September 11, 7:30 pm! Please join us at Whole Word Fellowship, Oakton VA for special service. Jon and Jolene will be ministering. 

Tomorrow is 9-11. A historic gateway is opening that in time will affect every nation of the world, one way or the other. Covenant with death and hell annulled! (Isaiah 28).

Please ramp up your prayers for Congress—for real. And better than that, be the Congress that turns the destiny of our nation!

Folks on the call last night wondered why I was in Texas on this eve of 9-11. The short answer is that the Reformation Prayer Network has convened in Dallas for prayer and vision casting. Yesterday the apostolic council met, and it was an awesome time of revelation and prayer!

But I knew I was here for something more. Something I was missing. During worship yesterday, the lights came on as the Lord reminded me of a vision we shared on May 12. Crack the whip from Texas!

The full vision is below, but here’s a summary. Back in May, our home group was praying over the Iran nuclear deal when the Lord gave me a vision. I saw a stagecoach, with horses representing the leaders driving the Iran nuclear deal. I saw the Lord crack a whip over these horses, and drive the momentum suddenly to the right. Suddenly and irrevocably!

And it was then that I heard the Lord say, Crack the whip from Texas!

Crack the whip from Texas. You know, I prayed and pondered all the way down here why the Spirit of God so strongly mandated my presence here, remembering nothing until my feet hit the ground at Prayer Mountain. What are the chances I would be with an entire convocation of national generals, in Texas the day before 9-11, just as Congressional leaders are putting together strategy to counter the Iranian deal?

Crack the whip from Texas. You can only imagine what ignited when Cindy Jacobs opened the 50 state meeting just now. We were worshipping when Cindy asked if anyone had a word. A Montana leader got up and declared that the Angel of the Lord was moving, and the siege was even now being broken through!

A window in the spirit opened. So I followed up with prayer for Congress and prophesied the word. Siege broken! Coercion overthrown! God is cracking the whip from Texas!

That’s when things got really…um… wild. Because Tom Schleuter, Texas leader for RPN and HAPN, actually brought a bull whip! As we prophesied and prayed to the snap of this bull whip, something literally broke in the spirit. Cindy felt it, Tom felt it, I even felt it.

Just in time! I’m anticipating breakthrough for Congress, a last line of defense for the Iranian nuclear deal. Now I know many renown Texans have already been cracking the whip for this deal, actually ever since the word was given.

But it’s so cool that the Lord allowed for me to be here, again, on the day before 9-11, to stand with Texas and see this whip released. YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS UP!

RPN Transition! Barbara Potts Receives the Torch
Here’s some more breaking news. In the gathering I was honored to introduce our friend Barbara Potts as the new mid-Atlantic leader for RPN! Jolene and I remain part of the apostolic council, but we are transitioning out of regional leadership to focus all our efforts on Washington DC and the nation for 2016.

And I can’t wait to share what the Lord has in store. Soon!

Barbara is a very capable leader, and is respected in Washington DC for her heart, her dedication, and her consistent results in the Lord. We always enjoy collaborating with her. So we are so delighted Barbara has agreed to pick up the torch!

Crack the Whip from Texas! May 12 Posting
Below is the full vision the Lord gave me regarding the Iran Nuclear Accord. Please read this prayerfully. Lets decree together a shift in momentum for this deal!

Last night (May 11) our home group was uniquely graced with prophetic revelation that requires immediate prayer. I’m going to cover key points briefly, with the intent that you will engage to see the Daniel 7:22 “Turnaround Verdict” enforced in many dealings these next few days.

We are touching on a few issues that may be sensitive diplomatically. In no way are we seeking to promote any platform but the heart of Christ. And if you are not resolved to pray immediately over the issues presented, please just stop reading! These prophetic perceptions are for prayer alone…

Crack the Whip! Redirect the Horses
Last night, I had a vision of horses, mostly white, pulling some kind of carriage. They were running very fast under duress. I felt immediately that the horses represented delegates who were driving the nuclear deal with Iran.

As the vision continued, I saw and heard the Lord “crack the whip.” This whip didn’t come from any driver, but from the Lord Himself! The horses immediately and intuitively galloped to the right. In other words, redirecting the course of the negotiations into a right direction from Heaven’s perspective. A turnaround.

I then heard the Lord say, “I am releasing My whip from Texas!” I knew we had to pray especially for Texas leaders and intercessors to rise up and “crack the whip” by praying and taking a righteous stand. Though there was a specific mandate for Texas, this is something we all need to engage with the Lord in.

Beloved, the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been. Pray and stand. Crack the whip!

And in taking your stand, you are not just contending for the destiny of Israel, but for all the Mideast nations whose lives are being immediately threatened by a potential nuclear escalation.

Final perception. As our home group began to pray, our friend Shannon saw the horses and heard the Lord say, “stampede!” Pray a powerful shifting of momentum towards the right direction—so strong neither men or devils can defy its force.