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WATCH—SECURING AMERICA’S INHERITANCE! Glory Train St Louis. Pursue, overtake, recover all! Learn how covenant with God unlocks both glory and inheritance. Receive a fresh  impartation to possess your inheritance! 

WATCH—SECURING AMERICA’S COVENANT! Glory Train OKC. Breakthrough service with Apostle John Benefiel at the legendary Church on the Rock. Must-see!

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WE’RE HOME! Warm greetings to you from Washington DC. Jolene and I returned Monday evening after a two and a half week, perpetual experience with the Lord through America’s heartland. From Houston to Abilene to Dallas and Oklahoma City to Kansas City, St. Louis and Minneapolis-St. Paul.  

THAT’S WHERE A THRESHING FLOOR BECAME AN ALTAR this weekend. And it’s an incredible story of God’s covenant faithfulness. 

Tonight Jolene, Chris Mitchell and I are going to explore an amazing journey with God through the heartland of America, encountering glory and seeing His redemption right before our eyes. The journey culminated in Minneapolis-St Paul, twin cities from which our entire nation was tested and threshed through George Floyd’s horrific death exactly one year ago. And now this land long prophesied as a threshing floor to the nation has shifted into a new covenant purpose, as an altar of encounter for the Lord, sealed with holy fire days before the anniversary. 

The Lord is good! A purified freedom movement has now taken form. Tonight we will share the story and also release impartation from God’s breakthrough for you. Because it is time for your threshing floor to now become an altar of encounter!

Join us tonight. Please be prepared with communion. And if you haven’t yet presented your firstfruit offerings to the Lord, consider sowing into this Glory Train movement. NO KING BUT JESUS!