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Countering the False Song of Globalism
First—the Conflict of Thrones this year is making a turn. It was amazing to see Donald Trump sweep all of the original 13 colonies as the “Acela Primaries” finished up. I still don’t know what to make of it. Even though the Lord gave me a dream this January about a Trump presidency, like many believers in Christ I genuinely struggle with several of his positions on key issues. And I have found many of his personal commentaries to be degrading and offensive.

But I am genuinely celebrating Trump’s policy speech in Washington DC yesterday. For years now America has been on the wrong train—a long and intentional slide into globalism tied to idolatry, pushed by leaders from both parties. Our sovereignty has been sabotaged, or economic future has been undermined, our Judeo-Christian values have been marginalized, our borders have been purposely compromised.

Friends, it’s time for a turnaround. Whoever becomes President, it’s time we recover our identity as “one Nation under God.”

“We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism,” Trump stated in his speech. “No American citizen will ever feel that their needs come second to a citizen of a foreign country . . . I will be America’s greatest defender and most loyal champion.”

So very refreshing!

Passover Breakthroughs—Freedom from Abuse
It is truly time for a turnaround. And my opinion the primary point of this election year still remains true. The turnaround we are all seeking can only come by the hand of the Lord.

It was also extraordinary to receive feedback from our posting yesterday on Passover and freedom from abuse. A friend wrote that her daughter had finally decided this Passover to move on from a very abusive situation.

And I believe it was significant that former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was sentenced yesterday for sexually abusing many, including children, and then lying even to the FBI to cover over his darkest secrets. For too long America’s public figures have been untouchable, their crimes glossed over with political leverage and outright bribery to silence the cause of justice.

May this Passover be a demarcation in history that a horrific cycle of injustice is now being broken, with leaders held accountable for their actions. May we gain freedom from all forms of abuse as God moves to establish His verdicts of justice in the land. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

Midnight Train to Georgia
“All aboard the Glory Train!” We are now quite literally on a midnight train to Georgia. Last night we had an amazing time in Charleston SC. We were met at the station by a wild bunch with bells, whistles and shouts! And the celebration just never ended.

God met us powerfully with revelation as we prayed together on Daniel Island. And the evening service was simply GLORY!

South Carolina’s Profound Turnaround
Would you believe we  and the Glory Train movement were welcomed into the area with letters from the mayor of Charleston, the mayor of North Charleston, and even a special note from Nikki Haley, the governor of South Carolina! Lamplighter readers know that Gov. Haley is a personal hero of ours, and to be welcomed into her state was almost overwhelming.

Friends, something happens when a move of the Spirit is welcomed in governmentally to the land. The amazing thing is that Charleston and South Carolina are already moving in the glory. There’s been an amazing transformation that is affecting every sphere of society. God is reclaiming the southeast gate of the nation—Charleston—what my friend Pitts Evans has termed “The Holy City.”

I shared last night about the incredible precedent the body of Christ set for the nation after the tragic shootings of Pastor Clementia Pickney and five others during a prayer meeting. A year earlier, we had prophesied that Charleston is where the scepter of the wicked begins to be rescinded from the land allotted to the righteous. And that Shiloh’s scepter, from Genesis 49:10, rules in its place.

The word proved true. It was amazing to see how Charleston became a stopping place for the scepter of vitriol and malice that could have once again swept through the entire nation. I have no doubt that was the enemy’s plan.

But very simply, forgiveness was chosen instead. And because of the profound example of the body of Christ here, especially within the African American community, the governance of Christ’s love profoundly overcame.

Now that’s God’s glory in manifestation—for real. Laying the tracks for South Carolina’s future, and America’s future. With Jesus Christ the cornerstone as a new covenant is established with His land and people. Glory!

And it’s also God’s true message of freedom this Passover. It’s time to gain precious freedom from anger, malice and abuse. It’s time to see a restoration of the true glory of Christ’s dream—with every tribe, tongue and nation worshiping together before the Throne!

I cannot emphasize enough the sense of destiny we feel over South Carolina. It is truly a covenant land. And the Glory Train got a fresh start here.

Bob and Bonnie Jones—South Carolinians
One of my greatest honors last night was sharing the legacy of Bob and Bonnie Jones, and prophetic words they have given including the Glory Train. For the final years of Bob’s life, he and Bonnie were South Carolinians. And the Glory Train word was given to Bob in South Carolina for the state and then the nation.

Follow me here. It was this move of glory that was welcomed in governmentally last night by the Governor, two mayors, many Charleston pastors and leaders, and the precious body of Christ in the city. Again, one of the greatest privileges we’ve ever experienced.

I cannot wait to hear from Bonnie Jones tonight on a very special prayer call! Please join us at 9pm EST. Glory!

Jolene and I want to thank Pastors Mark and Patricia Estes and North Palm Church for hosting us. Your congregation embodies God’s dream for Charleston and the nation. A true apostolic center—and I do not say this lightly!

And we want to especially thank HAPN/RPN state leaders Judy Jackson and Frank Segnius—for their hard work and hospitality, and especially for their years of labor in the land they love, laying the tracks for the restoration of God’s glory. YOU ARE HEROES!

Covenant blessings to each of you, we’ll talk with you tonight.

Glory Train Schedule
April 28-31 Glory Train Weekend, Remnant Church, Brunswick GA with Jamie Jackson
May 5 (National Day of Prayer), 7pm at Father’s House, Conyers GA with Lynn Alderson, Jamie Fitt, more.
May 6-7 Revolution Georgia, Cartersville House of Prayer with Lynn Alderson, Jamie Fitt, Rocky & Mary Abernathy, more. For info click here.
May 8 City Gate Atlanta, 5pm with Jacquie Tyre.
May 11 Rivers Edge Church, Montgomery AL, Pastor Eddie Mitchell