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FIRST—what a significant call Tuesday, November 5 launching the One Voice Prayer Movement. Todd Lamphere described the call as a moment that became a movement. Profound! I want to personally thank our team—Paula White, Todd Lamphere, Dave Kubal—as well as all the principals who joined us. Most importantly THANK YOU LAMPLIGHTER FAMILY for praying for us and joining the call to contend for God’s destiny for our nation!

I had the privilege of praying for national awakening in America on yesterday’s call, decreeing in concert with you that the awakening has now begun. I also shared briefly on how the One Voice principals closed out our first meeting by recounting the repairing of our national covenant with Christ on the 400th anniversary of slavery in America. Forgiveness was released. Covenant with death annulled. 

God’s timing is so precise. After 400 years, a freedom movement has begun. To me this was the summation of everything we’ve worked towards as the Lamplighter family. And it was backed up by every step our One Voice principals took yesterday, praying through the White House, Supreme Court and Capitol in addition to launching the call. 

One Voice. One Vision. No King but Jesus. Let My People Go!

Speaking of which, Jolene and I gotta catch a flight to New England, so we need to let you go! Looking forward to tonight’s call—recounting some glory stories and praying together. COVENANT BLESSINGS TO EACH OF YOU!