Turnaround fast called by Rick and Patricia Ridings! Through sundown 7-22 releasing LIFE AND FREEDOM. 

Blessing Esther! Please keep pressing for full restoration of Esther’s lungs right now. Breathe Your restoration, breath of God! Here is a link for giving. https://www.gofundme.com/helpestherconquercancer

Prayer for State Department! July 22, July 24-26. Please pray for Amb. Brownback and team. Pray for intercessors we are helping to lead onsite during this time. Holy Spirit brooding, darkness restrained at the gates, angelic hosts of the Lord convened!

VIDEO MESSAGES—TURNAROUND, TISHA B’AV, AND TITLE DEEDS! Understand the times and possess your covenant promise. Video messages at Remnant Church July 14 and July 15. Video link CLICK HERE. 

It’s hard to believe we are on the final approach to our two month Circle of Covenant Prayer Project. What an amazing time. So grateful for our engagement in this together!

Tonight through Tuesday, we are hosting our “Gideon Group,” a small group of leaders from many streams, for onsite prayer in Washington DC. Sure would appreciate intensified prayer covering. Remember it is a key time to access the counsel of God and even the council of God! And lets approach Heaven’s Court together tomorrow, 7-22, to see His verdict of justice rendered in favor of the saints. 

More on this tomorrow. Today I want to share with you two key prophetic perceptions by Lynnie Harlow and Glenda Renes. It is amazing how they dovetail. And both are extremely relevant as you pray now and later this week. 

Clash of Frequencies! Lynnie Harlow
On Wednesday June 20
I had a dream about our President. I was attending a banquet and sitting three seats away from him on the other side of the table. I could hear his conversation clearly and noticed he seemed very out of sorts. His eyes keep moving rapidly and he was talking super fast. It all felt and looked chaotic. I asked the Lord what was going on and he said, “He is feeling the atmospheric pressure.” I looked up the meaning of atmospheric pressure and it’s defined as: the pressure exerted by the WEIGHT of the atmosphere. 

Then on Tuesday night June 26, we were in prayer at the Hamill’s home. I shared with the group about my dream, so we were praying over that and about the call to arms (so to say) through the media this past week. As we were praying I heard the Lord say…. “CLASH OF FREQUENCIES!” 

In the Second World War our frequency was changed from 444hz to 440hz. It was known as the Stuttgart Pitch. It was used, as a weapon against the Nazi’s to generate an unhealthy effect through sound in the atmosphere. We never went back to the 444hz after the war so we shifted out of GOD’S FREQUENCY…and it was adopted worldwide. 

This is what God showed me is happening now. The enemy is so rallied up because he is losing his frequency. North Korea is a good example, he is losing his stronghold over that atmosphere and it was prayer (God’s frequency) that shifted that.

He told me, “When my people cry out there’s a shifting in the atmosphere. That GOD frequency starts clashing with the enemy’s frequency and it sends a God vibration that causes panic in the 2nd heavens. The enemies counter to that is to “rev” up a spirit of chaos over the airwaves. The word REV is an abbreviation of “REVOLUTION.” We are literally in an airwaves revolution and seeing a clash of frequencies because of it. Intercession is rattling the enemy and just like he lost the control of the White House he is starting to lose control in the atmosphere, it’s dismantling and causing chaos in the enemy’s camp.”

Our prayer was for the spirit of chaos to be dismantled, and for the President to only hear on God’s frequency. May our sound continues to disrupt the enemy’s airwaves. And may God’s vibration rock, rattle, and roll apart all the plans and purposes of the enemy. Your intercession is needed to blast holes in the atmospheric canopy of darkness!

The Lord is Ordering His Movement! Glenda Renes
I have been grieved since the 2016 election about the quality of reporting on the news, the negative, disrespectful and liberal slant to all the reporting, the obvious bias of news anchors and reporters. We need a change of frequency in the reporting of the news!  

