So David inquired of the Lord, saying, “Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?” And He answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all” (1 Samuel 30:8).

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HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON. Our God is marching on! We are so excited about Passover 2021. On Wednesday’s call I saw a vision of God’s Glory Train poised to roll from through America’s gates, beginning on Passover. Lets join together in a movement initiated from God’s Throne. A word from Bob Jones is worth reviewing. Take time now to decree it:

“I’m on God’s glory train! My future is in His glory train and that’s where I’ll abide with Him! And all of my time down here, that glory train will get bigger and bigger because when it stops in the city, that city will no longer belong to the enemy. It will belong to the Father. Get ready for entire cities to be saved!”

On Wednesday’s call we also shared a singular prophetic word on the Glory Train given by two different leaders. Apostle John Benefiel spoke into the movement the very words Pastor Jamie Jackson had decreed a month earlier. 

Pursue. Overtake. Recover all!

You remember the story. David and his team came home to Ziklag after battle, only to discover that their families had been kidnapped and all their possessions plundered. They wept together until they had no more tears. Outrage over the loss almost provoked an insurrection against the man prophesied as Israel’s future king. Amidst the crisis David stepped aside to seek Heaven’s direction, and encouraged himself in the Lord.

That’s when the word of the Lord came. “Pursue, overtake, recover all.”

Apostle John pointed out to me that David’s crisis came just before he was anointed King. I had never seen this before. But it’s true! According to biblical timelines, the crisis at Ziklag was the last episode recorded in scripture before David was anointed king of Judah. Pursue, overtake, recover all. What seemed to be an overwhelming loss became a gateway into victory, favor, unity and ultimately David’s kingship!

Now leaders I trust and esteem are speaking this same word into the Glory Train 2021. It’s no secret we are seeking God’s governmental “turnaround movement” after a devastating loss that has believers in the nation reeling. Through power plays and legislative agendas Washington DC has become a city under siege, both spiritually and naturally. Division and violence have become the norm. America seems on the precipice of losing the very constitutional freedoms our nation has been defined by from our founding. 

Yet please take courage in this. GOD HAS A PLAN FOR RECOVERY! Not only this, but I prophesy to you that through our God the victory amidst this crisis will even become our pathway to kingship.

You might ask how I know we are ordained for victory. Is it my overwhelming confidence in the political process? By no means. It is actually going to take a move of God to dislodge the magnitude of evil seeking to overcome our land. 

Is it because we’ve seen God move in this manner before? No way. Though the Glory Train 2016 bore witness to the governmental turnaround the Lord was seeking to bring, we have to remember that God is always doing a new thing. So in this I have no presumptions. 

Why the confidence? Very simple. In 2017 the Lord spoke to me about coming “midnight crises.” He spoke that how we confront them, and gain victory over them, will even become a prototype for believers living in the very end of the age. 

Beloved, we are right here right now. And as of Passover 2021, it becomes our time to pursue, overtake and recover all. By this the nation will even unify. NO KING BUT JESUS!