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FIRST—THANK YOU for your faithful vigilance today and throughout the “Tracks to Your Future” prayer project. This time has been more significant than we probably know. Today I want to honor your faithfulness by offering you a double portion revelation of the prophetic invitations He is offering in this season.

This morning I shared a word I received last week. It came in the form of a question. Can not the same hand of God which restrained the hurricane from our shores also restrain the storm of recession stirred by the enemy to marginalize the nation and the President? As I prayed into this, I heard the Lord say, Declare the storm remain offshore! Obviously, just as with countering Hurricane Dorian, we must take this very seriously and much prayer is needed. But I believe Throne Room authority has been granted! 

I felt this word on countering a recession was very appropriate for this September 11. I also wanted to share with you an amazing announcement about a dream coming to pass before our eyes. Finally I wanted to share with you a prophetic vision I received on Monday regarding the 2020 election! 

But in honor of the sanctity of September 11, and the vigilant watch we have been summoned to keep, I felt it best to hold off until Sunday. Maybe giving you just a preview today. I do have one other word to share with you appropriate to 9/11. Because as of 9-11 we are crossing an important threshold, into a new season of possessing our inheritance! The Lord spoke to me about this just this morning and I sensed to release it.

A Joshua Commissioning
The word on possessing our inheritance, or possessing our promise, was part of a larger encounter from a few weeks ago. In the encounter I was reminded of a special commissioning the Lord gave me on 8-18-18. While taking communion, a high ranking angelic host came to me. I have never to my knowledge had an experience like this before. In the spirit realm this angel tapped both my shoulders with a sword. I knew my former ranking had been removed. He then tapped my shoulder and released to me a new ranking.

I then heard the word of the Lord within me saying, “Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore arise!…” It was very clear to me the Lord was commissioning me as Joshua. One of many Joshuas He has raised up for this hour. It was an incredible, humbling experience.

Possessing the Promise
That said, the same God who restrained the storm from our shores brought me right back into this experience last Tuesday. He then spoke to me about our coming work in 2020. It is again out of Joshua’s commissioning. Be strong and courageous, for you shall give this people possession of the land which I swore to their fathers to give them. 

You shall give this people possession of the land. He swore this to our forefathers. And on the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ establishment of covenant with the Lord, He is releasing a new magnitude of grace to bring His covenant people into possession of the dream of His heart for our land. The dream our forefathers lived for, and died to give us!

By the Spirit I saw in a new way the significance of the baptism revival the Lord has given us. Just as Joshua had to lead His epode across the Jordan to possess the promise, so the Lord has released a baptism movement for us to cross over into our covenant promise. I hope you perceive the magnitude of this. Signs and wonders are accompanying this freedom movement as we cross the threshold into our covenant with God and inheritance in the land! On a broader level we begin to cross this threshold NOW, the evening of 9-11. This work absolutely accelerates through the fall feasts. More on this soon. 

And I prophesy to you that by New Years Eve we will be crossing the threshold into 2020, possessing the promise of a new year and a new decade from Washington DC—TOGETHER AS THE LAMPLIGHTER FAMILY.

More on this Sunday.  

Lost Inheritance IMMEDIATELY Restored!
But back to our story. Our prophet friend Lynnie Harlow was sitting in the chair where the Lord visiting me during home group later that night. She told an astonishing story. Earlier that day a mineral contacted her about land she did not realize she owned. Lynnie had discovered her grandfather owned land she knew nothing about. He had left it to her as an inheritance when he died years ago!

We actually prayed her through a momentary time of doubt regarding her promise. I shared with her what the Lord spoke to me and our home group prayed together. Later in the week the doubts were all removed as it was confirmed the inheritance was actually hers!

And God confirmed in a way only He could that we are entering a season to possess our inheritance—to possess our promise. 

So we have entered a season of possessing our promise. There’s so much more to share. But for now I leave you with the following. As with Joshua and the people of God, you and I are being stirred and summoned by God to possess our inheritance. IT IS TIME TO POSSESS OUR PROMISE.