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While praying about Wednesday, the Holy Spirit dropped in my spirit a clear perspective of what He desires for us. He spoke to me, “It’s time to remove the death sentence off America!”

Did you know there’s a death sentence over America? I didn’t. That’s actually very strong, very sobering language for the Lord to use. Especially when you realize that a death sentence is a verdict from the Court. 

Last November the Lord showed me a vision. This is recounted in White House Watchmen, and shared on recent broadcasts. It was actually a year to the day of the 2020 elections, and Jolene and I were leading a leadership tour through the Capitol. Just before departing we were shown the cornerstone of the building, laid by George Washington. I saw a hand emerge from a wall, much like Daniel’s vision of a hand appearing and writing “mene mene tekel parsin”—God has numbered the days of wicked rulers and brought an end to their rulership. 

In my prophetic experience the hand which appeared was holding a gavel. It struck. And the reverberations were fearsome. I actually looked around to see if anybody else had felt what seemed to be a literal earthquake. The Holy Spirit then spoke, “Covenant with death and hell annulled!” Immediately I “knew” that the Lord was opening up a limited window of opportunity to turn from abortion in America, and is even restraining and disciplining leaders in open defiance of His will.

Astonishingly, as you all know on the opening moments of Rosh Hashanah famed jurist Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. And against all odds a window has now opened to shift generationally into LIFE.

Please keep in mind that the period from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur is known as a time of repentance or teshuvah. On the Jewish new year tradition holds that God “pencils in” His verdict over individuals, institutions and even nations. Heaven’s Court is open until Yom Kippur to approach the bench, enter into teshuvah, and receive a better verdict or destiny. As Jewish people declare around this time, “On Rosh Hashanah it is written, on Yom Kippur it is sealed.” 

I hope this provides context for the mandate from the Throne that it’s time to REMOVE THE DEATH SENTENCE OFF AMERICA. The Ancient of Days has already decreed the annulment of the covenant with death and hell. But we must make our decision in alignment with His. It is time for a new day. Jezebel and Athaliah must fall. God’s appointment to the Supreme Court must be appointed and seated. This is Jesus’ act of mercy for America! And if we ignore His window of opportunity, the implication is that we will be turned over to the repercussions of our defiant, misguided choices 

I tremble to see what it would look like for an unchecked sentence of death to be carried out. Teshuvah, my friends. It’s time to complete the turnaround, and remove the death sentence off America. Looking forward to tomorrow’s call…