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Who Deleted America’s Conscience?
Greetings Vineyard Warriors. The debate last night clearly conveyed two radically different visions for America. I hope each of you are evaluating platforms and strengthening your resolve accordingly.

Consider for instance Hillary’s unconditional embrace of late-term abortion as policy secured by Roe vs Wade. You might also find it extraordinary that the leader of Planned Parenthood could be promoted by any political party—after the horrific atrocities of marketing aborted baby parts.

And how can a four-star general be sent to jail for lying once to the FBI, when Hillary Clinton was given a free pass on consistently lying about classified emails on her personal and unprotected server, and then openly defying a congressional subpoena by deleting 33,000 emails?

Baffling. Serious.

If as Hillary Clinton alleges, America really is great right now because we are so good, I have some very simple questions. When did we lose our capacity to discern good and evil? Who deleted America’s conscience?

Another quote comes immediately to mind—Elijah’s rebuke. “You have sold yourself to do evil in the sight of the Lord!”

Trump—Two Prophetic Dreams
Below are summaries of two dreams I had regarding Donald Trump. Though I believe these dreams convey aspects of God’s heart for both Trump and America, neither you nor I should finalize any vote based solely on prophetic expressions. Instead, seek the Lord while evaluating the platforms for yourself.

Jon to Trump—“You Must Restore Christmas!”
In the first dream, which I received in early January, Trump had won a contract to restore the Department of Homeland Security, and was touring the campus where I once worked. he was hiring back employees fired for their faith. They were primarily black.

I totally forgot a significant aspect of this dream until reviewing it today. In it I called to Trump and declared, “You must restore Christmas!” The implications of this are profound.


Dream—Trump Walked Alone!
In the second dream, Donald Trump was coaching a baseball team that he was leading. It was a practice session. I was in the stands with others. Trump was leading the practice, hitting balls consistently into left field between the shortstop and the outfielders and advancing the team members already on base.

The sky turned dark, as if a storm was coming. The team headed towards the locker room. Trump walked completely alone off the practice field. With the team, but walking alone. 

In retrospect this makes so much sense. 

At that very instance, two white horses showed up on the field, racing right towards me. One of the horses thrust his head into my chest very playfully and affectionately. I felt God was conveying the release of God’s war horses as conveyed in Revelation 19:11.

Two war horses from the Lord. Perhaps for Israel and America. Turnaround!

While we were walking off the field in the dream, Trump saw me and turned. He implored me directly with a smile, “You gotta keep praying for me.” The dream ended.


Yesterday Horses Were Running Across Road!
Final point. Yesterday was marked by one of the most unusual driving experiences in our lives. We were on a back country road to Berne NY. Suddenly four horses raced across the road—right in front of us!

As Jolene slammed on the brakes, a distraught lady farmer shouted for these horses. COME BACK! I guess they had somehow escaped the confines of the barn. We watched as they continued in a nearby field, running free.

It was quite a sight. On the night of the debate, the horses broke free—and crossed the road right in front of us. You just cannot make this stuff up. Lets keep covering the elections in prayer. Decreeing that these “war horses of the Lord” now have free course to run. No King but Jesus,

Jon & Jolene