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THE CONFLICT OF THRONES TODAY defines the battlefronts of our future. Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, visits with President Trump at the White House to discuss Syria, the Kurds, and Christians endangered in their ancient homelands. At the same time, a brand new reality show called Impeachment TV launches today in Congress. Meanwhile the onslaught of rockets against Israel continues from Gaza.

Prayer Points Today!
Erdogan Visit—Beginning at noon today, President Trump hosts Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, at the White House. Intense discussions regarding Syria, the Kurds and Christians will be held. Urgent prayer needed for this meeting. Cover President Trump against against all occult manipulation. Pray for supernatural wisdom by Holy Spirit—with a breaker anointing—for President Trump! Please pray in the Spirit making no presumption what that wisdom is. Pray for a comprehensive Throne Room strategy to be released, bringing unity and synergy to all facets of the Cabinet!

Impeachment TV Begins—Public broadcasting of House impeachment hearing begins Wednesday. Pray for a turnaround. Pray for redemptive exposure. Pray the accusations, lies, corrupt alliances and deliberate deception are exposed and disempowered before the American public. 

Israel and Gaza—rockets continue to rain down on southern Israel today after a brief respite overnight. This after a mastermind of terror aligned with Iran was taken down a few days ago. Pray God’s peace NOW over Gaza, Israel and the Mideast. Declare all plots of terrorist retaliation in Israel, Europe, and America be exposed and taken down, in Jesus’ Name. Pray for a united front for Israel’s government and a new way forward strategically. 

I do sense an alert to pray against retaliatory strikes in the western world by terrorists aligned with ISIS, Al Queda and Islamic Jihad. Again, please keep England, Europe and America in your prayers for these plots to be exposed. 

War Over Covenant Inheritance
Thank you for your prayers. Jolene and I continue to seek the Lord for His forerunning strategies as we move through the Global Prophetic Consultation. One strategy has prevailed for all three spheres. Because in each sphere mentioned, the covenantal inheritance of God’s people have been threatened by forces aligned with darkness.

Remember Naboth’s resolve when Jezebel tried to take over his vineyard (1 Kings 21). Naboth means “prophetic word” or “prophetic destiny.” Naboth’s vineyard was literally the “vineyard of prophetic destiny.” And just as Jezebel has sought to target Naboth’s vineyard, these forces are seeking to disenfranchise God’s covenant people from their inheritance from the Lord today. 

Our cry must be the same as Naboth. God forbid that we should give Ahab and Jezebel the inheritance of our forefathers!

Jezebel’s strategy to undermine Naboth was so strategic. You might see some parallels to today. As the “chief witch of Israel” Jezebel first targeted Naboth through the occult. Jezebel then sought to invalidate Naboth both the court of law and the court of public opinion. How? First she made up accusations and spread them through the news outlets of the day. Fake news. Then in the court of law, Jezebel hired “sons of belial” or sons of Baal, to give false testimony against Naboth. 

Sons of Belial
As we were discussing this with Cindy Jacobs, she locked in by the Spirit on the “sons of Belial.” So I did some research. Some Bible translations translate “sons of Belial” as “worthless men.” But the true translation and implication is far more potent. Sons of Belial were sons of Baal—literally what we would describe today as the seed of Satan or sons of Satan. The term was frequently used through many generations. So it is even possible that the Sons of Belial represented a fraternal order with secret rituals passed on from generation to generation. 

Thank God the covenant with death and hell over the US Capitol has been rendered annulled by Heaven’s Court! While praying I began to hear the Lord decree, “Spirit of Baal be bound! Sons of Belial be silenced. Jezebel’s deception be exposed!” 

Please agree with these decrees today. Pray much in the Spirit over this as you pray over the Erdogan visit, over the rocket strikes against Israel, and over Impeachment TV. Let the true intentions be exposed to the American people. And in all three spheres, may Jesus overcome the conflict of thrones!