. Really it’s not an exaggeration to say He extravagantly crowned our entire decade with this precious gift.

And at first I completely missed its significance!

Last week we dealt with an urgent prayer project involving a dark cloud perceived over the White House and Capitol. Connie Wilson called me from Jerusalem to convey this warning. We together re-presented the divorcement from Baal and restoration of covenant with Christ. We sought God for a verdict, decreeing “THIS CLOUD MUST LIFT!”

You might remember that, after we had prayed nationwide last week for Washington DC, an intense fog out here gave way to a stunning rainbow. Thereby confirming that literally from Washington to Washington to Jerusalem, God was breaking through! 

You might also recall that during this time we were celebrating our first 10 years in full-time ministry, catalyzed by a prophetic word by Bob Jones that we were among those called to shift the body of Christ from the wilderness into the “promised land” of the Spirit. He specifically highlighted June 6 as the date this gift would be released, as it marked the 40th anniversary of Jerusalem’s restoration under Israeli sovereignty. 

And on June 6, 2007, Bob’s message became my first prophetic message of our new season, right here in Washington State. To a budding revival started by my friend Kevin Ford in the little waterfront town of Blaine. Right on the border with Canada.

When praying about this shift from the wilderness into the Spirit, the Lord gave me a vision. And it was all about rainbows! For verification, this prophetic message ran on the Elijah List on July 5, 2007. To read it click here. 

I saw a plastic rainbow on a sign over an old white church at night. The rainbow actually consisted of tubes. It kind of looked like an upside down menorah. Suddenly it began to rain, and water flowed through the tubes of this sign with such force that the sign itself gave way. To my amazement, water still coursed through the channels as if the tubes were in place. Supernaturally forming… a rainbow.

In this prophetic experience I heard the Lord say two things. First the Lord spoke “the waters are released.” The structure must give way to the flow of the Spirit. Second, I heard Him say, “He is breaking through Baal.” As David perceived, like the breaking through of many waters!

Remember this is June 2007. I had no idea how important this mandate would soon become. 

And when we drove into Blaine, I was stunned to see… a rainbow! Furthermore this rainbow was permanent. Actually a statue across the border between Washington State and Canada. 

You know what I’m gonna say. You cannot make this stuff up. 

Rainbows are a symbol of covenant. They are shaped like a crown. I believe the Lord sent this rainbow to encourage ALL OF US that He is crowning our covenant commitment with His own. Despite relentless resistance, He is shifting America out of the Baal influence that has so permeated our thrones of governance and our nation.

Can’t make this up…