PRAYER CALL TONIGHT! 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. 

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Our team of 110 landed safely today in Rome, with only a few small challenges. That thanks largely to your prayers. Please keep  covering us. The next few days are so strategic!

Tomorrow is a very big day both in Rome and in Washington DC, with the Kavanaugh hearings. The timing of events is uncanny. You can’t make this stuff up. And I fully realize we are contending here for breakthrough there. More on this in a moment. 

First, we will visit the Arch of Titus and pray for God’s lampstand to be restored from Rome to Jerusalem. Remember that the menorah is designed to look like a tree or a burning bush, just as Moses encountered in Exodus. A freedom movement was launched then, and a freedom movement is being launched now. Reformational! The hand of the Lord is bringing redemption as His menorah becomes disengaged from the roots of pagan Rome and restored to the covenant roots of our faith.

And we are together going to light our lamps and go out to meet the Bridegroom. In a journey culminating at the Western Wall during the Feast of Tabernacles. Behold the Bridegroom. He’s coming. Rise up to meet Him! 

Remember, the Midnight Cry is ultimately a summons to a wedding. 

Capitol Turnaround—It’s Time!
We will also be journeying to Capitoline Hill in Rome, catalyzing apostolic assignment with HAPN connected to all 50 states and many nations. Please pray through the decree below over your respective spheres! And please put a stake in the ground representing the sealing of this decree. 

Note that the decree below was originally presented corporately on Yom Kippur as a verdict from God’s Throne. It’s settled law. Especially as the same Jesus who renders His verdict makes war to establish it in the earth realm.

Covenant blessings to each of you… 

Capitol Turnaround Project
From the Supreme Court to the thrones of national governance, we are in an unprecedented season to secure our future. Chuck Pierce has been prophesying how thrones will be shaking this year. We agree. I know each of you are focused on securing your personal spheres and your governmental seats as we approach this turbulent election season.

Through HAPN’s nationwide Capitol Turnaround Project, we will together see the Lord deal with spiritual forces tied to Roman paganism which have remained influential over the political spheres of Washington DC and your state Capitol. Apostle John Benefiel recently called this one of the most important projects we have yet embarked on. We firmly believe it will impact your state, nation and world in a profound way. Many leaders are carrying out this mission tomorrow. We are asking you to pray over your respective spheres as well. 

The Capitol Turnaround Project is being facilitated by HAPN as part of the “Rome to Jerusalem” prayer tour during the Feast of Tabernacles. It is time to repudiate and disengage from the roots of Roman paganism, realigning our thrones of government with our covenant roots in Jesus Christ alone. 

Ancient Rome is a prototype of every other capitol city in the world. The Roman Empire was structured so that each territory would have a governmental center—or capitol—which ruled under Rome’s dominion. The Catholic Church today remains structured in this way. And the Roman model proved so successful that it soon became replicated among states and nations around the world, and remains the prototype for international relations today. 

On the downside, the Roman model established thrones of governance by covenant dedication in the spirit to demonic principalities. This also continues to this day. 

So on one day—from Rome to Jerusalem to Washington DC, to each state capitol, and the capitols of many nations, we are engaging Heaven’s Court to receive a global breakthrough from these occult ties which influence our spheres. Blessing the godly ties, while asking the Lord to sever all ungodly ties. 

Just as with the project to divorce Baal, we expect immediate turnarounds governmentally by God’s grace. Note that this project is an addendum to the original covenant consecration, dealing with a specific facet of the Baal principality related to Roman paganism as directed by the Lord. It is important to pray through the Revised Divorce Decree from Baal first. 

Project Summary
1. Pray through the Revised Divorce Decree from Baal. PDF click here. Including the female face of the Baal principality, the Queen of Heaven.

2. Pray through the Capitol Turnaround Decree to repudiate of ungodly claims to our thrones of governance.

3. Rededicate your Capitol or sphere covenantally. Consecrate each seat covenantally to Jesus Christ. Call in those the Lord desires to occupy these seats. Declare God’s turnaround!

