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TODAY MARKS THE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE EMBASSY MOVE from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. A stake has been put in the ground. America’s cornerstone has literally been laid in Zion, shifting every other cornerstone in American diplomacy. Our embassy is now before the very throne of the Lord! 

 THE TRUMPET IN ZION. Sound the alarm on my holy mountain! This song was reverberating through my spirit today in prayer for the trade negotiations with China. WE ARE SOUNDING THE ALARM FROM ZION!

For weeks now we have been warning about coming storms. Remember that on 4-18, the anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride, two strong signals came from Heaven’s upper room. A storm was coming. Lynnie Harlow saw a vision of storm clouds crashing in on Washington DC. They were moving like a serpent. Hold that in your heart and mind.

The next morning, Jolene awoke from a dream where she saw a storm coming. It was fierce. Gigantic waves were churned up by the storm, which seemed unavoidable. Jolene grabbed the hands of her friends and prayed. Then an angel of the Lord called “Global” came and walked her through the storm. 

One of the things we saw from this is that the Lord was exposing a serpentine storm that had been in our midst covertly for a long, long time. This morning in prayer I saw how the forces of darkness were seeking to unleash this storm through China. 

Remember how Revelation 12 serves as a warning for this “tet” year. A woman is giving birth to a manchild. A serpent is positioning itself to devour this child at birth. Friends, we are there.

President Trump has stood his ground strongly against injustice perpetuated by China. Amazingly, he’s done so with the encouragement across the aisle from Chuck Schumer. But beloved, there’s more to China’s serpentine storm than just trade wars. China’s hijacking of patented technology is renown. Recently it has been disco verde that many Chinese goods now come with espionage capacities embedded to enable the nation to spy on American citizens. 

Sam Brownback, Ambassador of Religious Freedom for the State Department, has warned that China’s persecution of people of faith has recently skyrocketed. The nation has even implemented a “social credit score” which punishes people of faith and their families simply for attending church! Millions have been threatened, coerced or sent to camps simply because of their faith. 

I’m just going to prophesy bluntly what I’m hearing. I heard this morning the Lord say “The government of China is trying to hold Me hostage!” I asked, how is China holding you hostage, Lord? “When they do it to the least of these, they are doing it to me.”

Remember we are in a season of storm wars—with the storm of the Lord prevailing to expose and restrain all demonically-inspired storms! Friends, a storm war is now upon us. Lets pray. Lets contend in the courts of Heaven for God’s justice verdict to be clearly received and perceived. Lets pray for the Trump administration in the trade wars. Lets ask the Lord to rebuke the devourer. Always remembering that the Lord grants power to gain wealth of heaven and earth to establish the covenant He swore to our forefathers. 

NOTE AGAIN THAT TODAY IS THE ANNIVERSARY OF OUR EMBASSY MOVE. Following through on the United States’ honoring of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. Having visited the embassy yesterday, I can say with assurance that we have aligned covenantally in a way we have never in history experienced. 

All that said, please pray. Please seek the Lord’s favor RIGHT NOW! And together lets counter the serpentine storm with the STORM OF THE LORD. LET MY PEOPLE GO!