DATE: July 7-8, 2017 | With Jon and Jolene Hamill, Martin Frankena

LOCATION: Foxchase Golf Club, 300 Stevens Road, Stevens PA

SCHEDULE: July 7, 7pm | July 8, 9:30am—1:30pm, 7pm.
Note buffet lunch Saturday after session included in your registration! 

Registration: $50. Click here to register with EventBrite

And Happy Independence Day. On the eve of July Fourth, what a joy to declare with our revolutionary forefathers, “No King but Jesus!” 

And “No Cross, No Crown.” These two principles summarize the essence of American governance as dreamed of by William Penn, and followed through by our Founders when they framed the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. 

We are so excited about our upcoming School of Kings in Lancaster PA, in the state where our nation’s governance was originally framed. It’s only appropriate to gather here as we take a significant step forward into God’s governmental movement for this hour. We’ve mentioned before that His kings are being crowned, and His scrolls of revelation are being unsealed. We are now beginning to experience this reality. 

Momentum is Building! Lancaster
We had a powerful School of Kings in Albany, New York this past weekend. Many reported their lives were genuinely touched and changed. A few even decided to join us for Lancaster! 

That said, momentum is definitely building. Jolene and I encourage you to sign up now for the School of Kings in Lancaster. Please don’t miss your window of opportunity. And please keep the gathering in prayer!

We are so grateful to Doug and Kris Graybill for hosting the Lancaster School of Kings at a renown golf club. Note that our registration includes a special Saturday afternoon lunch together following the ministry session. We will close out the school with an evening commissioning at 7:00 pm. 

Martin Frankena Ministers
Lancaster is our final School of Kings this summer with Martin Frankena. As you know from our recent conference call, Martin is a spiritual father to Jolene and me. He’s an author, a prophetic teacher, and a healer, graced by Christ with a high level of gifting to bring freedom from present and generational bondages. 

For more than a decade, the Lord was giving Martin fresh revelation regarding our kingly identity, even while the Lord was impacting me regarding the Crown & Throne movement. We have long talked about facilitating a “School of Kings.” In this “year of the crowned vav,” both Martin and I felt from the Lord it was finally time to launch. 

I believe it was Martin who first pointed out to me that royalty is not something you attain by effort, it’s something you are born into. It’s in your Bloodline. That said, you need unshackled from deep inner bondages which defy Christ’s royal blood and hold your potential in paralysis. It’s time for your Birthright to prevail! And this School will set a new course for you on this. 

“Sevening Ourselves” in Pennsylvania!
Final point. Again, as we celebrate July 4, I believe it’s no coincidence we are being summoned to Pennsylvania right around the anniversary of our nation’s founding. This School of Kings also coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Call Nashville on 07-07-07, where the mandate to return to covenant with Jesus Christ divorced from our idolatry was first trumpeted. On 07-07-17, we are “sevening” ourselves afresh to Jesus! And we are believing together for God to crown our covenant commitments to Him with His glory and His government. 

No King but Jesus! And covenant blessings to each of you this Independence Day.


July 7-8 Lancaster PA School of Kings
with Martin Frankena, Jon & Jolene
Foxchase Golf Course, Stevens PA
Hosted by Kris Graybill
Click here to register with EventBrite

July 14-15 Nashville TN School of Kings
One Stone, Nashville TN
Host Pastor Mark Lancaster
No registration necessary, all sessions open to the public

July 21-22 Aiken School of Kings
1900 Whiskey Road, Aiken, SC
Host Kathryn Wade

July 28-30 Brunswick GA School of Kings
Remnant Church, Brunswick GA
Host Pastors Jamie & Redonnia Jackson