4. Welcome God’s governmental glory into your Capitol or sphere, connected to each seat of government.

5. Pray as led by Holy Spirit. Release Christ’s redemptive exposure. You might consider lighting a menorah as a prophetic action. 

6. Receive the Table of the Lord to covenantally seal your consecration. 

7. Vav your Capitol, connecting with the previous initiatives from the Lord to form a gateway for His governmental glory to come. Note that the Hebrew word-picture for 8 is made up of a vav and a crowned vav, connected at the top to symbolize a gateway or a bridal canopy. Now this is very important. We are asking you to connect your intercessions with previous Christ-centered projects, to complete the formation of this new gate for your sphere and state! 

This covenantal alignment not only forms a doorway of access. As we enter 5779, it helps to secure your gate from the serpent’s Finally, 

Lets really believe God to move through this project, and complete the extraordinary turnaround He has initiated to secure our freedom for the future. From a covenant of death empowering a culture of death, to a covenant of life empowering a culture of life. Thank you again for all you are doing. NO KING BUT JESUS!

Having received the verdict granting the divorcement from Baal specifically regarding all facets of Roman paganism, aligned and connected with other cumulative verdicts received through the years, we now ask the Court to validate and enforce the following decrees to manifest the legal status obtained through these verdicts in our respective spheres.

  1. Covenants establish thrones of governance. Father, in Jesus’ Name we renounce and repudiate all covenants with Roman paganism and satanism, perceived and hidden, including the Queen of Heaven and all other principalities and powers invoked through the dedication of buildings, positions, and thrones of authority in governance, in every realm and dimension of life and the spirit. We receive the divorcement from Baal on behalf of our Capitol and all seats therein. We hereby request that you annul all covenants with death and hell by which the enemy has claimed these thrones (Isaiah 28), and restrain all these forces from further influencing these thrones. We come into agreement with Heaven’s Court that these seats of authority now belong to Jesus Christ alone by covenant. Let the scepters of wickedness now be rescinded from the land allotted to the righteous (Psalm 125:3).

  2. Father in Jesus’ Name, please sever completely all spiritual ties and ley lines connecting Washington DC and my capitol to Roman paganism and satanism. We declare the disempowering of these occult power lines and the shutting of all gates of access, in Jesus’ Name and by His finished work of the cross. We declare the Blood of Jesus rebukes and silences every voice other than the voice of the Lord.

  3. Lord, whereas the Vatican was built on top of the altar of Cybele, who demanded trauma-inducing sexual abuse as part of her worship, we renounce and repudiate all sexual immorality and abuse tied to the religious-political spirit which have been imposed upon our state and government. Now sever all ungodly ties which have formed. Bring redemptive exposure of all sexual abuse tied to this religious-political cabal. Bring perpetrators to justice. May holy conviction and moral clarity now be restored across the spectrum of government in Jesus’ Name!

  4. Lord we renounce and repudiate all governmental decisions to empower abortion. We remind this Court of the precedent set through the 2013 Life Decree. Whereas Rome, the prototype of capitols, sealed covenants with Saturn and other demonic principalities through child sacrifice, we ask that You review and annul all covenants with death and hell directly related to abortion or child sacrifice in my state, and connecting Rome and my Capitol (Isaiah 28). We further agree with Heaven’s Court for the abolition of government-funded abortion in our state and nation, in Jesus Name.

  5. As these covenants with death and hell are annulled, we ask the Court to enforce its decision cited in Isaiah 28 that the occult covering empowered by these blood sacrifices now be removed. Lord bring redemptive exposure of evil and corruption. We declare the demonic dome of spiritual oppression is cracking and being broken, in Jesus’ Name, and His covering is forming. We declare the LORD’s crowning of His sons (male and female) in each gate to prevail against the enemy, and turn the battle at the gate! (Isaiah 28:5-6).

