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A year ago today Jolene and I led a prayer team on a White House tour. Our sole goal was to present to the Lord onsite the Mayflower Covenant Renewal, remembering that covenants establish thrones of governance. We had no idea of the challenges that would sweep the city the very next day. Or that this plea for covenant restoration would mark our final time in the White House, at least for a while. What an amazing time to pray!

Our latest book Turnaround Decrees chronicles our experience. Note this is a draft version. We are excited that the book is scheduled to be published in July 2022. 

“INTO THE STORM”—excerpt from Turnaround Decrees
JOLENE AND I LED A TEAM THROUGH THE WHITE HOUSE just one day before the January 6 rampage that came to be known as the “Capitol Storm.” The opportunity to tour America’s highest seat of power had been granted to US at other key times in previous years. In fact, our private intercession through the West Wing once launched an international prayer project culminating with the Senate’s confirmation of a Supreme Court justice. 

But that day access had been relegated to a public walk-through. Cindy Jacobs, Chris Mitchell Jr and other amazing leaders joined us for this endeavor. Afterwards we met with a senior official who had requested prayer.

Time stood still as we moved through stately rooms, accentuated by period paintings and diamond-like chandeliers, where some of the most decisive moments of history had occurred. It suddenly struck me this could be our last time here. At least for a while. 

Maybe for this reason, virtually every step was marked by way too many photos. Obligatory masks made for unimpressive selfies. But thankfully they also concealed the fervency with which our lips were engaged in whispered prayer.

If ever there was a need for a governmental prayer decree it was then. One that God would enforce to bring a turnaround. But as much as I longed for it, I sensed no guarantee. Which was honestly a mystery to us. For five years straight the turnarounds seemed unstoppable, in a way only the hand of the Lord could have produced. Then in 2020 challenges of similar magnitude simply refused to budge. As though the hand of the Lord had seemingly lifted. 

There was, however, one decree I knew the Lord would both honor and fulfill whatever the circumstance. In my pocket was a simple covenant made up of exactly 777 words called the Mayflower Covenant Renewal. The text is based on the Mayflower Compact, originally ratified by the Pilgrims. My forefather Richard Warren was among the signers. On the 400th anniversary of the signing of this Compact, leaders gathered to see this covenant renewed for our time.

Our primary assignment at the White House was to present this covenant renewal before the Lord, asking Him to align the highest seats of power for His glory alone.

And, of course, grant a turnaround. Because genuine covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ makes His turnarounds inevitable, at least eventually.

Covenant and Visitation
The Mayflower Covenant Renewal was written in Plymouth MA one week after the election, culminating in the early hours of November 11. This sacred date marked the 400th anniversary of the signing of the Mayflower Compact by the Pilgrims, committing the land and government “to the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.” 

The Pilgrims had suffered great persecution at the hands of the monarchs of England. They came to these shores seeking religious freedom. It’s important to note that the Pilgrims who arrived on America’s shores were sent by an apostolic community preparing over decades for their greatest assignment from the Lord—to forge this new world in covenant with Jesus Christ as a beach-head against idolatry, or even antichrist dictatorship. 

Messianic Jewish leader Asher Intrater notes that Jews in Europe referred to the Pilgrim community as “People of the covenant.” According to Intrater, “the Pilgrims saw themselves as a new Israel, a nation in covenant with God.”

Not a coincidence that the Mayflower Compact laid the foundation for democratic governance in the western world. 

To commemorate the anniversary, a group of key leaders, including Michele Bachmann, Jody Wood, Kevin Jessip, Chris Mitchell Jr, Jeff and Kathy Pelton, Jim and Abby Abildness, Willie Jock and others, had assembled together to pray for its renewal. Our team spent November 10 together, praying and strategizing in the first house ever erected by the Pilgrims. We soon realized the Lord was inviting us to bring before Him a covenant of similar scope to the original Mayflower Compact, encompassing its essence yet updated for this hour of history. Discussion propelled us into the evening. 

Then to my surprise, just before midnight Michele Bachmann simply asked me to write it. 

I stared for almost an hour at a blank scroll, glowing in the night on my screen. Thankfully, a midnight cry to the Lord eventually brought clarity, and I spent the first hours of November 11 writing this Mayflower Covenant Renewal. Much of the language of the original compact was included, as well as sentiments from the Gettysburg Address.

Later on the morning of November 11, we boarded the Mayflower II, a stunning replica of the original ship. The Spirit of God met us  profoundly when we gathered in the hull to sign a copy of the original covenant. I was reminded how the Pilgrims included a description in the Compact that they signed it “in the Presence of God and one another.”

In the afternoon we returned to the Pilgrim House. As multitudes watched via live stream, we read, prayed through and signed the new Mayflower Covenant Renewal, based on the original Compact. Native American apostle Willie Jock helped tremendously with this sacred work. Until the moment he passed in 2021, Willie dedicated his life to gaining healing for his people from the generations of systemic abuse resulting from government policy. In my opinion his signature on the covenant of dedication carried the weight of the Lord Himself. It literally sealed the renewal.

It was amazing how the Lord moved in response. My friend Chris Mitchell, an apostolic leader from Virginia, had a profound experience with God as the covenant renewal was read. The glory of God literally enfolded him. For the sake of context, it’s important to note that Chris is African American. Here’s a description, in his own words. 

On November 11th, 2020, I was privileged to be with Jon and Jolene in Plymouth, MA to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the signing of the Mayflower Compact. I remember being keenly aware of the significance of the time and feeling the reverential fear of the Lord. As we gathered onboard the Mayflower II during the morning hours on the 11th to sign the original Mayflower Compact that sense of awe remained. It was a very powerful moment. 

However, what occurred later that afternoon was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had with the Lord.  

I was seated in the historic home that was hosting our meetings. Jon was downstairs preparing to declare a revised version of the original compact, given to him by the Holy Spirit the night before. As he read the words publicly for the first time, the tangible, weighty presence God’s glory filled the upstairs room where I was seated. 

Immediately I went into an encounter where I saw the Mayflower Compact out in front of me. As I watched, it unraveled and stretched out, wrapping itself around me like a blanket. I was actually embraced by this foundational covenant of our Nation! It embraced me, bringing me into to its substance and inheritance. 

I immediately knew that this experience was not just simply for me personally. I believe it was a declaration that in this renewed expression of our nation’s covenant with God, He is bringing those who once stood on the outside of His dream called America into their rightful place. Those who have felt disconnected and disenfranchised from the promise of this nation. Those who have stood on the outside for whatever reasons, are now being brought into the inheritance ordained for them in this land. 

Our nation cannot fully wear the mantle of freedom and justice it is called to until it fulfills its creed, “That all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…” I believe the historic breaches that have frustrated this expression of our covenantal foundations are being healed. And God is releasing every kindred, tribe and tongue into their ordained place…

The experience Chris had with the Lord over this covenant moves my heart more deeply than even some of my own experiences with God. It is the summation of all we have worked to see. The inheritance of this nation does not belong to self-appointed elites, but to every tongue, tribe and nation in the Lord. If you have ever felt distant from the legacy, or disenfranchised from the promise of America, the Lord’s eyes are on you. He wants to extend the covering of His covenant over you.