LAMPLIGHTER CALL TONIGHT! 9pm EST. Martin Frankena joins! Martin is highly gifted prophetically, with clarity on the times and grace in discernment and deliverance. Conference call number: (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 


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FIRST—EXCITED ABOUT TONIGHT’S CALL! Martin Frankena will be joining. Martin is a spiritual father to Jolene, to me, and to many others. He is highly gifted in spiritual discernment and deliverance. Longtime Lamplighters know that Martin always shares an authentic word from the Lord that gently challenges us to the core. Please join us tonight!

National Covering for Breakthrough
Thank you for participating in yesterday’s calls. The One Voice prayer call was substantive, with Paula White leading the charge, calling our nation to return to the Lord as well as praying for President Trump. It was awesome to pray into the 2020 inheritance revelation we’ve been sharing over the past few days. 

And last night’s national communion call was beyond words. By leading of Holy Spirit we entered into a threshold covenant with the Lord for a defining hour of this freedom movement. His presence was weighty and refreshing. Thank you again Priscilla Zananiri. I shared A foundational national covering was released through Christ’s precious blood!

Keep Watch—It’s Time to Turn the Tables
Impeachment hearings restarted in the House Judiciary Committee today, in an ongoing effort to bring down the Trump administration which actually began even before his inauguration. This is not about right versus left but right versus wrong. Our nation is being divided and destabilized. As we shared prophetically yesterday, it is time to turn the tables. 

I woke up yesterday morning with a knowing in my spirit that it was now time for this. Jesus is bringing forth justice in a way that turns the tables on the accusers. With all my heart I believe December marks the beginning of this turnaround. Profound that we began this watch last night with the Table of the Lord!

We will continue tonight with a very important call focused on personal preparation. Again, I’m excited for what Martin will bring to help us all advance. It’s so important to let go of old mindsets and limitations. As we shared yesterday:

You are now coming to this threshold. Therefore in this 21 day season of preparation allow Me to strip off of you the final wilderness garments still confining you from perceiving and advancing. I speak shalom. Let go of old limitations. Let go of the old to embrace the new. I will mantle you even as you continue to wait and watch with Me. 

And I say watch! Watch for I will visit you on your watch, even as I visited My servants of old. Watch even for a new wineskin to form that will cover My remnant people. Suddenly it will appear!