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Lamplighter family,

Jolene and I are so grateful for your continued prayers for the Trump Administration and for us. We are more than halfway through this 100 day prayer project. It’s been a long road. But please keep in mind we are witnessing in Washington DC perhaps the most significant, comprehensive governmental turnaround in recent history. No surprise that it’s being contested by the enemy.  And no surprise that the Trump Administration has had some growing pains to mature into competent governance. 

Chuck Pierce—10 Months Turmoil, 3 Years Peace
Recently Jolene and I were at a steakhouse in Washington DC with Dutch Sheets, Mike and Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, and a few other precious friends when the Holy Spirit swept in. Chuck Pierce began to share a prophetic word. Ten months of turmoil and conflict, followed by three years of peace. 

For me it always helps to know what season we are in. Lets set our hearts that for these next 10 months we are in a season of engagement. 

Urgent Alert—
Cloud Over Trump Administration Must Dissipate!
With this in mind, it’s on my heart to issue a fresh and urgent alert. Lets seek the Lord to see a cloud of slumber and opposition disengaged from the Trump adminstration. It’s time to engage!

  1. The news bears witness. As mentioned in yesterday’s posting, today’s Congressional hearing with former FBI Director Comey is being called the “World Series” of politics. Lets continue cover this in prayer. We also must continue praying for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Jared and Ivanka Trump, Steve Bannon, Gen. McMaster, and other advisors and members of Trump’s Cabinet. Pray especially for Gen. Mattis, Secretary of Defense, as he wrestles with options facing an increasingly aggressive North Korea. 
  2. Call from Jerusalem. Yesterday I received a call from my  friend Connie Wilson in Jerusalem. It was early morning her time. She had just had a dream confirmed the sense of urgency I and many others are feeling to pray for the Trump Administration. First off, she conveyed a conversation she had earlier with a high level leader, warning that President Trump was in immediate need of prayer to counter the enemy’s assault to unravel the administration. My sense was she knew things that haven’t been made public.
  3. Breaking through the cloud. Connie then shared a warning dream she received just moments before calling me. She dreamt of a “dark cloud of slumber” encompassing Congress and the White House. Within the cloud was an extensive fiber optic network—being used to communicate covertly, and also control. 
  4. Trump asked—lift this cloud! In former FBI Director James Comey’s written testimony yesterday, he recalled President Trump’s description of the pressures associated with accusations of Russian interference. Trump asked Comey literally to “Lift the cloud!” This clear confirmation of my friend’s dream stopped me in my tracks.

I believe President Trump prophetically perceived an aggressive assault no man alone can dissipate. In the spirit realm, the enemy’s targeted campaign has sought to form a cloud or fog over the White House, the Capitol, and many other government offices. Accusation. Confusion. Hopelessness or frustration. Relentless media targeting. 

According to my friend’s prophetic dream, there’s actually a hidden network within this cloud—lines of covert communication and control, focused largely on unravelling God’s work through the Trump administration. 

This is the exact opposite of God’s intention. Lets pray for this occult cloud to dissipate, and God’s Glory Cloud to form over these seats of authority! 

Prayer Strategy—State by State
I am asking each of you to come before Heaven’s Court and re-present the Divorcement from Baal and restoration of covenant with Jesus Christ—state by state within the next 24 hours. Here are three primary points.

1. Declare the divorcement of Baal over the White House as well as the seats of your Senators and Congressional Leaders. Remind God of His restraining order against every form of occult interference. Ask Him to fully enforce His restraining order against this occult cloud and all networks hidden within. Pray the cloud be dissipated and the occult networks exposed and dismantled. Pray in the Spirit, and decree as the Lord leads you!

2. Remember the thrones of our nation belong to Jesus Christ by covenant. The vavs have been staked into the ground. You know that the Hebrew word-picture for seven is a crowned vav. And in this year 5777, it’s time for these vavs of covenant commitment to be crowned with His glory! 

Please lets agree together, state by state before Heaven’s Court, that the Lord now establish the of our national governance as thrones of glory to our Father’s house. (Isaiah 22:23). Declare the covenantal release of God’s glory to be enthroned over each seat! 

3. In a recent prophetic experience, the Lord showed me to decree the release of His Throne Room winds. God is riding on a swift cloud, and the gods of Egypt will topple! (Isaiah 19). Please pray Ezekiel 37 for Washington DC and for your spheres. Release God’s Throne Room winds, His awakening to bring the dry bones to life. Come from the four winds, O Breath, and breathe on these slain that they may live. Lord break the curse and break through the cloud of supernatural slumber and dullness. Cause Your breath to enter into Your intercessors and leaders. Awaken them! Blow away the cloud and restore clarity by Your Spirit. In Jesus’ Name!

Mike Pence—Redouble Your Efforts in Prayer!
Thank you Lamplighter family for praying state to state. Your intercession is making such a difference. Remember that our highest leaders are now depending on your prayers. As we shared yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence recently asked intercessors to redouble your efforts in prayer! Once again let his words inspire you to action. 

…I will tell you that the sweetest words the President and I ever hear are when people reach out at an event to grab a hand and say, “I’m praying for you.”  And we hear it a lot… 

I encourage you to redouble your efforts, but don’t so much pray for a cause as for country. I’ve always been drawn to what Abraham Lincoln said when he was asked once if he thought that God was on the side of the Union Army in our great Civil War. Abraham Lincoln responded, “I’d rather concern myself more with whether we were on God’s side than whether God is on our side.”

So just pray for America. Pray for this country because America matters.

And when you pray, pray with confidence. Because I truly do believe in these divided times where there is so much focus on what we disagree on, it seems, so much need for healing, that those ancient words inscribed millennia ago that Catholic Americans and all Christian Americans and all our Jewish friends have clung to throughout the thousands of years are still true today as the day they were expressed:  

That if His people who are called by His name will humble themselves and pray, He’ll do as He’s always done throughout the long and storied history of this church and this nation. As the Old Book says, He’ll hear from heaven and He’ll heal this land—this one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all…