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Terror Strikes America and Israel
Watchmen on the wall, SHIELDS UP! From terrorism in the US and Israel to a dramatic increase of tensions between Moscow and the US over Syria, the Conflict of Thrones seems to have intensified this weekend.

What authorities called an “intentional explosion” wounded 29 people in Manhattan, NYC. Another bomb was just found in the immediate area.

Earlier, a pipe bomb exploded in New Jersey just before a Marine Corps charity run. By the grace of God, registration complications prevented the race from starting on time and there were therefore no injuries.

Meanwhile, multiple injuries are reported from a stabbing attack in a St. Cloud MN mall. The assailant allegedly made references to Allah in what authorities are calling a terrorist attack hauntingly similar to stabbings in France, Belgium and in Israel.

Speaking of which, this weekend brought a sudden surge in Palestinian knife attacks from Hebron to Jerusalem’s Old City. What has come to be known as the “Lone Wolf Intifada” began last year around September 11, but recently the pattern of violence has all but ceased.

Tensions Rise Between US and Russia Over Syria
Prayer coverage is urgently needed over the deteriorating situation in Syria. Tensions with Moscow surged this weekend after US Coalition forces bombed the Russian-backed Syrian army, reportedly mistaking the army for ISIS insurgents. At least 62 were killed, with the death toll potentially as high as 83.

An emergency UN Security Council meeting was immediately called by Russia, who accused coalition forces of breaking the fragile cease-fire agreed upon earlier in the week.

Warning! This could really flare up into something big. Lets see the Lord subdue the tensions and preserve the lives of those remaining in Syria during these extraordinary years of conflict.

Meanwhile, Israel is never far away from this conflict in any way. On Saturday, shells from the Syrian army exploded in Israel’s Golan Heights, provoking an IDF response which killed a Syrian soldier.

Conflict of Thrones—Prophetic Warnings
For more than a year we and many others have warned prophetically of the need for vigilant prayer over the fall of 2016. Chuck Pierce presented one of the clearest warnings, prophesying that before October 20 we would experience a season of intensity similar to the days before the Civil War. Israel and America were both highlighted in Chuck’s word.

Over the last year we have warned of an emerging “Conflict of Thrones” based on a very clear dream from the summer of 2015. The dream, warning of a wave of radical Islamist extremism that could even flood the shores of America, highlighted September 11, 2015. Please click here to review. As already mentioned—to our grief, that very weekend the “Lone Wolf Intifada” stabbings began in Israel.

But we felt the most important time for focused prayer coverage was the fall of 2016, during the final months of the election. Our prayer project by this name was therefore launched on September 11, 2016.

For many years we have been privately warning of potential conflict that could even attempt to sabotage the Constitutional election process—and more importantly, the national turnaround the Lord Jesus Christ is now affording us.

This prophetic warning has even carried over in the secular realm. Through his latest fiction work, author Daniel Silva portrayed a terrorist strike in Washington DC designed to impact the US elections.

In the novel’s afterword he wrote: “In the near term, Western Europe faces the greatest threat… The American homeland, however, is ISIS’ ultimate target. While researching this novel, I was struct by the number of times I heard someone say that an attack on a US cities imminent, sooner rather than later. I was struck, too, by the number of times a high-level government official told me that this state of affairs is ‘the new normal…’”

Under His Wings—Pray Psalm 91!
However, forces of darkness in the spirit and natural can be restrained, covenantally and governmentally by the Lord. He can and will protect us! It was in part for this reason that we circled our nation this year on the Glory Train, praying over our borders.

God’s intention is to protect us. But I have to admit I’ve sensed a tension in Washington DC similar to what I felt in Jerusalem when we visited this December. Pray for our Nation’s Capitol! Pray for the Pentagon, for our military and intelligence communities. Seek God for the protection of all presidential candidates. Pray over your respective states.

Pray for tensions to be abated between Moscow and Washington. Pray over Syria, and pray over Israel. Declare our election process shall not be sabotaged! SHIELDS UP!

Pray Psalm 91. The recurring picture I’ve seen is of a gigantic eagle spreading its wings over the land for our protection through this season. And under His wings you will trust and find refuge (Psalm 91:4).

And while you’re at it, please pray for Jolene and me during our remaining time in Israel this week. Ask the Lord to order our steps. Remember we are ministering tomorrow evening at Succat Hallel, a 24-7 house of prayer in Jerusalem established by Rick and Patti Ridings. Pray for them. Lord let Your word run swiftly and be glorified!

And know that I am praying for each of you from the walls of Jerusalem (Isaiah 62). May you flourish and be empowered as a “set watchman” on the wall for this hour! Above all, see the King in your field. Covenant blessings to each of you, in Jesus’ Name.

Sept. 19 Succat Hallel with Rick and Patti Ridings, Jerusalem.
Sept. 28, Hope Harbor, Murray KY
Sept. 30-Oct. 1 Glory Train Nashville! With James Goll

Just added! Oct. 11 Glory Train at the Jesus Tent, Moody Campus, Northfield MA with Mike Thornton and Jonathan Friz

Oct. 16 Life in Christ Fellowship, Newport VT (morn & eve)
Oct. 17-18 Rutland VT, details TBA
Oct. 19 Rock Road Chapel, Berne NY
More to be announced!

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