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FIRST OFF—HAPPY NEW YEAR. Rosh Hashanah has begun—appropriately, with the sound of the trumpets. This year they signal an awakening alarm. 

OVER THE PAST 24 HOURS Jolene, as well as our friend Lynnie Harlow, have both received warning dreams. They are definitely related to this season, and could be related to the 20th anniversary of 9-11.

This morning, Jolene awoke with the warning “CODE GREEN.” In her own words:

I had a prophetic experience about this last night—whether a dream or vision I don’t know—and then when I woke up this morning, the Lord reminded me, “Don’t forget green.” With these words the Lord gave me a vision of an entire green screen and I knew it was an alert code in the spirit. 

The alert “Code Green” generally refers to protocols used by hospitals. When “Code Green” is sounded, hospitals must evacuate patients and staff to another location, generally because of bomb threats, gas leaks, etc. 

Please cover your hospitals in prayer. With covid rampant the doctors, nurses and staff are maxed out as it is, and need all the prayer you can give. But given Jolene’s warning, we also need to cover your area hospitals against any potential terrorist attack. Pray this especially for Washington DC and the metro DC area. 

And remember that September 11 marks the 20th anniversary of radical jihadists against America’s military and financial strongholds. For both Shia and Sunni muslims, the color green represents their faith. I’m saying this with all due respect for the vast majority of muslims who love peace. But as we approach 9-11, the CODE GREEN alert could very well symbolically convey another terror threat by jihadists against America. 

Shields up. For real. 

It is no coincidence that Iran is projected to be only days away from attaining a nuclear weapon. That said, Israel’s IDF chief has now publicly declared that Israel is accelerating strike plans against Iran and its proxies. 

Warning Dream—Clock at Midnight—Lynnie Harlow
The Lord is conveying to us like few times I can remember our need for vigilance, clarity, and watchman prayer. Let me close this post with a dream Lynnie Harlow sent us yesterday. The dream is pretty self-explanatory. To me it dramatically confirms how we are now in a midnight hour.

DREAM: I saw a clock and knew in my dream it was the clock over this Nation (it was a time gate). I noticed it was one minute until 12:00 am but the long handle got stuck and so it just keep clicking in place at one minute to midnight. I watched it for a bit and finally it clicked one more time and was unstuck and the clock rang “12:00!”  When it did there was a violent earthquake here in the DC and I knew we had just crossed a threshold.

I felt like the handle that was stuck was being held back by God. When it was HIS Kairos moment… He let it go and the clock struck 12:00. Again, this was a TIME GATE and I knew we had just crossed a threshold.