“Conflict of Thrones” word, January 2016: “When Ronald Reagan came on the scene, everything changed. And friends, that’s exactly what the Lord is offering our nation today. A turnaround window of this very magnitude, catalyzed by a new move of the Spirit of God!” 

Dear Spiritual Revolutionaries,

November 11 is Veterans Day. We are grateful for everyone who has served our country. This date also marks the 396th anniversary of a covenant with the Lord so foundational to our nation, when the Mayflower Compact was signed by the Pilgrims. “In the Presence of God and one another” they committed the land and government to “the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.”

America, married to the Lord. For perhaps the first time ever, I feel confident we are now aligned governmentally with this covenant to the extent we can now see revival, and the restoration of His glory.

Conflict of Thrones, 9-11 to 11-11
Jolene and I want to thank each of you for joining us in the “Conflict of Thrones” prayer project from September 11 through November 11. The days between 9-11 and 11-11 marked the final leg of the Presidential elections as well as the final leg of our Glory Train tour. Never could we have imagined all that has taken place! How extraordinary to watch and pray with you through this historic time.

Over these 62 days we have kept you updated with 35 postings while ministering in Israel, 11 states and Washington DC.  We have connected together on a total of 11 conference calls, including two last-minute prayer calls. Through this time:

  • The Glory Train was governmentally “vaved” into Mount Zion.
  • Prayer Storm, the international movement entrusted to us by James Goll, was relaunched from Jerusalem.
  • Terror bombings occurred in New York and New Jersey.
  • Rosh Hashanah brought the word that 5777 is the “Year of the Crowned Vav”—where God crowns your covenant with His glory and government. Thrones of Glory are being established!
  • After Jerusalem we were privileged to visit Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Michigan on the Glory Train. We also revisited Tennessee, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, and Florida. And Minnesota tonight! Amazing to pray and touch all 50 states from March 4—November 7.
  • At the invitation of staff, our journey was redirected through NYC to the Trump Towers to pray onsite for turnaround. Daniel 7:22. And to everybody’s amazement, especially ours, we saw turnaround!
  • FBI Director James Comey stunned the world by reopening the Clinton email investigations. Though he later closed these investigations without recommending indictments, his decision still had a major effect on the elections.
  • Dr. Peter Wagner, a primary apostolic founder of our movement, passed into glory.
  • On the same day, Negiel Bigpond led the “All Tribes Gathering” in Washington DC.
  • Trump adopted an Israel policy declaring Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided capital of Jerusalem, and rejecting rights claimed by both the US and the United Nations to impose on Israel’s sovereignty.
  • We finished the Glory Train-Turnaround Tour in Michigan November 7, the day before the elections. In the very state Donald Trump was mantled for President. Together presenting the finished work of the Glory Train-Turnaround Tour to the Lord Jesus Christ with a special conference call the evening of November 7.
  • Donald Trump won.

It’s Your Revolution!
It’s no surprise that the whole of America is now defining this sweeping movement as a revolution. Because every revolution is fought to establish new government!

But there’s no real revolution without a change of power first in the spiritual realm. This is why we have held Revolution Conferences every year since 2013. As of November 11, 2016, I can truly say we have crossed a threshold of victory.

No King but Jesus!

Jolene and I want to thank each of the HAPN and RPN leaders who sacrificed so much through the years to see the divorcement of Baal carried through, and the restoration of covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ secured. And we want to thank again the Lamplighter family for your extraordinary efforts in prayer for this land and for us. You have helped to lay the foundation for every blessing from the Lord towards Washington DC and our nation right now.

And nothing means more to Jesus Christ than covenant with Him, from the heart.

Lets remember a key promise for our future, from the “Conflict of Thrones” prophecy for 2016. The potential for a societal turnaround as comprehensive as in the days of Reagan is before us. I personally believe Donald Trump’s election is a demarcation His promise is now in play.

But as this word emphasizes, our new President and our nation are merely benefactors of a move of Holy Spirit now being released. A Glory Revolution. Below is the word.

As in the Days of Reagan—Turnaround!
A panoramic vision unfolded of Richard Nixon resigning. Soldiers coming home from Vietnam to hostility and shame from the American people. After fighting a war we neither fought nor won. The Cold War was in full swing, and we were losing.

The economy was spiraling downward, with mortgage rates reaching 20% or more. OPEC sanctions brought gas lines across the nation sometimes a mile long. Respect for America globally was at an all-time low.

Then came Iran. Or I should say, radical Islamist terror from Iran. Holding our 50 American hostages for 444 days.

Then a turnaround window opened! When Ronald Reagan came on the scene, everything changed. Honor was restored to the Presidential office. The hostage crisis ended on inauguration day. Our economy began to rebound, with the computer revolution laying new tracks for our future. Hope, faith and a renewed patriotism began to overtake our shame.

And finally, Communism, the greatest stronghold we faced in the 20th century, toppled with the Berlin Wall. The cold war was won!

You cannot help but see the parallels between the 1970s and today. And the hope before us as this turnaround window opens in our day!

But what brought this turnaround window? President Reagan? As strong as he was, the true glory belongs to King Jesus!

The Holy Spirit showed me history I didn’t really know. In 1973, in the midst of the despair, He sent a move of His Spirit to bring a turnaround! The Word of Faith movement. With a primary emphasis on the divine exchange of tithes and offerings. 

For seven years, the downward spiral only continued. But in year 8, a turnaround window opened that affected every sphere of American life and governance. 

And friends, that’s exactly what the Lord is offering our nation today. A turnaround window of this very magnitude, catalyzed by a new move of the Spirit of God!

Covenant blessings to you…

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