THIS WEDNESDAY!!! PRAYER CALL, 9PM EST. Jolene will host, Jon joins from Africa! Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 
Pray for our team, led by Pastor Pitts Evans of Whole Word Fellowship in Oakton VA. He has done an amazing job fulfilling an unmistakeable apostolic role in this nation. Bob Milne, a prison chaplain in Fairfax, is with us to release God’s transformation among the chaplains of Sierra Leone—military, prison, police, fire, etc. David Njoroge, an ON FIRE youth worship leader is taking a break from Liberty University to join us as well.
SIERRA LEONE, AFRICA—Our team arrived safely last night. What a journey! Fourteen hours of flying and a six hour layover brought us to the airport. As the sun fell into the Atlantic, a 45-minute speedboat ride ushered us across one of the world’s largest natural harbors into the city of Freetown. We were welcomed at the dock by an honor guard!
I’m writing you this brief update from “Prayer Tabernacle,” a ministry compound in Freetown with a beautiful view of the Atlantic, only a few miles away. The compound’s back yard leads to hundreds of clustered shacks along a bumpy dirt road. Some tin roofs feature satellite dishes on top, some have old tires to keep them in storms. During the day, kids play while vendors offer their wares—everything from sodas and crackers to fresh mangoes and Websters dictionaries. During the night, the neighborhood becomes one big house party—with freshly mixed rap music spinning from homegrown DJs, and many hundreds visiting, talking and walking the streets.
From War to Transformation
Apostle Sidikie Kamala is hosting our team. He has started 38 churches in Sierra Leone, after pastoring his flock through a violent civil war which ended in 2001. The war became a turning point not only for his ministry, but also for the nation itself. Impoverished and in crisis, the nation turned to God for help.
“Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” That was the national plea for help amidst the atrocities and destruction of the civil war. In 1997, rebel soldiers broke into a prison and freed their next president—a fervent prayer warrior who saw Jesus as Sierra Leone’s best and only hope. He led the nation in consecrating his nation to God with a nationwide declaration of “Jesus” by its war-weary citizens.
And Jesus did not disappoint. The war turned, the atrocities slowed, and by 2001 peace had graced the land. Signs of societal transformation are now everywhere–from the “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” furniture store to the explosive growth of evangelism and church growth in Freetown and beyond.
Vision—Two Waves and a Ring
God wants to give Sierra Leone a “new birth of freedom.” More on this in a moment. First, here’s what I saw prophetically while praying today over a radio broadcaster. I saw two waves crashing in on Sierra Leone. One was the civil war, the other is a wave of covenant blessing that I believe is just beginning to flood the land.
With the first wave, I saw The Lord remove a piece of coal from the heart of my new friend. There was a diamond in the coal, which the hand of The Lord then returned to this man’s heart. As I kept watching, the empty space from the coal was actually filled with gold. And I saw the diamond and gold fashioned into an engagement ring.
Hey… God wants to “marry” Sierra Leone! He wants to establish His bride here in covenant with Christ, apart from all idolatry. I BELIEVE THIS PASSOVER IS CRITICAL FOR THE FULL RELEASE OF THIS SECOND WAVE. Please pray!
Amazing Opportunities—Schedule
So The Lord has presented us with amazing opportunities. As you pray, keep in mind Sierra Leone is 4 hours ahead of East Coast time, and 7 hours ahead of West Coast time. So please be forerunners for us!
Thursday-Friday is a special convocation with pastors and leaders from the two primary apostolic networks of Sierra Leone. David is ministering in the youth revival, and I am sharing the Passover/ New Birth of Freedom message in two sessions.
Thursday-Sunday I will be “live” on the radio, sharing for an entire hour each night! Pray! Pray some more!
Sunday I will also be ministering in the morning at “Prayer Tabernacle” with Apostle Sidikie. Please pray for favor and transformation of hearts.
Monday-Tuesday our team is participating in a nationwide chaplain’s conference. My new friend Bob Milne, a prison chaplain in Fairfax, is facilitating 8 sessions! And I’ve been asked to do two sessions. We will also be presenting in a prison nearby—a first for me.
Following this, there is a special two-day conference focused on the Passover/ New Birth of Freedom/ Court of Heaven message. This is an equipping time for pastors, leaders and intercessors. Believing God for covenant with God to be established before His throne, divorced from all idolatry.
Friends, that’s some heavy lifting right there. Your intercession in the Spirit is preparing the way FOR REAL. Ask The Lord to establish Sierra Leone in His new birth of freedom. Ask for key revelation on the Court of Heaven to be granted, and His verdicts of justice released. ASK FOR THE POWER AND DEMONSTRATION OF HOLY SPIRIT. And agree with me for the enemy to be COMPLETELY restrained in every realm and dimension of life and the spirit during this time.