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No King but Jesus!

We had a great service last night. Very powerful. Nebraska loves Jesus, and we love Nebraska! I saw a vision of a gigantic whirlwind in a field, receiving the harvest of the state. Corn, wheat and dollars all ascended up this wind-framed portal. And I knew there would be a multiplication coming back down.


Tonight we get to experience stop number 43 on our journey. In Sioux Falls, the southeast gate of South Dakota. Pray Ezekiel 43 and lets see the glory of God come in by way of the gate facing east!

OK. Today I want to share with you what I feel to be a genuine sign from the Lord of His present work. Ever since gathering at Faneuil Hall Boston two years ago on 7-22, we’ve been praying into the Daniel 7:22 verdict He released. We call it the “Turnaround Verdict.” And when scanning the entirety of the Glory Train project, we knew the Lord was summoning us to Colorado Springs this 7-22 to see this Turnaround Verdict released and enforced on behalf of this city of destiny.

Prophet of Colorado’s Greatness
Just as at Faneuil Hall, Dutch Sheets joined us. It was actually his first time ministering in Colorado Springs since he moved back to the city. More on that in a moment.

But the location of the Colorado Springs service was just as important as the location of the Faneuil Hall service. Glen Eyrie is a castle built by the founder of Colorado Springs, Gen. William Palmer, for his bride. Palmer was a strong Christian who made sure churches were built into the city’s planning from the beginning.

Amazingly, Palmer amassed his fortune by railroad! In fact there’s a large memorial to Palmer at the Denver Amtrak Station. “Union calvary general, pioneer railroad builder, PROPHET OF COLORADO’S GREATNESS…”

The “X” and the Bridal Canopy
And it was at this amazing castle that Cindy Jacobs convened a national leadership gathering to launch the US Spiritual Warfare Network exactly 20 years ago. As we shared in a posting last week, Cindy had seen a vision of an “X” over the entire nation. Dutch Sheets saw and prophesied the transformation of that X into a bridal canopy of the Lord!

And this vision launched the network. We actually engaged in a prophetic act, circling the Great Hall, representing the Lord and His people circling the nation and redeeming it from the “X”. John and Paula Sandford led us on this journey. We then all prayed together under a bridal canopy!

Remember the promise of Isaiah 4 is that the very glory of God will be a bridal canopy over His people! Twenty years later, Jolene and I felt compelled by the Lord to circle the nation in prayer and revival on a journey called the Glory Train. Bearing witness to the restoration of God’s glory in the land. AT THE VERY CASTLE THAT LAUNCHED THIS 2O YEAR PROJECT!

Did I mention that Colorado leader Terri Brown rented the Great Hall of the castle simply because area churches were already booked? It’s like Jacob laying his head on a rock and discovering a portal to heaven. Suddenly past, present and future came together by Heaven’s eternal orchestrations. You just cannot make this stuff up!

And it was there in this castle, so foundational to Colorado Springs and the nation, that God called us to join with Him on 7-22. To receive God’s verdict in favor of the saints.

The Horn Falls During Worship
The service started in a very unusual way. Warning—what I’m about to share with you is just a little different, ok? The front of the Great Hall showcases mounted animals high above a spectacular giant fireplace. We began to worship. And suddenly a pronghorn antelope fell!

The whole hall watched as this head and horn fell to the floor. I guess a flag guy had accidentally nudged it during worship. Nobody really knew what to do. So we all just kept on praising, trying to ignore the horned creature that now sat propped on the floor, seemingly gazing our way.

Feeling somewhat terrified, I leaned over to Dutch Sheets’ wife Ceci and whispered, “What just happened?” She whispered back, “I dunno… this is a prophetic meeting and I guess it might be some kind of sign?”

“What kind of sign? What’s it mean, Ceci?”

She didn’t respond. She just sort of smiled, and returned to worship with the rest of the people. Then I shared on Daniel 7:22, and Dutch gave an incredible word about the coming awakening. A great first night.

Sign! Daniel 7 and the Little Horn
Day two came with a literal open heaven. And I suddenly saw what the Spirit of God was conveying through the sign of the falling horn.

You know, we can get so familiar with key Bible passages that we completely ignore the scriptures surrounding them. Take Daniel 7:22, for example. Judgement rendered in favor of the saints of the Highest One, and the time comes for the saints to possess the Kingdom. That was the key passage of the entire gathering. A new season of favor for Colorado Springs. Re-constitution of God’s covenant purposes!

Daniel 7:21, of course, conveys how an antichrist spirit was waging war with the saints and overpowering them. At least until the Ancient of Days rendered judgement.

What I somehow missed is that this antichrist entity is called in the passage “that horn!” Previously it is referenced as “the little horn.” And Daniel 7:20 actually references how three horns of this beast FELL. Note that the beast demarcated Biblically by “that horn” was the one who waged war on the saints and overcame them!

So on 7-22 at the beautiful Glen Eyrie castle, as we gathered to receive God’s verdict of justice in favor of the saints, at the very beginning of worship, THE HORN FELL.

Re-Constitution Colorado Springs!
I don’t have to tell you how strongly the horn of an antichrist spirit had waged war on the saints of Colorado Springs. How the very prayer movement hosted by this great city became shattered by the secret sabotage of a key leader. While he was pastor of the city’s most prominent church. You can only imagine the collateral damage both within the prayer movement and especially within the city itself.

But in a way only God can confirm, judgement has been rendered in favor of the saints of the Highest One. A remnant group has prevailed, in Jesus’ Name. And the “X” that shattered Colorado Springs is now being transformed into a bridal canopy of glory.

Covenant with Christ repaired and restored. An antichrist spirit restrained. God’s covenant purposes reconstituted at a foundational level, from the very castle of the founder of the city. Bringing to completion a 20 year project, line by line just as the prophets of Colorado Springs had foreseen. Glory!

And Lamplighter family, we together got to be part of this great reconstitution. What an incredible honor. And in Heaven’s economy, what incredible dividends as Colorado Springs blossoms again in with an apostolic and prophetic prayer movement that impacts the city, the nation, and the entire earth.

You just cannot make this up. NO KING BUT JESUS!