Call Wednesday! 9pm EST. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

Please keep our friend Gary Beaton in prayer for full healing. Due to upcoming tests, he had to bow out of our conference this week BUT WILL JOIN THE WEDNESDAY PRAYER CALL THIS 7-22.

BREAKING NEWS—The UN Security Council unanimously approved Iran Nuclear Accord today. President Obama appealed for the UN vote to occur ahead of the vote by Congress so as to maximize international pressure upon the House and Senate to approve the deal.

For those following our postings, I believe the dream last week of an ocean crashing over Capitol Hill conveys this international pressure. In context, remember the Lord spoke that “Capitol Hill is a last line of defense.” Please keep praying for your Senators and Congressional leaders.

It’s notable that the UN vote occurred on the final week of Dire Straits, which ends Saturday with the Jewish day of mourning Tisha b’Av. Tragedies have befallen the Jewish people through centuries during this season. Is the Iranian deal breaking this cycle… or perpetuating it?

Come Up Higher! Seeing the Government of God
By the Spirit of God’s intention, we have been in an intense time of seeing unfolding events from His vantage point. Make no mistake, these events have been in the planning for many years—even while God was openly demonstrating His affirmation of covenant restoration with Him.

Who will prevail? No doubt the Lord. But we cannot win the land for Jesus Christ with good intentions alone. We need the engagement of Christ in the process!

And for this full engagement, we need to come up higher. There are clear apostolic strategies on the tables of Heaven’s council chambers. These living scrolls are waiting to be accessed, perceived, and pulled down in a way that draws Heaven’s engagement for change.

We’ve had our eyes on the governments of earth, now it’s time to reset our gaze on the Government of God. Like Moses, we must ascend the Mountain again. Like Gideon hiding in the winepress, we must hear how God is now summoning us. “The Lord is with you, mighty man of valor!”

And like Isaiah during a time of governmental shaking, we must see how Heaven is now opening before us to unveil God’s unshakeable Throne. In short—to implement the government of God, we must see and perceive the government of God!

What’s the next step? Consider this posting to be your summons. And respond to the Spirit’s summoning you to “come up higher” and behold His Throne.

Come Up Higher—July 22-24!
To mark this imperative focus, we are gathering this week—July 22-24—in Berne NY to “Come Up Higher.” In addition to evening meetings and onsite prayer, I will be giving a special briefing Friday morning with a time of Q&A.

For those joining us, the most important part of the three days will simply be engaging Heaven. The land itself resounds with beauty and solitude. Further, over many years Pastor Jay Francis, Sharon Carlson and the Rock Road Chapel team have cultivated an open atmosphere for the Spirit of God to move.

Make plans now to join us. Friends, a window is opening—and it’s time to come up higher!