  6. Lord we renounce and repudiate all alignments between the religious and political realms through demonic rulership to control and subjugate those governed, as represented by Herod and Constantine. May this wicked cabal now be exposed and judged by You, Lord, the Righteous Judge. May the royal priesthood of believers be freed from deception, intimidation, and all muzzles from the religious-political spirit. May Jezebel now be deposed from our gates!

  7. Lord we renounce and repudiate all unholy alignments with Constantine’s imposition upon genuine apostolic Christianity. Lord we renounce and repudiate all occult-empowered timing imposed upon us by this structure. Please now sever all ties to Roman paganism which have disrupted the flow of Your covenant timing. We declare now You shift us out of occult-influenced timing and into Biblically-defined times and seasons, synergized with Your heart and with the real-time movement of Your throne. May the 7 Feasts of the Lord be restored, and the false feasts of Rome be exposed for what they are. We declare, covenantally and governmentally, the redeeming of time!

  8. Lord we declare the restoration of Your menorah from Rome to Jerusalem, disconnected from the roots of Roman paganism and restored to the covenant roots of our faith. Lord we say the fire of Your menorah bears witness to the restoration of your covenant with us, and the restoration of Your glory in our midst as a bridal canopy. Now replace the occult covering over my capitol with Your tabernacle of glory! May Holy Spirit be the spiritual undercurrent and overarching influence of my capitol. LET THERE BE LIGHT!

  9. In accordance with the following pleas and decrees, now grant Washington DC this divorce from Roman paganism. Grant Jerusalem and all Israel this divorce from Roman paganism. Sever all ungodly ties which have connected these cities and regions to Rome. Sever all ungodly ties between our state Capitol and Washington DC. Realign our state Capitol with Washington DC according to Your covenant alone. SEPARATE LIGHT FROM DARKNESS!

  10. Lord, we declare the restoration of covenant wealth which was confiscated or stolen (Deut. 8:18). Further, we declare the apostolic mantles of authority that were imprisoned and stolen in Rome are being recovered, cleansed and restored back to the Body of Messiah—in Jerusalem, in Israel, in my state, our nation, in Rome, Italy, in Europe, and in the nations. We declare the apostolic-prophetic-prayer movement now shifts from the deliberate confinement imposed by this structure into the full stature and authority You have ordained, the full provision You have ordained, as well as the full influence You have ordained within our governments.

  11. Lord we remember the cries of Your martyrs, those abused or slain for Your Name’s sake, which are still resounding before Your throne. Now release a martyrs’ harvest for a martyrs’ seed! We declare the birthing and commissioning of a new Apostolic messenger movement—burning and shining lamps releasing freedom to the nations. And we covenant with you that, as empowered by Your Spirit and in synergy with the angelic hosts, we will complete the work which was begun in former seasons. We receive Your commission. Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord!

  12. Father God, in accordance with the Divorcement from Baal and these decrees sealed by Heaven’s Court, we now ask that you grant the fullness of Your governmental turnaround effective immediately, restraining all occult forces tied to Roman paganism and satanism, and releasing the saints to now possess the kingdom (Daniel 7:22). Turn the tide! Realign our government according to Your covenant alone. May statewide and national breakthroughs even be manifested now, so that the turnaround You initiated may now be completed. NO KING BUT JESUS!

Father God, just as Jesus Christ, Your ultimate Verdict for all mankind, was vaved to a Roman Cross and resurrected; and just as Luther’s decree of Reformation was vaved to the door of the church; and just as Jael vaved the headship of the enemy; so we vav Your verdict, as a witness before Heaven and Earth, into Capitoline Hill, Capitol Hill, Zion’s Hill, and Capitols across America and the world. “Strike the capitals, and let the thresholds shake” with Your Freedom Movement. LET MY PEOPLE GO!