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“Never has so much been owed by so many to so few.” The words of Winston Churchill to the famed Royal Air Force during World War II resounded again as Matt Lockett and Kathy Holcomb prayed and commissioned us all into a World War Watch.

In their hour, the Allies defeated a manifestation of evil that had never been seen in the earth. Rees Howells and the legendary Bible College of Wales led the charge for breakthrough in the spirit. As Dutch Sheets recently affirmed, the watch of our hour of history is just as intense, and in time will prove just as consequential.

90 Day Watch—HAPN
The revelation shared during last night’s call was very timely. For background, Apostle Kathy’s call to a 90 day watch, shared during our posting two days ago, became a catalyst for HAPN to launch a 90 day watch for our borders and our nation. The email announcement went out yesterday. That’s a really big deal!

Yolanda McCune wrote: As we walk out the advancement of the Kingdom, the constant is to take back what the enemy has stolen and replacing it with God’s glory. For the last month, prophets near to me have been saying the Lord was instructing them to do a 90-day prayer watch over the borders and strengthen the rear guard over Apostles and the apostolic movement to deliver the verdict after our HAPN conference call dealing with the Political Spirit. The revelation of how the Political Spirit allows the terrorist spirit to come into a nation was made very clear. 

Now is the time to increase our spiritual “situational awareness” to stop any and all attacks as we carry out our assignment to remove the Political, Religious and Mammon Spirit from our atmosphere. Be vigilant to OCCUPY all we have obtained! Awaken us oh Lord, help us truly be aware!

God Hears My Cry
Amen Yolanda! And without us knowing, the Spirit of God had already prepared us for a very dramatic launch to this 90 day watch. With Matt Lockett sharing on Rees Howells and the World War Watch. And with Kathy Holcomb conveying God’s call for this border security watch to take down any intended terror strike.

Matt added a significant dimension to this same focus, calling us to immediate prayer for Jesus to intervene with revival among the refugees from the Mideast. This is such a major part of our assignment to serve the sons and daughters of Ishmael. Remembering what Faisal Malick taught us, that Ishmael literally means “God hears my cry.”

Angelic Release
Towards the end of the call, Matt and Kathy both prayed Spirit-saturated commissioning prayers to launch us into this new watch. Then Jolene declared by the Spirit a release of the Lord’s angelic hosts. It was so powerful. Just as with Gideon, it seemed that both Heaven’s hosts and the spiritual warriors of this hour were commissioned together for this new season.

Breaking News—Markets Unstable
And what a season. Both the promise and peril are more real than we can imagine. Even as tensions continue to rise throughout the Mideast, news is breaking right now about fears of a global recession. Stock markets are tumbling globally. Gold brokers are experiencing historic sales as investors seek to shift their funds from stocks to secure commodities.

Pray for the economy to stabilize, in Jesus’ Name! We are in a conflict of thrones. A season of both peril and potential.

So I want to put this watch in apostolic alignment and order for the Lamplighter family to engage. It’s amazing to note that Kathy finishes her personal 90 day watch on March 3. Since we are already on a watch, I feel to start this 90 day watch on March 4, coinciding directly with the launch of the Glory Train project. This way we can pray together in real-time along the borders of our nation.

Be sure to re-listen to last night’s call. Once again, we are so grateful for your dedication to the Lord and His people.  May it be said of you as it was said of the Royal Air Force, “Never has so much been owed by so many to so few.” In Jesus’ Name.