Shared Sunday, August 26

PROTECT & DEFEND! Prayer tonight at 6:30 pm, Arlington VA. Key prophets joining us! All welcome-email us for more information.

David’s Tent Prayer Call! Weds @ 9:00pm EST. James Nesbit will be joining us! The roar of the Lion is in our company. We are beginning to see some real breakthroughs!

Days of Awe! 22 Day prayer project beginning Saturday September 1.

Hurricane Isaac is making landfall even as we write. Even the Republican Convention is having to make way for Isaac!

Isaac was the promised child of Abraham and heir to the generational covenant God made concerning both his land and offspring. Through Isaac, God is being intentionally disruptive at this time.

Isaac is truly a sign in the earth, from the heart of God. Depending on your theology or your political persuasion, you may perceive the storm as a judgment from God. However, Isaac is bringing the restoration of rain to a very parched land. Within Isaac’s might is the end of drought.

Cough Up the Key
Yesterday the Holy Spirit gave me an important vision. I will write about this further in our upcoming prayer project. But while worshiping at the Gate DC, I saw a high-level government leader being wrestled to the ground by the Lord. The wrestling continued until this leader coughed up a key. I knew the key had to do with authority over our nation.

This leader was not surprised by the Lord’s ability to wrestle him to the ground. It seemed this had occurred before. But by the look on his face, he was truly surprised and terrified that God was able to make him cough up the key.

Then the Holy Spirit spoke, “I will punish Bel in Babylon.” This was a direct reference to Jer. 51:44: “I will punish Bel in Babylon, and will make what he has swallowed come out of his mouth. The nations will no longer stream to him. The wall of Babylon has fallen!”

“Key” Prophecies Follow
What was interesting was how the worship at the Gate DC began to declare what I had just seen. Holy Spirit spoke to their worship leader about “breaking down the gates of bronze.” A prophet followed up on this with a word about the Cyrus anointing to “open double doors.” Another prophetic friend prophesied about the “Key of David” in a word to Jason Hershey.

Let me be clear that nobody knew of the vision I had just seen except for Jolene. I did not even mention it during the ministry time last night, except to prophesy that God is making those who are resisting His covenant purposes “cough up the key.”

Why the Wrestling?
I do feel that what I saw was “real-time,” and will be played out in the season we are entering into. Not that I really know what it means. But could it be that–through drought, storms, economic instability, etc–God is challenging our defiance of His covenant purposes in our land and world? Is He wrestling us to the ground to cause us to surrender the key He entrusted to us?

Another good question is–where have we so aligned with Bel, or Baal, that God is having to wrestle us in order to rescue His key from the enemy’s realm?

The Call: Align with His Covenant
Beloved, we know by now that no political party has the capacity to save our nation. We also know that the governmental hand of God has been released for the benefit of His people. Those who align with His covenant–confirmed to Abraham with a burning lamp, ratified forever through the shed blood of Jesus Christ–will eternally advance. Those who align with false illumination, who rely on covenants with darkness to cover evil deeds, will eventually fall.

Isaac, the offspring of Abraham, is calling again in a very disruptive way. And now God is wrestling. Governmental leaders in the body of Christ and the nation– we either need to align with His covenant, or cough up the key.