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“FOR GOD’S SAKE, THIS MAN CANNOT REMAIN IN POWER.” From Putin’s bombings to Biden’s threat, from Christian leaders tumbling to Will Smith’s slap on Oscar night, the weekend could best be summed up as “fathers behaving badly.” 

Good thing y’all are praying. Eliakims arise!

The sideline advice given to Will Smith by Denzel Washington resonated for us all. “At your highest moment, be careful,” Washington admonished. “That’s when the devil comes for you!” 

Note that to be careful does not mean to be fearful. It means to be watchful. By keeping alert over a moment of potential vulnerability you are able to perceive the enemy’s advances and resist the trap he has laid. “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil!” 

Circumstances are confirming a call that the Spirit of God is summoning many to embrace. “Come up higher” is His eagle cry of the hour! On the first night home from our recent trip, the Lord gave me a dream which made this very clear. And one detail in particular gives a very sober warning of the peril we face.

Come Up Higher! Warriors to the Summit
In the dream Jolene and I were in Colorado Springs, Colorado—actually midway up the legendary Pike’s Peak. Much of Colorado Springs was visible below, and the summit of the peak was before us. It was snowy in places and sometimes shrouded by fast-moving clouds. 

Many ministry leaders were gathered in the area Jolene and I had come to. In the dream I started “making the rounds,” shaking hands and telling people about our ministry in a kind of aggressive way. Note that these actions are actually highly out of character for me. We are of course eager to make connections. But our hearts are for the Lord to promote us, instead of striving to promote our agenda. 

Then I looked up. A herd of war horses, large and strong, were streaming down the mountaintop in full gallop. Some were rich brown, others gold, others tan. They resembled clydesdales, and the steepest ravines were no match for their strength, their prowess and their synergy. They moved as one. 

And they ran right through our midst. My only thought was, “That’s how I want to be!” 

God is calling many warriors to the summit in this season. To hear His voice, to train, to take counsel together, to gain His purpose and timing, to see from a higher vantage point. And then to “run as one” releasing His breakthroughs. 

And let me clarify that, though Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs were the locations highlighted in the dream, the opportunity conveyed is by no means limited geographically. The perilous hour we are in makes us aware of the great need, wherever we are. The Lord is showing us a new summit to gain. He is summoning us to come up higher! 

Special Ops Call
But there’s a price to pay. 

In the dream the Lord was contrasting the gathering mid-way up the mountain with the counsel summoned together at the top. That’s where we all want to be, right? At the top, with Him! Even in the dream I knew the horses represented “special ops” warriors in the body of Christ. Ephesians 6 makes clear that we are all called as warriors. We wrestle! That said, Jesus also makes clear that “Many are called, but few are chosen.” Among David’s mighty men, only a few attained the highest level. And that’s what is being offered to many right now. 

What are you seeking to attain? Why?

Note that we don’t normally ponder my rank, or the rank of others in the body of Christ. We do seek, however to steward our positions for maximum blessing to the Lord and His people. That said, rank exists in God’s Kingdom—with the greatest among us being the servant of all. 

During the beginning of our most recent trip, while at Pearl Harbor, the Lord initiated a conversation on this subject by speaking to me about a new rank He was giving me. Right in the harbor that launched America into World War II. It was the honor of a lifetime, but it was extremely sobering as well. 

Then on the last day of our trip, in Columbia MO, a prophetic man whom I did not know stopped me in my tracks. He said something like, “The Lord sees you as a warrior, and similar to David’s mighty men you have attained the rank of the 30” (see 2 Samuel 23). Nobody but our closest friends knew about the conferring of the rank at Pearl Harbor. The confirmation was unmistakeable. 

From then on the biggest question in my heart was how to walk this out. God’s initial response came in the form of the dream I just shared with you, the moment we returned to Washington DC. And the greatest opportunity conveyed is to come up higher!

Then Came an Explosion
Let me shift gears a moment. Because the dream culminated in a way that was completely unsettling. A major explosion occurred right in front of me, waking me up. It seemed so real I looked around the bedroom to make sure Jolene was okay. I then peered out the window, looking for the Capitol and other landmarks to make sure Washington DC was still here. Because it seemed that real. 

Was the Lord warning us again about a sudden attack, as He showed me originally at Pearl Harbor? Could this attack even penetrate the security protecting Washington DC? God forbid! I still don’t know what to make of it. But lets all pray against an EMP attack, against any terror strike against the Pentagon or any other area in our nation’s Capitol.

And above all, for God’s sake lets come up higher. NO KING BUT JESUS!