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PURIM BEGINS TOMORROW. Please join us for a special call! And lets plan to keep watch together from Purim to Passover. Tomorrow we will also be sending you a video and key points to pray over from Cindy Jacobs. We have seen an amazing convergence. For the first time in perhaps a decade, major apostolic prayer networks nationwide and globally are collaborating together to mobilize prayer over Purim as well as engaging in onsite prayer in key sites across the nation. Jolene and I have been honored to participate, and to contribute key strategies. 

Speaking of which, CHARISMA MAGAZINE just published our article on Purim Prayer! The article shares prophetic warnings for you and me to pray over STARTING NOW. We also share how God is now entering into the trajectory of war to bring a turnaround. Finally, we share a global call to Purim Prayer from the global alliance of apostles, prophets and prayer leaders we mentioned. 

It is one of our most important words. Thank you Steve Strang and the Charisma team for your encouragement! Please read the message below. 


Jon & Jolene Hamill—Published by CHARISMA MAGAZINE

Is the world moving into global war? This prospect became very real to Jolene and me during a long-planned ministry trip to Hawaii last week. The day after we arrived, we felt strongly impressed to pray at Pearl Harbor with a small team covering our journey. The Lord encountered us profoundly there, giving us a clear prophetic warning as well as surprising hope for what’s ahead. 

Finally, during this encounter at Pearl Harbor the Lord showed us to issue a global call to Purim Prayer. As with Queen Esther when her people were faced with an existential threat, we can see a turnaround. The Haman spirit can be exposed and restrained. And as in Esther’s day, the Lord is calling us to pray accordingly! 

Pearl Harbor—Pray to Avert a Surprise Attack
On December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor was the target of a surprise attack by Japanese airmen that took out much of our pacific fleet and launched us headlong into World War II. It was essentially the “9-11” of the Greatest Generation. Eventually, the course of the war turned. America won. But there is no bravado embedded within the memorials marking the attack. Instead the hallowed grounds provoked within us a renewed humility and sense of our own vulnerability.  

And as we prayed on the grounds of this memorial, I sensed a dire warning from the Lord. We must pray to avert another surprise attack on America, similar to Pearl Harbor but even greater in scope. 

Friends it’s one thing to warn about this potential—many already have. It’s another thing altogether to be sent by the Lord from Washington DC, where our home is across the street from the Pentagon, all the way to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii to perceive and issue the warning. 

How? When? What are the details? What can we do? First and foremost, we must pray that the Lord intervene to confuse these plans and avert the attack. Lets see this progression of war stopped.

Prophetically, I have only received a few clear perceptions about the war in the Ukraine. First, for Putin the front is not the front. In other words, Ukraine is by no means the totality of Putin’s  aspirations for global conquest. It is for this reason that Ukraine must become the front where his war efforts are stopped.

Second, again I sensed the Lord clearly warning to pray against a surprise attack. Through cyber? An attack on our power grid? I don’t know. But these are areas in which we need to keep watch.

Declare God’s Victory Procession!
The Lord was not caught off guard by the Ukraine invasion. In fact, at the Global Prophetic Summit last November, Chuck Pierce prophetically warned about war by spring.

Here’s some good news.From these sacred grounds at Pearl Harbor, the Lord the Lord showed me His victory procession. He highlighted Isaiah 42. “Sing to the Lord a new song, sing His praise from the end of the earth!” (Isaiah 42:10). Note that Hawaii is exactly halfway around the world from the covenant land of Israel. Somehow the Lord had orchestrated our steps to be literally at the “end of the earth” from Israel’s vantage point, just as war broke out.

Isaiah 42 continues: “The Lord will march forth as a warrior, He will arouse his zeal like a man of war. He will… raise a war cry! And He will UTTERLY PREVAIL AGAINST HIS ENEMIES” (Isaiah 42:13). 

I believe this is a word for us all. God has initiated a victory procession, even from the ends of the earth, to turn this war!  While gazing at the placid waters where America’s greatest ships were once destroyed, I realized something profound. What looked to be an initial defeat soon was turned into an overcoming victory! 

The Lord arose from Pearl Harbor in a victory procession during World War II. America engaged—in prayer and fighting. And the victory that came not only preserved the free world, but it even BROUGHT TO BIRTH THE NATION OF ISRAEL!

From Pearl Harbor I saw how His victory procession is now being established to overcome in our day. Purim was highlighted by the Lord for the global body of Christ to fast, pray and seek His turnaround. The Lord is marching forth as a warrior. And when all is said and done, He will utterly prevail!

With this at heart, please engage with us in this global call to Purim prayer. He is granting a turnaround!

United call to prayer next Wednesday, 3-16-2022, and beyond. Directive received through a prophetic encounter at the WWII Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. 

THE HOLY DAY OF PURIM bears witness to God’s enduring power to preserve His covenant people. As in the days of Esther, many peoples and even nations now face an existential threat due to the rise of modern-day Hamans on a global scale. Ukraine is already being plundered by an inexcusable war. As the Haman spirit arises, it is clear that many other nations, including Taiwan, Israel, America and others, are being targeted as well. The potential for widespread destruction cannot be emphasized enough. The prospect of a Third World War is even at hand. 

Further, this spirit is also seeking access to many spheres on a more localized level, with the ultimate intent of sabotaging the blessings and freedoms entrusted to you by the Lord. 

Purim teaches us that a turnaround can be gained. Therefore as a united voice of national and global apostolic networks, prophetic alliances and prayer movements, we ask that you designate Wednesday, 3-16-22, the beginning of Purim, as a day to humble yourselves in united prayer and fasting to see this Haman spirit exposed, repudiated and restrained. Together we can shut the gates of sabotage. Together we can see God’s pathway to victory secured!

We further ask that you extend your season of prayer, as directed by the Lord, throughout this perilous season. 

  1. Engage in worship, prayer, and repentance for defiance of God within our lives, within church, culture and government. 2 Chron. 7:14, Joel 2, Esther 4, 7. 
  2. Renounce all forms of idolatry and restore God’s covenant over your spheres. Then invoke His covenantal protection! Psalm 91, 2 Kings 17:38-39.
  3. Receive daily communion. 
  4. Partner with God in securing an open heaven, with the devourer restrained, through a renewed dedication to the divine exchange of tithes and offerings (Malachi 3:8-12). Make 2022 a Year of the Tithe! 
  5. Devote every Tuesday to consistent, contending prayer over the destinies of your sons and daughters, as well as for the nation. More info at www.turnaroundtuesday.com

Leaders issuing the Global Call to Purim Prayer include Mike and Cindy Jacobs, Dr. John Benefiel, Rick and Patricia Ridings, James W. Goll, Mario Bramnick, Becca Greenwood, Chris Mitchell Jr., Jon and Jolene Hamill, more. Networks include the Reformation Prayer Network, the ACPE/ Global Prophetic Summit, Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network, the Strategic Prayer Apostolic Network, Global Prayer Storm, Latino Coalition for Israel, Kings Gate Int’l, the Lamplighter community, Succat Hallel, more.