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INTERVIEW WITH LARRY SPARKS!  The president of Destiny Image, Larry Sparks, is a very gifted interviewer. He drew out of us yesterday things we haven’t really shared publicly. Enjoy the show “Prophetic Life” as we together launched our new book White House Watchmen! YouTube video:


YESTERDAY WAS A BIG DAY. The Democratic National Conference officially set in place Joe Biden as their candidate for president, and Kamala Harris as their candidate for Vice President. Meanwhile back in Washington DC on 8-18, our new book White House Watchmen was officially released. 

The contrast could not have been clearer. Please note I have no ought against the people, but I personally believe many of the values being promoted by the DNC platform are diametrically opposed to God’s heart and covenant.

A clear line of demarcation is emerging. I believe through this book the Lord is securing a stake in the ground for America’s covenantal destiny in Christ to be secured. That said, no political party or leader can make this happen. It’s literally why God is raising up a multitude of White House Watchmen in this season. 

On tonight’s call I feel it’s only appropriate to dedicate the new book to the Lord. And as the Spirit leads we will commission this new move of God to which White House Watchmen bears witness.  Please be prepared tonight for communion with bread and wine or grape juice.

And if you haven’t already done so, check out the video resources listed above. The interview with Larry Sparks last night was powerful. And our new video introduction to White House Watchmen provides a good overview of the book.