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PASSOVER ALASKA! March 27-April 3. With Chris Mitchell, Jon and Jolene. Launching Glory Train 2021. 

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GREETINGS FROM ANCHORAGE! OK at least by tonight. We are en route now. It takes almost as much time to fly from Washington DC to Israel as it does to Alaska. Of course we left blooming cherry blossoms and warming temperatures. But the Lord made clear that Alaska for Passover is his plan to launch the Glory Train. I can’t wait to share what we just discovered. This train is bound for glory!

I love how the Lord has confirmed our steps. Last night at our home group, just before leaving, we literally had a GLORY INVASION. New friends from Golden, Colorado came for an unplanned visit. They have literally been in revival since late 2019. They carried the fire. They imparted the fire. We added some fire. And we are now flying with Holy Ghost fire!

Here’s an astounding discovery. In 2019, Chuck Pierce actually prophesied a glory movement from Alaska—that would affect the lower 48 states! How Chuck does this I don’t really know. Alaska leader Candy Sunderland, our host and a dear friend, shared the word with us. 

Friends, it’s no coincidence that two short years later the Lord drew us to Alaska to launch the entire Glory Train journey. You can’t make this stuff up. Seriously, friends. There’s no possible way. 

Chuck Pierce—The 08-08 Prophecy
August 8, 2019. Remember this date please. It’s the date when Chuck Pierce prophesied about the glory movement from Alaska. And it’s also the very date we were mandated to culminate our 2019 northeast journey from Faneuil Hall to Washington, DC. Lamplighter readers know we’ve been focused on 08-08 for a long time, beginning actually on 08-08-08 when we worked with Bill and Rita Gamela for the reopening of a national Awakening portal from upstate New York. 

Glory Train 2021—Figure Eight Across Nation!
Not only that… this year the entire Glory Train journey is moving through the nation in a figure 8! A friend from St Paul MN prophesied that, whereas in 2016 we were mandated by the Lord to circle the nation, this time around He wanted us to move in a FIGURE EIGHT. The number 8, of course, represents eternity. When the Lord cut covenant with Himself for the land and people Israel, He moved through the sacrifice made by Abraham in a figure 8!

And I’m telling you now. God is bearing witness to His eternal covenant even with this land. All of which is why it’s so crazy Chuck Pierce gave this prophecy on 08-08-2019. Below is the actual word. 

“One of the things I see happening here in Alaska is IT IS TIME. This place was chosen by the Lord, this place called Alaska. 

Chuck Pierce first prophesied about a glory movement joining Alabama, Arizona, and Alaska. Our friends James Nesbit and Ed Watts were just there, helping to launch this focus.

Then Chuck prophesied the following. 

The Breakthrough Highway of Glory
“One of the things I see happening here in Alaska is IT IS TIME. A new day that has broken for you, remember you are the state that was the beginning and the end. 

“Acts 17. He predetermined your time and your place. This place was chosen by the Lord, this place called Alaska. It’s a unique place. It’s one that is so important. THERE IS A GLORY DIMENSION IN ALASKA, that is not in any other state!

“In 2008 the Lord showed me three states that would explode in His glory. The first Alabama, the second Arizona, and the third Alaska. The states that explode in My glory are used to spread my glory.”

“I believe we are here this time calling forth a BREAKTHROUGH HIGHWAY OF GLORY from Alaska thru Washington to Oregon and all the way down the west coast.”

Are you kidding? Glory Train. The Western US from Alaska is one of the primary routes we’ve been working on!

“I believe we are here this time CALLING FORTH
the BREAKTHROUGH HIGHWAY OF GLORY from Alaska… all the way down THE WEST COAST. (To Alaskan leaders) I see you taking your role in leadership to CHANGE THE WESTERN PORTION of the United States…”

Timing dimension that is there, all fo the sudden the blessings that have been seeding up into the heavens they have been put there LIKE TIME-RELEASE CAPSULES. And what you’re going to start seeing is what you have seeded coming forth. And this is the hour that time has aligned over Alaska.

Time-Release Capsules: Bob Jones Glory Train Word!
Here’s another aspect of Chuck Pierce’s word that defies all imagination. Literally. 

Because Bob Jones received almost the same word on time capsules in his defining word on the Glory Train. Excerpt:

A year ago (2009) I had a vision… The train had come and I boarded it… I saw the Conductor come by so I asked Him, “What is this train?” He said, “This is the Glory Train!” Now I said, “Where are we heading?” He said, “To any city that wants it.” And I said, “When will we arrive?” He said, “We will begin to arrive in 2012.”

Then He gave me an egg. And I said, “When do I get to break open this egg?” He answered, “In 2012.” I said, “What is this egg? What’s inside this egg?” He said, “Time!” You see there was no time before man. Time was created for man. And in this egg there is yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s time. And every time you hear the train whistle it will remind you of the coming glory.”

Consider the egg a time capsule. Then work your inter-dimensional, quantum mathematical analysis. The only conclusion you can come up with is this. PASSOVER. IT IS TIME. THIS TRAIN IS BOUND FOR GLORY!