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ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, barring circumstances, Joe Biden will ascend the Capitol steps, take the oath of office and become America’s 46th president. He has vowed to heal America’s division. 

ONE WEEK AGO TODAY, Trump supporters ascended the Capitol steps and breached the very symbol of American democracy just as democratic proceedings were beginning in a joint session of Congress. They interrupted—and effectively upended—the very debate they longed to win, calling for an audit of the 2020 elections. Viewing the political rulers of the nation as corrupt and self-serving, in the worst way possible the Capitol stormers decided to take matters in their own hands. 


To explain exactly what I mean by this, let me convey a prophetic parable which we shared in White House Watchmen. It is unbelievable how this prophetic warning has cycled around again. 

Dividing the Eagle—Excerpt from White House Watchmen
“A week before Thanksgiving, Jolene and I were treated to a special lunch at the White House galley. A friend had experienced a major breakthrough, and she wanted to convey her gratitude for our small role in intercession.

The visit marked our fourth time in the West Wing but our first time for a meal. Decorum was elegant and appropriate, with the White House seal—an eagle with wings outstretched, holding arrows and olive branches—displayed on the walls, plates, flags and saltshakers. It was even engraved in the butter. White House butter—what’s the protocol? Should we even touch the seal? Which wing should we cut off first—the left or the right?

And is it proper to divide the presidency in order to simply butter your own bread?

Some in Washington DC obviously think so because, as we dined at the White House, members of the House of Representatives were just beginning hearings to impeach President Trump. Somehow, we happened to be on-site—publicly enjoying lunch, privately decreeing God’s covering over the principals and all that the seal represents…”

THIS WEEK OUR CAPITOL AND CAPITALS remain surrounded by impenetrable fences and human shields as heavily-armed National Guard and police keep vigilant watch. Tensions between are at an historic high. And instead of de-fusing hostilities, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to impeach President Trump yet a second time. Reports are coming in that this time Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has decided to piggyback on the effort. His approval serves the Machiavellian purpose of destroying President Trump’s influence in the Republican Party so it can become “establishment” again under his guiding hand. 

REP. PELOSI & SEN. MCCONNELL, the actions you are taking are beneath you and beneath the dignity of the respective offices you both hold. Two wrongs by no means makes a right. You are only making the problem exponentially greater. Instead, prove the protesters wrong who accuse you and the rest of Congress of continual self-serving actions at the expense of the American people. Instead, make a way for shalom and healing. DO NOT DIVIDE THE EAGLE!