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Dear vigilant watchers,

What an amazing day of prayer yesterday. Thank you for accessing Heaven’s Court on behalf of our land. From state to state, we together sought for the occult cloud to lift, and for God’s glory cloud to be released to our thrones of government. 

DC Geography… You Can’t Make This Up
What Connie Wilson saw in Jerusalem was so interesting. When she conveyed to me her dream of a dark cloud between the White House and the Capitol, she had no idea of former FBI Director James Comey’s written testimony, in which he remembered President Trump referring to the Russia controversy as a cloud over his administration. His exact words were “this cloud must lift!” 

The former head of the FBI was of course was testifying in the Capitol yesterday about the White House. Now if you know your Washington DC geography, the Justice Department and FBI are exactly in the middle between the Capitol and the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. So for Connie to perceive in Jerusalem a cloud between the the two seats of power was so very telling. Like, you cannot make this stuff up.

Earth’s Council, Heaven’s Council: Verdict Issued
Many of you were praying through the Senate hearing in which former FBI Director James Comey testified. I just want to paint the picture for you. As testimony was being received in a council of our nation’s highest leaders, testimony was also being received in Heaven’s council chambers. 

Thanks to the HAPN 50 state network (as well as many within our Lamplighter family), the divorcement from Baal was re-presented before the Court by all 50 states plus Washington DC yesterday, perhaps for the first time since President Trump took office. The restoration of our National covenant with Jesus Christ was re-affirmed. The restraining order granted to uphold these verdicts was activated and employed. Judgement was rendered in favor of the saints (Daniel 7:22)! 

Director Comey’s Testimony
And we saw results. Former Director Comey’s testimony was certainly difficult for the Trump Administration. But in the final analysis, President Trump was absolutely vindicated. After 10 months in which the administration was held hostage to government and media accusations, Director Comey emphasized there was no collusion between President Trump himself and Russia. NO COLLUSION.

Comey also made clear that many journalists had gotten their stories completely wrong—to the detriment of the Trump administration. Many media outlets including CNN and ABC actually had to retract their stories and took the unprecedented step of issuing an apology!

Director Comey also admitted to leaking his own recollections of a private meeting with President Trump to the press, with the hope of securing a Special Prosecutor. He was clear that he felt justified in this. I’m not sure it’s wise for a man of this level of leadership to set a precedent regarding leaks that the ends justifies the means. Especially as leaks by the highest levels of the intelligence community largely served to create the “cloud” that President Trump has tangibly struggled against. 

That said, I have a lingering hope that all of this will actually turn for the good. Why? Because former Director Comey also twined the investigations into Trump’s alleged Russian collusion with further exposure into Justice Department actions surrounding the Hillary Clinton email investigation. He cited what he felt to be improper impositions by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Obama Administration regarding the investigation—not just regarding the legendary meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton on the Phoenix airport tarmac, but also with Lynch’s demand that Comey refer to the FBI investigation publicly simply as a “matter.”

For you who have been praying for exposure, this is all a really big deal. 

Please lets not forget to pray for former Director Comey. The pressure he’s been under has obviously taken a toll. As I shared the day after the firing, we seriously need to cover him and his family. 

The Cloud has Lifted!
I want to close with a few dramatic prophetic confirmations from the Lord that this cloud has actually begun to lift over the administration. Please don’t let up though. This should serve as an incredible encouragement to keep pressing into the Lord for His full breakthrough to be accomplished. 

First, HAPN Kansas leaders Sandy Newman and DeeAnn Ward sent the following perceptions after praying from the heartland:

“Here’s what DeeAnn saw prophetically. A portal bored through the roof of the White House and let light in, and it completely dispelled the darkness, lies, and broke through the dark cloud. It bored into the ground beneath the White House where ungodly activity has gone on, and light came into that area. The light took care of it all. Let there be light!… Thanks Jon for how you and Jolene watch over your territory.”

Shhh… I didn’t tell them we were praying from Washington State, not Washington DC. Tucked away for a few weeks to write and minister. But we are most definitely still keeping watch!

So in Washington State, the Lord gave me a pretty dramatic confirmation as well that our combined prayers had genuinely been heard. Jolene and I were praying with Florida apostolic leader Ken Malone and a few friends last night about this cloud over our seats of authority. We suddenly got cut off. Ken’s last words were, “Lord, remember Your covenant with our land!”

For most of the day and on into the night, rain and of dense fog had captured the region. While we were beginning to pray, two eagles flew by! And after we prayed, light literally began to break through. THE CLOUDS LIFTED.

And would you as after the clouds lifted, A GIANT RAINBOW FORMED! It was literally the tallest rainbow I ever remember seeing (photo above).

Lord, remember Your covenant. That sums up our combined pleas, and it was as though this rainbow was His answer to our combined pleas. He has indeed judged. And as only He can, the Lord of hosts is making war against the darkness to enforce His verdict in the earth. Glory!

And as always, NO KING BUT JESUS.