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PHOTOS OF MARLENE AND BILL and adventures through the years. Clockwise from left—Marlene and Bill during Capitol Tour, Marlene, Bill, Jon, Jolene, home group launching the 2016 Glory Train journey from their living room, Marlene visits the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, Marlene and Bill take a quiet moment at an Israeli beach, Marlene and Bill at the Revolution 2019-2020 New Years Eve. For more please CLICK LINK: 

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The outpouring of love for the Brubakers has been overwhelming as news spread of Marlene’s Valentines Day passing. We are going to take much of the call tonight to hear from you—hilarious memories, penetrating prayers, moments of wisdom, times where Marlene and Bill have touched your lives over the nine years of the Lamplighter call.

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What Would Marlene Do?
I spoke with Bill yesterday and he is standing so strong. Their amazing daughters, Kathryn and TerriAnn, joined Bill yesterday in Seattle. In the midst of the many calls, house visits, and preparations Bill shared he could either succumb to grief or focus on celebrating the woman of his dreams, and the God who brought them together. 

“Grief is like a coin with two sides,” Bill told me. “On one side is despair over losing Marlene. On the other side is celebrating her life. I am choosing now to celebrate.” 

Bill emphasized that the love, support, and prayers you have shared have strengthened him to move forward.

And this secret also helps. “In the hard moments I just ask myself, what would Marlene want me to do? And I keep going.” This sentiment immediately sparked an idea for a new movement. Maybe even a wristband. WWMD. What would Marlene do?

Truth be told, that same question has raced through my heart many times too recently, Bill. WWMD. What would Marlene do?

Our Story
Jolene and I met the Brubakers in 2011 at a conference we hosted in metro Seattle, their backyard. But it was in Washington DC that we really connected. Bill and Marlene carried a God-given passion to see breakthrough in DC, with ministries collaborating together towards this end. They saw how breakthrough in Washington DC would reverberate to impact their home state of Washington. When they asked us to lunch they opened up about frustrations over a ministry they supported that stopped pursuing these goals. 

We were amazed at how the Lord focused us on the same priorities, with the same heart and values. Our lunch became one of those crossroads that defined a new future for all of us. 

Marlene and Bill began to pray for us. Not coincidentally, just a few months after, a prophetic word from our mutual friends Rick and Patricia Ridings propelled us into Washington DC—within a few short weeks of the word being given. The word was about a “Crown and Throne” movement bursting forth out of Washington DC. We were being summoned to DC as one of many catalysts of this move. 

That was nine years ago. Then came the weekly calls, focused at first on Davids Tent and the US elections. Bill and Marlene opened these calls from the very beginning. Then came the book “Crown and Throne.” Then came our yearly Revolution gatherings. Then the Glory Procession and the Turnaround Tour. We saw our prayers answered before our eyes with the largest and most comprehensive governmental shift in recent history. The books “Midnight Cry” and White House Watchmen” document both the opportunity and peril of this hour. 

And with Marlene and Bill as Mom and Dad to us and the Lamplighter family, week in and week out we began to see both the magnitude of the promise and the magnitude of the resistance from the enemy. Help, Lord! 

After the horrendous 2020 election a governmental prayer call I’ve been part of over many years began to pray daily. Bill and Marlene engaged daily, with fierce determination. This is in addition to our Lamplighter calls, where we were fully engaged as well. We need to complete the turnaround!

This became almost a final assignment from the Lord for Marlene. But as of yet this project remains largely incomplete. While praying today I had a sense that Marlene was summoned home in part because her contribution to this project somehow could only be completed FROM THE OTHER SIDE. 

I’m pretty sure Marlene’s before the Court of Heaven now, pleading the case for her family, for us, for the nation. The interplay between the Lord and His saints on both sides of the veil, as our eternal Majestic brings forth His great movement from Heaven to earth in response, will be nothing less than extraordinary. 

Covenant blessings to each of you, and No King but Jesus!

Jon & Jolene