Recently, I listened to a broadcast of “Its Supernatural” where Lance Wallnau spoke about the spirit of Leviathan and how it is moving powerfully right now in the media with fake news, twisting words, chaos, and putting a political spin on every decision made. 

Leviathan is a principality – in Job 41 God is speaking to Job about Leviathan and emphasizes its powerful strength. Nothing we do ourselves is effective at subduing this creature, God alone created and He alone can control it. 

Lance talked about how the crocodile stays under the surface, is mostly unseen, until it grabs its prey, takes it under the water and spins and twists it until it dies. Likewise, with words and thoughts Leviathan targets the mind, attempts to take hold and twist things until emotions are stirred up negatively and there is no logic.  

Seems to fit, right? So many are so displaying behavior that is irrational, prideful, rebellious and divisive—especially in the arenas of the news, media and politics.  

With this in mind, a team recently felt to pray onsite at media towers in Seattle and ask God to deal with this principality affecting the airwaves. Because we need a change of frequency!

My prayer partner, Shelley, and I decided on a date (July 18, 2018) and prepared to go pray.  Research revealed three major TV towers were located on Queen Anne Hill. Three prominent radio towers were located on Capitol Hill in Seattle, trendy with young adults and the center of the LGBT community. There have been numerous suicides and accidents that have occurred at these sites.  

Order, Order, Order!
As we met to pray before the prayer strike, Julie texted that she would be praying for us and the Lord gave her the word for us:  “Order, Order, Order!”  Shelley and I initially assumed that meant the Lord wanted us to ask in what particular order we should pray for the towers. But then I entered the word “order” in my Amplified Bible search and we began reading various verses. Revelation from the Lord really broadened our understanding. This is what God is saying to us today!

  1. Order in the High Places. Job 25:2 “Dominion and awe belong to God: He establishes peace and order in His high places.” Since we were going to the two highest places of Seattle, this of course spoke to us and we prayed that chaos, protesters, rebellion would be brought to peace and order
  2. Order drives out confusion. I Corinthians 14:33 ” For God is not a God of confusion and disorder but of peace and order.”
  3. Good judgment brings order. Proverbs 29:8  “Scoffers set a city afire (by stirring up trouble), But wise men turn away anger (and restore order with their good judgment).”
  4. Salvation comes to those who order their ways. Psalm 50:23 “…And to him who way his way rightly (who follows the way that I show him), I will show the salvation of God.
  5. Put your lamps in order! Matt 25:7 “All the virgins got up and put their own lamps in order (trimmed the wicks and added oil and lit them)”  This spoke to us that as Christians and intercessors we must be ready and get up and do the works as the Lord directs us.  He has a specific order to how things must be accomplished and preparation is vital.
  6. An order to our assignment which pleases God. I Chronicles 6:32 ” They ministered with singing before the tabernacle of the Tent of Meeting, until Solomon had build the Lord’s house in Jerusalem, performing their service in due order.” So it seemed there is a particular way God approaches each assignment and we prayed for Holy Spirit to direct us in the way we ordered our prayers as we went.  
  7. I give you orders—now order the work of My hands! Isaiah 45:11  “For the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, and its Maker says this, ‘Ask Me about the things to come concerning my sons, and give Me orders concerning the works of My hands.’”

There was such an anointing on this as we discovered these scriptures. Jesus gave orders (Matt 16:20), David gave orders (2 Samuel 14:8), those in authority give orders (Luke 7:7-8) and Paul gave orders (Philemon 8). 

But it was awesome to realize that God invites us to give Him orders, based on His Word, concerning the work of His hands!  

The Lord is ordering His movement in the earth. This weekend we encourage you to embrace the orders of the Lord—His mandates and verdicts over each of you. Remind Him of them. And then command the work of His hands to fulfill them! By this I believe we will see breakthrough even from the false frequencies of Leviathan—from Capitol Hill to Capitol Hill, from Washington to Washington… to Jerusalem!