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Wales, Israel and
In Wales we are seeking God at the Bible College of Wales, founded by Rees Howells. Remember it was at this Bible College that Rees Howells and his students engaged in a “turnaround watch” during WWII. The antichrist structure of that era finally gave way, and Israel was birthed as a nation. 

In both Wales and Israel we are seeking the Lord to TURN THE STORM of global war in our time. It is no coincidence that Vladimir Putin just promoted “General Armageddon” to lead the Ukraine war. As part of our Israel journey we will be praying onsite at Har Megiddo, or Armageddon, a watchman’s perch which overlooks the Jezreel Valley. 

Jezreel means “God sows!” Jezreel prophetically represents both Israel and harvest. No coincidence this harvest field is the very place where Elijah catalyzed a turnaround that dethroned Jezebel. As Chuck Pierce mentions in his word, THIS IS SO KEY FOR THIS YEAR! 

For this tour we are asking the Lord for $12,000, knowing that all who “sow to the Spirit” will reap a harvest of blessing and breakthrough concurrent with our focus. LETS DO THIS TOGETHER! 


Word at HAPN—Chuck Pierce
Jolene and I are privileged to attend and minister at the annual HAPN gathering with Apostle John Benefiel. Apostle John is a spiritual father to us and has mentored us in stewarding the word of the Lord to see tangible results. This is no more evident than with the ongoing prophetic directives to HAPN from Chuck Pierce. 

That said, Chuck Pierce ministered yesterday evening and it was the stuff of legends. He shared about his visitation from the Lord at the Citadel in Charleston SC, where he saw an angelic command structure being set in place for this new season. Jolene and I were in attendance at this as well, and it was wonderful to gain a fresh perspective.  Below are notes I took during his message. You will recognize many concurrent themes with what we have been sensing and sharing. Note I wasn’t able to capture everything but below is a decent synopsis. We are excited to make this available for your strengthening and enrichment! 

Chuck Pierce Visitation—
Angelic Command Structure, Training for War!
What God is requiring of us this year? Get ready, it’s going to shift for you. You are in training for the new season. This year is about prospering in a new way. God is bringing a war for divine recovery!

Look at cycles of time. First, Shabbat vitally important in this season. Second, pay attention to the monthly cycle derived from new moon—in Hebrew, Rosh Chodesh. Monthly gatherings to seek the Lord. Third, each year is developed over 3 celebrations—Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles. These feasts convey God’s covenant plan for harvest.

The Hebrew new year 5783 is marked by the symbol “Gamel.” Year of Divine Recovery. The camels will come! New supply routes will be opened up.

Secondly, it is a YEAR OF CONQUEST! Conquest is always linked to provision. New provision required! Even nations are in valley of decision at this time! Prosperity or curse… which one will manifest? We will be able to detect what curse is working. Nations coming to a table with the Lord. He will be determining their future this year! 


The United States Becomes Key—South Carolina Visitation
This nation becomes key this year. In midst of gathering God caught Chuck up, first time since March 31 2007.

We must learn to work with the angelic! You must understand you will be visited by angels! Brings nation to crossroads. This is our crossroads year. Apostolic prayer for a Kingdom shift in future! 

Not same war we’ve been in in other seasons, supernatural dimension of war we have never known before. We are being called to the frontline supernaturally! Apostolic praying. Prayer life of God’s troop about to go to new level. 

Angel of war over harvest ahead appeared to Chuck in 2017. Some breakthrough of angelic leadership that was needed for the body of Christ. Angel broke into our atmosphere. Invasion. Heaven in midst. 

ANGELS OF WAR are being assigned to territories! The Army of the earth (body of Christ) is receiving NEW ARMOR & NEW WEAPONS. 

Time changing, God saying I AM beginning harvest. He was sending that which is to lead us from he heavenlier into this harvest season. Way beyond church. Saw world, saw looked nothing like our current church worship. Changes start intensifying. 

Training Necessary towards 2026
Then angel showed training necessary to lead us into 2026. He is re-evaluate our lives. See how we are going to advance in conflict ahead. Three years until now have been for training, and years ahead are for training. 

In South Carolina we met at War College. Change that had happened. I saw four distinct angels Where Maine and Alaska align, an angel stationed. Hawaii. Tip of Texas. East. Angels standing alert. Then all the sudden encircling of angels around US. US then becomes important to the Lord this year. WE are the focal point! Immediately without counting, I knew there were 51 angels. 

Covenantal Alignment Releases Angelic
How we respond is how they advance! How we respond releases territorial angel state by state by state. Back in March 31, 2008 I  saw 21 states aligning with God’s covenant, with two in balance, rest determining if they would even be in covenant with Him. We now have a movement in every state! 

America changes THIS YEAR. Depending on how remnant responds to the Lord this year is how the angel for state will go forth! Do not want angel in any state to have to take their sword out (representing judgment). 

We went into training. Old cycles are breaking. Loop breaks are happening. You are a work in progress! Repeated attention we give to any one thing shapes us tremendously.

It’s important to seek the Lord and change vision, focus on where we are going in days ahead. Communion becomes important to OPEN OUR EYES AGAIN

Kingdom Confrontation
This is the year of the VIOLENT taking the reins by supernatural force. This is a year requiring strategies of divine recovery. YEAR REQUIRES NEW APOSTOLIC RULE. Dethroning of Baal, removal of atmospheric unbelief, infusion of and establishing the Glory Realm. Certain cities ruled by hell will come to an awakening and submission—Mother Bridle City.


We return to a state of authority. We recuperate or regain what has been lost, taken and captured. Divine reveal. We regain or RECLAIM land and substances from waste! We regain health, get well, and overcome weakness. We retrieve persons from bad states of mind. We save ourselves from falling, slipping or being betrayed! Restoration accelerates. Multiplication exponentially occurs.

Gideon is a prototype for the year. It’s important to study how Gideon plundered. Jehovah shalom revealed. Partnered with the angelic. Overthrew father’s altar. Defied a robbing spirit. Trusted God for his troops. Built a New Altar. Rule for the Future.