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THANK YOU for your encouragement on recent postings! Very glad they have been so confirming to so many of you.

If there was ever a posting I did not want to be confirming, it was yesterday’s perceptions on Auschwitz and Holocaust Remembrance Day. So hard to write! It was sobering to see such strong correlations between the Nazis, ISIS, and Iran with its relentless nuclear ambitions. And in each of these cases, world leaders initially marginalized the warnings right before their very eyes.

In my spirit I still feel the weight of these words. Because the seedbed of this same magnitude of evil is being tolerated on our watch. We cannot afford to ignore the reports this time!

I for one am resolved to exert whatever leadership influence the Lord has granted, and more importantly whatever intercessory influence the Lord has granted, to see a turnaround. We need to stand together for God’s dream for Israel, the Jewish people, and the Mideast to be fully realized. Resolve to be relentless!

Showdown—Obama & Netanyahu
Speaking of which… have you been following the showdown between President Obama and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu? It’s widely acknowledged that friction between the two leaders has existed for years. But recently, tensions have increased dramatically due to fierce disagreements over Iran and deals in the works to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

After Netanyahu accepted an invitation by John Boehner to address a joint session of Congress, members of the Obama administration actually accused Netanyahu of spitting in Obama’s face. Followed by a threat of immediate retribution.

The Report I Ignored
I figured this was all political theater until I received an urgent email from Sandra Teplinsky. Breaking news—Obama’s top campaign director just landed in Israel to mobilize political opposition to Netanyahu in Israel’s upcoming elections!

Impossible. This cannot be! Didn’t President Obama and others just comment that the doors of the White House and the State Department would be shut to PM Netanyahu this trip, specifically so as not to influence Israeli elections?

So obviously the idea that a campaign in Israel to influence Israeli elections and sway public opinion for “anyone but Netanyahu” would not gain President Obama’s support. Let alone a nod for his top campaign field manager, whose state by state networking was largely attributed to Obama’s 2012 victory, to move to Israel and lead the effort. With a State-Department funded group allegedly funding the campaign.

All this would equate to publicly undermining the top leader of a nation! And not just any nation, but our closest ally in the Mideast! Therefore Sandy’s email, sent on Holocaust Remembrance Day, was so far out of the realm of possibility I initially took a nod from history and ignored its warnings. Chalked it up to rumors and bad reporting.

Then I realized, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, dismissing this report might not be such a great idea.

Last night all the major networks validated Sandy’s report. On Holocaust Remembrance Day. I really wish I could make this stuff up. Because in this case, I absolutely wouldn’t.

Muslim Brotherhood at State Department
Oh—and did I mention that the State Department has been hosting leaders from Egypt aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood this week? The Washington Free Beacon reported on it yesterday… Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The voters of Egypt rejected the Muslim Brotherhood, which had received significant endorsement from the Obama Administration, in May 2014. They chose current President Abdel El-Sisi instead. This brought an end to the Muslim Brotherhood’s brutal, totalitarian imposition of sectarian Islam on Egyptians, renunciation of campaign promises to end corruption and move towards freedom, and ceaseless slaughter of Christians during their brief rule over Egypt.

According to reports of the State Department meeting from the Washington Free Beacon, the Obama administration is still pursuing relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, even if at El-Sisi’s expense. To read article click here.

Yet after the Paris massacre, when western leaders sought help from moderate Muslim voices, it was El-Sisi who responded.

Only a week before, almost prophetically, El-Sisi made a historic speech calling for a “revolution in religion” to take back Islam from violent jihadists. “It’s inconceivable that the thinking that we hold most sacred should cause the entire Islamic world to be a source of anxiety, danger, killing, and destruction for the rest of the world,” he declared. “Impossible.”

Certainly Time to Pray
Friends, does this indicate we are undermining both the leader of Israel, our strongest ally in the Mideast, and the leader of Egypt, perhaps Islam’s strongest public voice against violent jihad? In the same week, almost the same day?

Holocaust Remembrance Day?

Can’t make this stuff up. Really you can’t. Yesterday I grieved. Now I have renewed faith to pray. Remember Isaiah 19 and God’s promise to restore Egypt, Israel and Syria. Looking forward to Sandy’s insights on the conference call tonight, as well as sharing and interceding with you!