CALL TONIGHT—9PM ET. Preparing for Passover—Cleansing from the Wilderness! With Chris Mitchell, Martin Frankena. (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

Call replay from Sunday evening, the national day of prayer proclaimed by President Trump. From the original “threshing floor” of Jerusalem to Washington DC to every state of the nation, a nationwide altar of covenant was presented to the Lord with a united plea for MERCY. To listen please CLICK HERE. 

SPECIAL CALL TONIGHT! Your rest stop becomes your gateway out of the wilderness! It’s time for you to gain cleansing and freedom from the wilderness in preparation for the new beginning Passover 2020 will be launching you into. Note that we are only two weeks away from this feast which has been so clearly emphasized for 2020. Like for months. 

So join us tonight, and lets begin the journey of intentional preparation for our future. Chris Mitchell Jr and Martin Frankena will help to lead us, sharing prophetic direction and key prayers to free you from the wilderness. Tell your friends. And please make it a priority!

Below is the post we originally shared on 2-22-2020, with minor edits for clarity. God is bringing our nation into a covenant reset, beginning with you. Lets move with Holy Spirit and prepare!

222 Dream—Cleansing from the Wilderness
Jolene and I were going to meet my dad. It was very foggy out. I turned right on to a large highway, following the route I would normally take on our regular visits. We were headed to meet dad by the ocean. Note that in the natural, my dad does not have an oceanfront home. Yet, at least…

A road block block was ahead which forced me off my normal route. It directed us to the right, on a very wide arc. The pathway on the road was lit with flares because of two separate accidents, one on either side of road. Though they had just occurred, firemen were already on the scene treating the wounded. The arc detour continued to direct us across the road on to the driveway of a white service station, through the service station and on to the highway again. 

I pulled into the filling station and decided to refresh and get gas. Jolene got out of the car to get us both drinks. I called my dad to let him know I would be 15 minutes late. Because the route through the filling station was a parallel road to the regular route, just not the highway. 

When I opened up car door to get gas, all of the sudden large amounts of sand fell out! It was as if the sand appeared out of nowhere. Looking around the car, I discovered another massive pile of sand piled in the instrument panel with the speedometer. I had to clean the car of piles of sand I did not even know were there. Where had all this sand one from? 

While praying over the dream, the word of the Lord came to me:

This is a time where I am bringing to the surface unseen consequences of your past disobedience which have accumulated without you knowing, so that you can be internally cleansed and refreshed. I desire to cleanse you from the wilderness! Even the dimension of the wilderness where you have dwelt. Therefore I have offered you a stopping place for cleansing, refreshment and a fresh start. 

For as you have prophesied I am bringing my people through the cleansing waters into their inheritance at this time. Passover 2020 marks the true beginning of the season to possess the land. In this season I have called many to return to the secret place for rest and refreshment to conquer in the days ahead!

For many decided to press forward when I told them to stop, says the Lord. They understood the times but disregarded aspects of their condition tied to the wilderness. Therefore a hard stop was mandated. 

And the Lord is saying, your rest stop becomes your gateway out of the wilderness!

Father God I pray for a season of refreshment and re-strengthening for the Lamplighter family, in Jesus’ Name. Draw us all to Your secret place! Revitalize and refresh us. Prepare us for Passover and the season ahead, in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Where Did All This Sand Come From?
That’s where the 2-22 posting ended. Here’s a brief update as we took the word to heart and followed through with the Lord. 

Where did all this sand come from? Probably like many of you, once my fast-paced world went on pause, hidden “sand” within my heart became revealed. Without my knowing, it had piled up in the car and even over my instrument panel, or navigation system. This dream helped me see aspects of my true condition which had been hidden from my heart. A spiritual dullness, an unintentional distance from the Lord and from loved ones, became apparent. 

Martin Frankena, who will be with us tonight, helped me through the cleansing process. One of the biggest surprises how anger and unforgiveness had piled up without my even being aware of it. Over people I barely even knew. Please keep in mind that our hometown of Washington DC had become a national epicenter of vitriol, almost to the point of civil war. But Jesus’ words still hold true. Forgive, and it shall be forgiven you. Don’t let a root of bitterness gain ground in your heart, or it will spring up to defile you and those you love. 

Get the sand out! Take some time to become cleansed from the wilderness of your own past and present disobedience. Again, the opportunity conveyed through this dream is for all of us. We are being sovereignly prepared by God to cross over and possess our inheritance. But in order to be successful in this next season, the sand of the wilderness season must be cleansed from your life.

Father God I pray for a season of revealing, cleansing, refreshing and re-strengthening for all who are reading this. Draw us all to Your secret place once again. Revitalize and refresh Your people. Prepare us for the season ahead, in Jesus’ Name.

Because your rest stop becomes a gateway out of the wilderness.