JON & JOLENE ON JIM BAKKER SHOW—a second time! Honored to join with Jim and Lori Bakker. Especially given the historic moment for the nation today, the timing seems impeccable. To watch CLICK HERE:

FB LIVE—SEAT THE JUDGE! With Chris Mitchell, hosts Jon & Jolene. Hear fresh words from the Lord surrounding the confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett, which began this morning. Much of what we are now seeing was prophesied a year ago and shared in White House Watchmen! To watch CLICK HERE:

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FIRST—PLEASE KEEP WATCH for Amy Coney Barrett over both the public hearings and private meetings. The process may be challenging but she will be seated. What you have to watch is the private attempts to leverage her and control her during this time. Declare Psalm 91. Pray deliverance from the snares of the trappers. Pray much in the Spirit. Very serious about this! 

SECOND—As of today we are 22 days until the election. Not a coincidence that the hearings begin now. As in Isaiah 22, an Eliakim jurist is being seated. Remember that Eliakim was known before the Throne as a parent to the spheres entrusted. In addition to her competence in law, Judge Barrett is renown as a mother, with a dedication not just to preserve LIFE but to nurture LIFE. 

There is so much at stake both with Barrett’s seating and with the elections in general. I want you to consider a Daniel Fast through election day. It’s time to rule from the precipice. Because in all three spheres of government WE NEED A SWEEP FOR LIFE!