“All of this means that by July 4 this year, America as we know it may literally no longer exist.”

Ten days ago, I posted this prophetic warning—one I never thought I’d write and never ever wished to see fulfilled. But the stunning decisions made in Washington DC these past two weeks seem to have solidified this warning as reality. An unabashed attempt to shift us from our covenantal foundations in Christ, and even undermine our national sovereignty.

I wasn’t here for the last few decisions. Getting out of DC was not in my plans. But as Ezekiel was “called to the plain” to encounter God, Jolene and I were called away—to the Founders Inn, VA Beach—to hear His voice. Our first morning there, we both awoke profound dreams that brought sobering clarity.

Come Up Higher
We hope to share more on these dreams in the days ahead. But in addition to the dreams, the Lord spoke three simple words there that have been resounding in my spirit ever since. He spoke to me, “Come up higher.”

When the Spirit of God spoke these words to the Apostle John, he was “immediately in the Spirit” (Revelation 4). And a window was immediately created for these words to be fulfilled—to see God’s Throne!

And by faith in Jesus Christ, I am releasing these words covenantally and governmentally to each of you who receive them. I call your spirit into the depths and heights of the Spirit of God, to experience His Throne. The window is now open for you to come up higher!

When John ascended, he carried with him the promise that God would show him what “must shortly take place.” That’s what I’m pressing in for in this period. Beloved, it’s time to the call of the Spirit and come up higher!

Be Like the Eagle
A month ago we visited Rick Joyner’s church, MorningStar Ministries. Rick warned profoundly about coming storms, many now upon us.

Then he spoke about the eagle. When the storms come and the winds blow, the eagle cuts against the wind to get above the storm. To soar higher!

So it is with each of you as you approach the storm that is now upon us. Be like the eagle—come up higher!

Let God Reorder Your Future
Because of the extraordinary work the Lord brought forth last July 22 at Faneuil Hall, many have asked us what this year will bring. After much prayer, Jolene, myself and Gary Beaton all heard the same directive. I have to say that they heard immediately. It took me longer because I had an idea in my head that was right for the future, but out of God’s timing!

But when I came up higher… I heard. Not only for 7:22 this year, but the order of His plans for the future!

Now this is very important for many of you who have heard correctly God’s plans, but have not yet perceived the correct timing. I advise you not to allow either great opportunity or imposed trauma to propel you ahead of Him. Allow Him to realign you with His Throne Room timing!

Beginning 7-22: Come Up Higher!
All this said, God by His Spirit has summoned the three of us to Berne NY—metro Albany—beginning on 7-22! We hope you can come. The last time Gary was there, a move of the Spirit broke forth. And we are expecting much the same during our time together!

Please consider these three days a “summons to the plain!” Pray about joining us at this critical time. In addition to nightly meetings, you’ll have personal time to reflect and commune with the Lord as well as strategic debriefs about events that are transpiring. You’ll even have the opportunity to participate in powerful onsite intercession.

Like last year at Faneuil Hall, I truly believe this is one time you don’t want to miss.

Covenant blessings to each of you. No King but Jesus!

With Gary Beaton, Jon & Jolene, Rock Road family
7-22 to 7-24, Rock Road Chapel, Berne NY