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SHAKE THE THRESHOLDS June 6-27. With 21 days of fasting and forerunning prayer for God’s governmental glory to be released. Continuing in daily communion. Isaiah 6. 

KISSED BY THE SON, July 12-14. Northfield MA. With Erik Metaxes, Chuck Pierce, Paul Jehle, many others. More information: https://firstloveworks.org

GLORY TRAIN—SCHOOL OF GLORY July 19-20. Preparing to launch the Glory Train! Valley Shore Church, Old Saybrook CT. More info CLICK HERE.

BEFORE HIS FACE—JULY 22, FANEUIL HALL. With Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, others. Sessions at 1:30 pm, 6:30 pm. Launching the Glory Train 2019-2020. More info CLICK HERE.

GLORY TRAIN PLYMOUTH MA, 7PM July 23, with Dutch Sheets, Glory Train team. Return to the place of first covenant! New Testament Church, Cedarville with renown pastor Paul Jehle.                                                                                                                                                                                             

WE ARE A MONTH AWAY FROM THE FACE OF GOD! Face of God Hall that is. Faneuil Hall Boston on July 22. We are so looking forward to taking this journey together, from Boston to Plymouth to the 13 colonies! 

That said, on the 22nd day of the month I am excited to release to you a double portion—featuring a prophetic word given by Chuck Pierce to Dutch Sheets on Passover this year. Charisma Magazine actually just did an article on it. It’s time to return to the place of first covenant. It’s time to return to Plymouth Rock!

The Backstory
Prayer and planning for the 13 colonies tour has itself been quite a journey. Long before Chuck Pierce prophesied to Dutch Sheets about returning to the place of covenant, Ed Watts prophesied to me. During the final leg of the Rome to Jerusalem tour we were seeking the Lord about our next trip. Greece? Turkey? We were also discussing the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ covenant with God for the nation in 2020. 

That’s when Ed Watts suddenly prophesied about focusing on America in this season—even returning to the 13 colonies this summer!

I knew the word was right. But in the womb of my spirit it wasn’t yet conceived. 

Then Hanukkah 2018 brought our Revolution gathering. Rick and Patricia Ridings preached about the 13 colonies during their session, and even prophesied through each state! Chuck Pierce prophesied the next night that in this revolution season, “You have to go back to go forward.” 

So I got the picture! During the holiday break after Revolution I sought the Lord in earnest. Christmas evening the Lord gave me a dream. We were in Washington DC on August 8, looking back at the launch of the the 13 Colonies tour on 7-22. I knew I was dreaming God’s dream for the Glory Train. Completing the turnaround. Aligning the place of covenant with the place of government. Finally this dream was conceived in my spirit. It was mine, from the inside out. 

During prayer that morning, the Lord showed me in a vision to retrace His angelic highway from Lowville, upstate NY to the Washington Monument. I literally re-entered a prophetic experience He gave me on 08-08-08. Lowville NY was the home Daniel Nash, forerunning intercessor for the Second Great Awakening. I saw a geyser burst out of the ground, and I knew the well of the Second Great Awakening had been reconstituted. Then an earthquake broke forth from Lowville all the way to the Washington Monument. Everywhere the ground broke apart, babies shot out of the ground and into the sky. They were caught by angels. I knew the Lord was showing me that this Third Great Awakening is shifting America from the covenant of death empowering a culture of death to a covenant of life empowering a culture of life.

And now we were being summoned by the Spirit to see this turnaround completed. That’s how all this got started. And in my heart the Glory Train Tour through the 13 colonies had finally been conceived. Launching in 2019 and moving through 2020, the 400th anniversary of the signing of the Mayflower Compact.

For months we prayed over the stops of the journey, seeking God’s perfect timing and alignment. By Passover I finally had a working prototype. Boston and Plymouth on 7-22. Lexington and Concord. Northampton. Albany, Rome, and Lowville NY. Valley Forge and Philadelphia PA. Lancaster, Gettysburg, and finally back to Washington. 

In fact I was working on this itinerary Passover Sunday when word came about Chuck Pierce’s word to Dutch Sheets. Our rental request for Faneuil Hall had just been confirmed earlier in the week. I touched base with Dutch. Very few times in my life have I actually perceived him to be somewhat astonished. But when I told him about our 13 Colonies tour, he was. And he firmed up joining us for Boston and Plymouth immediately. 

So there’s the backstory. 

Chuck Pierce—Passover—Return to First Covenant!
Below is the prophetic word Chuck gave Dutch Sheets on Passover 2019. I hope it inspires you for what’s ahead in your own life and in our nation. I also hope many of you will see it as a summons to join together for this time as well. 

“The Lord says, ‘I commission you to start walking the land, searching for the ancient paths. They will lead to the coming of the covenant plan.’ The Lord says, ‘I’m rallying the troops. I’m filling the quivers and I will have them ready when the time to advance in this land occurs. The months ahead are key. Watch, listen, get ready, for the unlocking in this land is coming. There will be a transfer of authority to My kingdom people. The land will reform! The key belongs to you to bring the kingdom down. Get ready! There is a key place, then six other places of covenant alignment in this land. One is in Kansas. One is in South Dakota.’

“I see Kentucky being set free. I see Georgia shaking. We say to Iowa, ‘The Lord is coming down to align with you. The occult structure will topple in Iowa.’ God is starting a move in His people that will not be stopped. 

‘There is coming a new path,’ says the Lord. ‘It is ancient, but has never been unlocked before. Watch. Have the key ready. I have ordained the time. It will be in the journey that is going on.’ I see Plymouth Rock. The Lord says, ‘ The timing of the unlocking is important. Once it has been done in My perfect timing, nothing can prevent the shaking of this land. This Passover began the unlocking of an ancient path that shakes the entire land called America.’”—Chuck Pierce.

His Troops will be Ready! Key Points
A few points to note. First, according to the word, God is rallying His troops—and they will be ready! Note that historically, this is exactly what occurred at Faneuil Hall just prior to the Revolution. The vision for revolution was cast continually at Faneuil Hall. For this reason it’s known as the “Cradle of Liberty”—the womb of the Revolution. 

Chuck also spoke about a transfer of authority to His kingdom people. Please keep in prayer about this. 

Also note this. When referencing Plymouth, Chuck prophesied to Dutch that his time to visit Plymouth will be “in the journey that was already going on.” Lets look at this again. 

“Watch. Have the key ready. I have ordained the time. It will be in the journey that is going on.’ I see Plymouth Rock. The Lord says, ‘ The timing of the unlocking is important. Once it has been done in My perfect timing, nothing can prevent the shaking of this land. This Passover began the unlocking of an ancient path that shakes the entire land called America.’”

What is the ancient path? I believe one aspect of it is the ancient path of God’s glory as it is being restored. He comes through the gates of covenant restoration, unlocked by the key of covenant. It is this covenant pathway that will shake our nation!

Glory. As the prophet noted, IT’S TIME. We’re glad you are part of this journey. Covenant blessings to each of you, and no King but Jesus!