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JOLENE AND I ARE BACK IN DC after three months in Georgia and traveling. What a week to return. As of 2021, our elevator again travels to the 21st floor. There’s something prophetic about all this. Will leave it to you wild prophetic people to figure it out. But one thing I know. We are all free to ascend!

Lamplighter family, it is at this time where I really feel to enter into the 21 days of focused prayer for turnaround. With objections over the Electoral College results this Wednesday, with the inauguration scheduled for January 20th, you might be wondering why we feel to pray until January 24. Is the inauguration itself going to be delayed? 

That’s definitely a possibility. But it’s not the reason. Very simply, I felt to contend through January 24 because the Lord highlighted it to me in His Word while praying. 

If you’ve read White House Watchmen, you know how Daniel Chapter 10 describes the incredible conflict which came during the third year of Cyrus. In a manner hauntingly similar to America’s Cyrus, the ancient king was besieged by deep state power plays and obstruction from within and without. The restoration plan for God’s covenant people to return to Israel had seemingly been completely thwarted. 

So Daniel took to prayer. And against all odds, things turned. The Lord made a way. 

Daniel fasted and contended for 21 days. Breakthrough for Daniel came on the 24th day of the first month. That was the date the angel of the Lord showed up! He had to war against the Prince of Persia to grant Daniel the answer to his prayers, which came in the form of both a divine message and a governmental shift. 

From this visitation, revelation was given which defines the ages from Daniel’s time all the way through what the Bible calls “the very end of days.” And I just had a sense that we were to follow Daniel’s lead in this. Somehow it seems hauntingly appropriate.

Can I share a secret with you? On January 24 we are shifting right into a new prayer project. One I had in mind all along when the “Ruling from the Precipice” project suddenly surfaced. It’s called “Revelation Road.” 

You know, our ability to perceive has always been limited by our capacities to explore. In the midst of confinement the Apostle John ascended to the Throne—at God’s command—and explored a realm that few have ever experienced.

In like fashion the Lord is forming even now His Revelation Road for us. Similar to the days of Daniel, and the Apostle John, I believe we are entering into a season where broad vistas of vision  and revelation from the Word will be granted. You will get to explore. Fiery scrolls are going to be released to impact mankind. And the spiritual resistance to even long-term prayer projects will finally yield in a governmental shift! 

So engage now and get ready for the 24th day. Our three weeks together is about even more than contending for justice in the elections. Seek God’s face and absorb His word. Fast as you feel directed. And lets believe God together for real-time revelation that will frame our future. Just as in the days of Daniel, probably the scrolls of revelation have already been released from the Throne.

Therefore just like Daniel it is a time to engage. The resistance you are facing is just about to yield!