PRAYER CALL WEDNESDAY! 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

GLORY TRAIN TWO! August 18-October 4. Details coming soon! 

THIS WEEKEND—AIKEN SC SCHOOL OF KINGS! Each year the Lord calls us to gather over 7-22 in a city highlighted by Him to see judgement rendered in favor of the saints. This year we’re in Aiken, in the banquet hall of a pro-life counseling center. I think this is significant. Please make plans to join us! 

We are in the final few weeks of the “Resounding Scrolls Prayer Project.” Watch for Heaven’s scrolls to be released! And lets watch over the scrolls the Lord has already entrusted to us. It’s time for the re-constitution of the United States according to His original intent.

We cannot afford for this movement to be stalled! Remember the lessons of Tisha b’Av, resulting in 40 years of wilderness wanderings. This alone should put the fear of God in government leaders who seem to be putting self-interest above the mandate to “Make America Great Again.” Watch for the clash between Constitutional nationalism and idolatry-empowered globalism. That defines our “conflict of thrones” today. 

And when the Lord declares it’s time to retake the land, He means it! 

Here’s good news. The Lord has made clear this cycle of wilderness has come to an end—that after 40 years of discipline, Ichabod has been erased, and glory released. His movement is now being recovered! 

That said, a small “Gideon” team will be engaged in a few days of strategic prayer for Washington DC, focused on releasing God’s breakthrough. Friends have joined us here from across the nation. As per our original commission on Passover, IT’S NOW TIME TO TAKE THE LAND! 

We covet your immediate engagement in prayer for us at this time. Pray for clarity, protection and Heaven’s breakthrough of covenantal authority. Lets all agree for God’s turnaround to again shake Washington DC. Deep State Deliverance. Let there be light! 

Below is an excerpt from our posting sharing revelation on Tisha b’Av. Tomorrow we’ll share the verdict from Heaven’s Court on the Reconstitution of the United States. Daniel 7:22, the Turnaround Verdict.

Lamplighter family, please keep us covered in prayer. Covenant blessings to each of you, in Jesus’ Name! 

Trump and Tisha B’Av—Posting from July 12
On to Trump, Russia, intel leaks, and the latest challenge to the Trump administration. Most of you know that the New York Times broke the story about Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with a Russian attorney, allegedly to gain dirt on rival Hillary Clinton. The Times received what was described as “a description of government records,” most likely the email chain later released to the press. 

It was a leak. Further, the story was leaked to the New York Times by someone with high level access to material being investigated. 

Don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂 Remember how the Lord quickened to us this watch over President Trump’s second hundred days. In our opening posting “Drain the Swamp & Secure the Harvest,” I clearly articulated God’s warning about this season culminating with Tisha b’Av, or the 9th of Av. I felt from this time that something was coming that could affect our nation even for the next 40 years. I wrote:

About 100 days after their first Passover, the window opened for the children of Israel to take the Promised Land. Unfortunately they saw giants and refused. 

Only 113 days from Passover they chose to disobey their first call to take the land, and derailed their entire movement for 40 years. The solemn date “Tisha b’Av,” or the 9th of Av, marks the exact date of their disobedience. And on that exact date, future generations would witness the destruction of the first temple and the second temple…

Walls Breached—Watch This!
For Jews, yesterday began the three week period of mourning which culminates on Tisha b’Av. The reason? Yesterday marked the date the walls surrounding the Temple were breached, allowing the marauders to gain access to the sanctuary. 

So it’s very important to see how a wall has been breached again— through the leaked story on Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with the Russian attorney. This time the legal wall between the intelligence community and the public.

The Lord recently showed me how the tragedy on Tisha b’Av came actually came about from a similar breach regarding intelligence leaks. Twelve spies were sent out to scope out the land. Joshua and Caleb came back with a good report, and the other ten with a negative report. Giants in the land. No way to defeat them!

The twelve spies constituted Moses’ intelligence community. Here’s a question. How did the top secret intelligence about the giants get from Moses’ intelligence community to the broader population? 

Watch this now. The whole conflict which plunged the Jewish people into 40 years of wilderness wandering came as a result of AN INTELLIGENCE LEAK. 

Tragically, this leak set the course for the movement of the Jewish people for generations. We must pray that our own movement not be sabotaged! 

That said, I am believing God to see the attacks greatly diminished. I’m not sure quite how. But we’re going to see God’s hand bring a genuine turnaround! Lets agree that, in this hour as in the days of Joshua, the enemy’s defenses are actually being restrained and removed. 

From the “Drain the Swamp” posting:

“Tisha b’Av was supposed to become a power-filled “time gate” for God’s people to possess the land. But when they failed to move through this gate into a season of war, it negatively affected future generations for thousands of years. 

God wants to fully reverse this curse. I sense a similar “time gate” is opening this fall. And it has the potential to affect us positively or negatively for the next 40 years. We must respond to God’s direction. Perhaps this is why the Lord is calling us all to forerunning prayer right now!…

A key issue for these next 100 days is whether or not we are willing to obey God by engaging in supernatural conflict to secure our Promised Land. Joshua observed, “Only rebel not against the LORD, neither fear ye the people of the land; for they are bread for us; their defence is removed from over them, and the LORD is with us; fear them not’” (Numbers 14:13, JPS Hebrew-English Bible).

Did you catch that? When God opens the window to possess your portion, the defense is removed from OVER your enemies. You will still have to engage. But the demonic realm will be fully restrained!